Tuesday, December 27, 2011

E-Mail #54: I'm a Dad !!!

Hey Mama!

So Elder Palacios left. He went to a place called Valladolid. Its like 2 hours from here. He left as a senior companion.Im so excited for him!!! I miss him so much! I really loved that guy! I got the call that Im training. After I talked with you guys, we went to some investigators house and broka a piñata. It was fun! Then we went home and made hot dogs and french fries. For desert ... pancakes. Here its a dessert. Haha! Then Palacios packed while I cleaned the house. Chucho and Enrique came with us to wait for the bus. At 4 in the MORNING!!! I dropped him off at Valladolid and then I went to Merida. To go pick up my kid. His name is Elder Xaltepek. He is from Puebla Mexico. He has 10 brothers and sisters!!! Crazy!!! We had a capacitation with Prez and then we came back to the little town. We got home at 11:30 last night. I taught my companion to sleep in his hammock. That was fun. He says he didnt sleep too good! Haha! I have lots of pics. But the internet here sucks!!! I am just gonna send this one pic. Ill send more on Monday. Im a little nervous! There is alot of pressure to make sure that he is trained well. Im excited tho! He seems a little timid but it will be good! Im more stressed that I dont know this town! Ugh!!!! It will be alright tho! I dont have much time cause I gotta go to work but I love ya lots mom! It was nice to talk to you guys! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!



A note from Mom:

Our Christmas call was WONDERFUL !!! We got to speak to him for quite a long time, and it felt so good to hear his voice. He spoke alot of Spanish, and it really sounded good. Even his English - had a little Mexican flavor to it. : o )

He spoke only in Spanish to McKenna (who barely understood a word he said, and kept voicing her concern.) He only broke into his English when he yelled at her for getting a laptop for Christmas. The brother thing really doesn't go away does it??

At one point I lost the connection and we had to start all over again. After we were finished Chad's dad said..... "When you lost the connection - all I could think about was -- It's so good to hear his voice in this house again, and I'm not ready for it to leave."

Chad really sounded good. But I also sensed a real committment for him to work hard as he's realizing that his time is going by quickly. We're so proud of him. He talked about his new companion and the fact that he was his "step-dad" (second companion), and that he couldn't wait to train. So - here he goes. He will be wonderful I know.

This time was easier for me, I think. No tears were shed -- can you believe it??? It is VERY hard though for me to talk to him. I truly just want to HUG him. But, that will come. Brian, his friend, was here and he gave me a big bear hug ..... okay twice. It felt a little like Chad.

Monday, December 19, 2011

E-Mail #53: I'M IN CANCUN !!! My new area is just like Puerto Morelos WITHOUT the beach! Haha!!!

My new place--

One of four apartments here

So I woke up Thursday morning. It was a different day because I had to go to the offices early to finish some work. 8 elders went up so they could be home for christmas. I got a call around 9:30. "Mayberry -- Youre getting transfered, maybe today, maybe next week. I dont know were youre going. Ill call you back." Haha! UMMMM ok! So 2 mins later. "Mayberry your leaving ASAP!!!! Your going to Leona Vicario, Quintana Roo!" Its a SMALLL town outside of Cancùn! So I literally packed everything that I had in the offices and then went to my house to pack everything else. Then I went and caught a bus. Everything happened sooooo fast!!! I had to take the crappy bus because the nice buses dont pass through my little town! It took 6 hours!!!! So long! And I was allll by myself. That was kinda nice :) My new area is just like Puerto Morelos WITHOUT the beach! Haha!!! Its a little bit smaller. There is like 25 people that go to church. Its a Prayer House! Its pretty crappy that church building! But the people here are awesome! I miss the small towns. The kids are so cool. They play with a stick and a coke bottle and their happy! Very humble people. Everybody here lives in huts. I LOVE IT!!!! There is lots of people to teach too. My new companion is Elder Palacios. He has 4 months in the mission. Im his "Step dad" in missionary language. Pretty cool. I saw him when he first came to Merida right off the plane! Im excited! Changes are in a week so who knows what will happen, he might leave. Every monday we have to travel to Cancùn. Its 45 mins away. We go to Cancun to buy food and write home. Because in My "Chan Pueblo" there isnt an internet place. Haha!

Johnathan got babtized! I was so pissed that I couldnt get to be there. But he got babtized. Thats what matters :) I have a couple of pics. I dont have much to say. But thanks for the pics and the card! It was really cool!!! :D I love it! I love ya lots! O YEA Chargers -- were coming back!!! I wore my tie, thats why they won on monday night! :) Ill wear my socks and tie on sunday :) Love ya lots! :)

Love Mo

Have a Merry Christmas Moma!

This is when I got to my new town.

This is how people get around. Their called taxi trisi.

Elder Palacios

Here we burn our garbage in the jungle!

Noche Blanca Navidad.

Zone baptisms. There was 10 people that got babtized

Saturday, December 10, 2011

E-mail #52: We have this guy Johnathan that is going to get babtized next saturday!

Hey Hey!

I love the pics! Its so weird to see snow! Haha! Grandma looks good!!! I miss auntie sherle!!! Tell her lazy butt to write me! Haha! Im glad you had a fun trip. I cant wait to go. Everything sounds so fun! Like going to breakfast and playing cards! Haha Just everything that I cant do. Haha! and Disneyland!!! I never was a fan. But a road trip sounds great! The three girlfriends are going. Sounds fun!

So this week was really good! The secretarys got invited to go to capacitation. Or a conference. It was a Funadamental Principals conference. It was all for Zone Leaders, District Leaders, and Trainers. For all of Merida y Campeche. It was for two days allll day. It was really fun! I learned alot!!! This week were going to give the exact same conference. To everybody else in the mish. I have to talk about the Doctrine of Christ. Im excited. President pretty much said that Im leaving the offices. Im kinda sad. I dont really want to leave here. I love it here especially with Muñoz! I love that guy! He is my best friend here. he is going to buy me a Donald Trump tie today. :) Who knows. Well see -- maybe jesus will want me to stay here for another change :) Were doing pretty good in our area. We can always do better. We have this guy Johnathan that is going to get babtized next saturday! Were so excited! :) We have some other people but time is running out. Im kinda excited for changes to get a new companion. Vinay is driving me crazy! he just isnt happy and so boring. He brings me down! I need someone with drive so that I can use my drive!

Christmas is coming! Were excited to start opening our gifts :) You guys are going to call me on Christmas day at like 2 in the afternoon. I will talk to the member tomorrow at church to find out what time exactly. Im excited! Im gona speak all spanish to kenna. :)

Muñoz is going to buy a suit today. I think im gonna go. We might go to chilies. :)

Im doing good :) I love ya mom! Tell dad I cant wait to talk to him!!!! Tell biny I love her so much! and miss her lots!

Love, MO

Sunday, December 4, 2011

E-mail #51: Last night it was 74! Im turning into a mayero!!! :)

Whats up Mamma!

It looks so gorgeous! I cant wait to go to the temple!!!! I miss it so much!!! Special over there. It looks cold. Its getting cold here. I remember last december I was so hot. Now Im so cold. Specially in the night time! Everybody here has there jackets and sweaters on. Last night it was 74! Im turning into a mayero!!! :)

So I love my ipod!!!!! Its so cool!!! We really enjoy our music in the house. Then in the office I have the same music on my computer. Its cool. I went to the temple store this morning and baught some musci. There like 2 dollars a disc! :)

I got your other package. Vinay was excited for his gifts. There are some that look like doubles. But dont say Elder Companion. Are those for him to??? Were excited for christmas. I think we will all be here in the offices. We all chipped in to buy a tree. So Ill send you a pic :) Were gonna put all our presents under it and have a real christmas.

So this was different. We had a activity on tuesday and wednesday. It was that we went to visit all the recent converts and less actives. It was hard because we dont know were everyone lives and we dont know the area perfect yet. We had a good day on thursday but yesterday kinda sucked. Nobody wanted to listen. We couldnt find Asael this week. I think he moved :( It sucks! But were trying to work hard. We had Zone Conference on Tuesday. Its fun being a secretary and zone conference. It was really good. We learned that we have to work HARD to get GOOD results. I really liked it! Everybody liked there gifts that we made. The time just keeps going by! I will be calling you. I'll tell ya next week when I get to. Im excited! It seems like just yesterday that I called you. Tell Bryan to come over and Haji!!!! I want to talk to them too :)))

Well mama! I hope you have a good weekend! Tell everyone I love them all so much! Have a good week! Love, MO

This is Carlos.

His Mom is a recent convert - he wants to join.

UGH !! My new hair doo.

I have a combover.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

E-Mail #50: I miss it! :( But we had a nice Thanksgiving.

Hey Mama!

Thanksgiving! It looked like it went really well! I miss it! :( But we had a nice Thanksgiving. We woke up. Muñoz and Castañeda came to get us from our house. We bought "Panuchos" Its Yucatan Food. Its a tortilla with black beans, then another tortilla. then fried. Then with lettuce, tomato, onion salsa habenero. There REALLY good. Then we went to eat "Tortas de Cochininta" Its shredded pork on a sandwich, but SUPER greasy!!! So good! These were all places like on the side of the streets! Haha! In the states I dont think we would ever have gone. It was good! We went in the morning. We spent like 45 pesos! It was sweet! Then in the night we bought pizza and bread sticks. During the day we ate at the house. The sister had it bought and delivered to our house. It was good. White rice and black beans. Like always and chicken. Haha!

So living in our own house is really nice! Its so big and CLEAN!!! We have a lot more time to relax at night. Vinay and me get a long better. Which is good, but then when were here in the offices someone will say a joke and then he gets mad. He is a baby. I just cant say ANYTHING to offend him. Other than that its good.

The work is going. We have a kid that is 17. He is doing good! He likes going to chuch and today were going to a babtizm so he can see one. Should be good. There is a sister in the ward. Her husband isnt married. We went this week to talk to him. He is Catholic but prays and goes to church like mormons do. We showed up last night. He asked if we ate dinner. We said well at like 2:30 yea but no. He was like well what do you guys like? He bought pizza al pastor. Pizza with meat. SO GOOD!!! Then while were were waiting he was like "Alright lets read the book" We taught about when Jesus came to the americas. He was very interested. He said that he would finish the chapter and go to church :) Then we ate pizza. Then he took us allll the waaaay to the offices :) He is really cool! Were taking it nice and slow. Our new ward is pretty cool. Not to many members. Like 45 that actually come to church. So we have lots of work to do. Im starting to learn the area better. Its coming along pretty good.

I got your package on tuesday. Its going to be so much fun!!!! Vinay and me are very excited to start. He wanted to start looking up the scriptures now. I told him he had to wait. Tell grandma that I got her package too. It had lots of towels and peanut brittle. It was really good! :))) We all loved it. Which package did you send pics. Is it another one? :)

I bought my ipod. Its sweet! It was 2000 pesos. Its a nano touch 8 gb. Its cool. I just need to get music. If you can send CDs. I really like Hilary weeks. I might go to the temple store. Well see. Thank you I appreciate it Momma :) I really want to know how the NFL is. Next can you send me a report of the week :) Please.

I gotta go. I love ya lots! Miss ya! Only a few weeks and Ill be calling ya! :))))

New house

Thanksgiving lunch

Thanksgiving Dinner

A place called Glorietta

My mexican friend

Saturday, November 19, 2011

E-Mail #49: All this week we worked in the area. Its called TANLUM.

Hey Mama!

So is Thanksgiving at our house this year..Im assuming.... :) That will be fun! You´ll have to show off all my pics :) I starting to think about coming home! But I still have so much time left. Haha!

Its terrible. But being in this new area will help me. :) We are moving in today. So yesterday we washed all our clothes and packed this morning. Were going to go to walmart to buy food and then were going to the new house.

All this week we worked in the area. Its called TANLUM. Its where all the sister missionaries used to be. The house is big. 2 rooms 2 bathrooms. One for me and 1 for vinay. Im gonna love that. AND we each have a closet!!! I cant wait! But we have to go and clean it really good! Its really gross! The area seems really good! The sisters left us with a couple of people that we can teach. The ward seems super cool! They told me that there are lots of family members that go to church like almost every sunday but arent babtized! Hopefully we will be able to help these people. The area is a little different. Its kinda hard because the streets are´nt all conected together. Right now we have 2 teenagers that are interested. They both have problemas. One has been to jail twice and drinks and smokes at parties. So were trying to help him. The other lives with his sister. She is an inactive that lives with her boyfriend. Little complicated. The people here arent too old. Like Garcia Gineres. Everybody was so flippin old there. Here we are so excited! This might be my last tranfer here in the offices. So I have to make it a good one. I want to leave here on a good note. I think it will be good for Vinay and me to leave the offices and live in the new house. It will help us bond more. Its really hard with him. He is like a child. But Im learning slowly.

Time is going by sooo fast! Its like almost Christmas! Which means I almost have a year HERE IN MEXICO!!! Crazy! Well I have lots to do today! I love ya mama! Wish everyone a happy Thansgiving! Take LOTS of pics! If you can please take like a really nice one of you dad and the girls. I want to have a family pic :) I love ya lots! :))))

Love MO

Me and Munoz

First Steak in 13 months !!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

E-mail #48: Elder Vinay and me will have a new area Monday morning.

Hey Momma!

So on Monday, Prez told me that he is closing my area. Elder Vinay and me will have a new area Monday morning. It will probably be a little far. We will have to travel to the offices everyday. We will have to find a house there. We dont know where. I feel like crap. I feel like I didnt do my best here and like I let Prez down. He asked me like five weeks ago if I wanted a new area. In the past this area has sucked! I told him no! I wanted to show him we could do this! But we didnt :( However, Im excited to have a new area! :) It will be fun! We are going to work hard! We are excited!

So transfers are tomorrow. So Monday, Tuesday and a little bit of Wednessday will be CRAZY!!! I love tranfers! Its alot of fun. I have a lot of work today. On my PDAY!!!! Grrr! O well its the offices. Today is Muñoz BDAY. So were going to Chilies!!!! Its gonna be sooo good! I might buy his for his Bday! Its gonna be kinda expensive but I love him :) Then were going to go to Liverpool. its like in between JC Pennys and Nordstrom. It will be fun! I probably wont buy anything.

So this week was pretty lame. We didnt work to hard cause we are leaving. But we have to make gifts for the zone conferences. Its sooo much work. Its two pieces of wood with a place to put pictures. The front is the Mérida temple and inside is a picture of the sealing room. Its gonna be sweet but its hard! LOTS of work!!! Anyway... I love you lots Momma! I miss ya! It will be Christmas soon! :))))

Love, MO

Sunday, November 6, 2011

E-mail #47: I just dont know how to say who I am in Spanish. Im trying though.

Hey Mama!

So this week was fast, weird, and boring. We didnt have too much work. I was stressed out about trying to find a house. So we didnt work too hard. Were dying. Vinay and I are tired. We just arent excited anymore. But last night we had a Zone Conference. It was really good! We learned that we need to be more relaxed. More friendly and down to earth. Its hard. Im different in spanish. More strict I guess. I just dont know how to say who I am in Spanish. Im trying though. But Im really excited to work this week. Its really hard with Vinay. He is not animated AT ALLL!!!! So it sucks. I feel like he brings me down. He gets made fun of alot. But I always tell him to defend himself but he just cant. Its hard with him. We dont really teach well. He just looks at me to do everything. But well see...

The assistants left. They found a house. It will be better with them gone. Ill miss them but we wont buy too much pizza and the house will stay a little bit cleaner.

Today I bought a suit for 65 bucks. Im only gonna wear it for speacial ocassions. Its nice. But I need to lose like 20 pounds to look good in it. Well I look good but Ill look better. Its gonna make me not eat :) Haha!

IPOD!!! :D Yea I can have an ipod! :) There just as much as the states. Like 250 I think. Ill look in walmart this week. I would love one though! :) Also some good music. Like cds. Like on the firge of being christan music. Stuff that is about jesus and acoustic.

How is it going with the shirts? Any luck? I hope so. The 17 are to small. But if they have the adjustable collar its perfect with 17. Transfers are in one week!!!!!! Wow the time flys!!! Those are always fun!!!

I love ya lots!!!!
Love, MO

Saturday, October 29, 2011

E-mail #46: Just being me.....

Hey mama!

Thank you so much for the money. Elder Castañeda and I went shopping today. We both bought new shoes and went to lunch. It was really fun! I bought some shoes that were like $630. Really good! We went to a place thats called "Los Trompos" We ate Pizza al Pastor! So yummy!!! Its a type of meat they put on pizza with pinneaple. Yum!

So this week was crazy! You know about the hurricane. Well it was supposed to hit REALLY hard in Cancùn. They said it was a Degree 3. So Prez pulled ALL misionaries out of Cancùn, Playa del Carmen, and Chetumal! It was crazy because we had to rent two big buses. It was like almost a hundred missionaries. So we put them all in areas in Mèrida. So at one time we had almost the WHOLE mission here. Like 150 missionaries in the Stake Center! So we took advantage and fixed all of our problems with Immigration. But turns out the hurricane wasnt that bad. Everybody went home this morning. We had an extra 8 misionaries here! It sucked. They were all nerds! Except for Elder Babbit, he is from Arizona! We had fun! But we ended up spending like $5,000 dollars! Crazy how the church will spend money. But Prez said it didnt matter how much it cost he wanted his missionaries to be safe.

Last night we had a "Movie Night" it was fun. We had 4 investigators come. I have to speak tomorrow in church. That should be fun. Im going to speak about The Book of Mormon. This months Liahona is really good!

Im thinking about buying a suit next Saturday. We didnt have time today. Well see. Their like 100 bucks :)

I really really like the chargers tie! Im gonna wear it on Superbowl Sunday! Haha! That really sucks that the Chargers lost. We`ll beat them on Manday :)

O! Were moving out of the offices! Well the Assistants are going to be companions in an area. There going to buy a house. Elder Vinay and I bought a house. Its big! We wanted a bigger one that had a tub but we were to late. It kinda sucks that we have to move out, it will be better for Vinay and me. We will be forced to bond better. We will have a nice huge house all to ourselves. So we will study and eat there and at ten in the morning we will walk to the offices then go to work at 2. Im excited! :) But im gonna miss messing around. Haha!

Well another crazy week down! How are my shirts? Did you find any with the adjustable neck? If not, I think I need a 17 1/2. There a little tight. Might be cause Im fat again! Haha Try and find them please :)))) I dont know if your trying to suprise me with an Ipod but I would like it so that i can put music on it. Cause the office computer has LOTS of good music. Well I guess well see! I love ya tons! Love MO


20 pesos

Saturday, October 22, 2011

E-Mail #45: So my crazy office story of the week....

Hey Mama!

This week was seriously the fastest week in the mish! It went by soooo fast! So my crazy office story of the week....

There is a companionship here in Mérida. They have always lived in the same house for 8 years. The owner lady finally went back after 5 years to look at the house. The house was a little messed up. Had a couple of problems. (Still in pretty good shape though!) So she came to the offices like a month ago. Really pissed! She wanted to renew the contract and wanted us to fix it all. I told Prez that I wanted us to leave this house because she is crazy!!!! So he said thats fine. He told her that we would be out by the 20 of Oct and everything in the house would be fine. Well here it was 17 of Oct and we hadnt done anything. I got pretty yelled at in our meeting. He had no faith in me that we could get this done. So we went to the house. Found a member that could help us out for real cheap. I couldnt get a hold of her allll week. So I was like ok, were good. I told the missionaries to leave that house. Then the day before she calls me. Saying that she went to the house and that nothing had been done. She was pissed. Then I got pissed! Then I was like wait Im a missionary. I cant be pissed! UGH!!!!!! Long story short we showed up to give her the keys. But we had to do work like pull weeds and clean the house. I HATE dealing with the owners! Hate it! But its all good! She is gone now! :)

So I will be here up till Dec 26. The 26 is my day to leave. But I might be here for another transfer. Who knows! But yea Ill be here for christmas day and then Im leaving. So hopefully you will send some good stuff. :)

I got your package on Tuesday :) Seemed really fast! Everyone got a tie! Elder Muñoz loved his little book of mormon. He says thanks :) I love the blue tie. Its cool. The short sleeve shirt is ok. Just I need shirts that have the ajustable collar. If you could find ones that have a ajustable collar that would be perfect! But wow! There soo white! Compared to my other shirts! Haha! If fits really good everywere but the neck. It works though. Please try to find a brand that has the ajustable collers :)))) Your card was funny too. The G`s are good too :)

This week was good! We have a person to teach! She is a single Mom and has three kids. She wants to be babtized!!! Yea! So were teaching her right now. Garcia and Muñoz are having a babtizm tonight, so were going to take her. Last week was cool. Prez sends a letter to ALL missionaries almost every week. In it he says to LOOK for families. The goal this month and november is to babtize a family. Well last night we found out that she has a 8 year old boy. So hopefully he will go to the babtizm tonight. :) The area that Im in now hasnt always been the best. All the secreatarys tell me that it sucks and nobody really ever has success here. So in our meeting on Monday Prez asked if we wanted to shut this one down and go to a new one. I didnt want to say well yea prez. This area sucks and Im not a good enough missionary to get it done here. So I told him that were gonna work hard for this area to stay open. But I think he is going to shut it down at the end of this change. Were just gonna work hard in the mean time :)

Garcia has a investigator that is from texas. He has lived her for 3 years and SUCKS at spanish. He is so much fun though! He wants to be babtized to get rid of his past but he has to stop smoking, drinking and get married! He is going to move to my area in like 3 weeks. Hopefully we get to teach him and babtized them ! :)

Im definately gonna need some more money for some shoes. Like 50 bucks more. I think Im gonna go next week to buy shoes and pants :) If anyone from the family wants to buy me a new suit that would be GREAT!!! Only like 100 bucks here :))) Spread the word :) Haha! But probably next week Ill go shopping :)

Another week down! Time is just going by!!!! Welll I love ya Mama! Tell Dad I said I love him and also binny! :)

Love, MO

Elder Garcia's birthday

I helped him out with the tradition -- shoving their face in the cake.

Some weird Halloween stuff

Friday, October 21, 2011

Letter from Elder Castaneda


A Note from Mom:

Yesterday, we received this awesome letter from Elder Castaneda. He was Chad's companion a little bit ago. He's also the one that just got sent to the Mission Office, so he is back with Chad (just not his companion). It was awesome to get this. He wrote it before he was sent to the Offices.



Hi! This is Elder Castaneda, I was Elder Mayberry's second companion! I just saw an empty envelope and I thought: "It's ok to give thanks sometimes"! Let me tell you (the whole family) that the time I spent with Elder Mayberry was just awesome, lots of fun, work and spirit, so I'm very grateful with him, and so with the amazing family he has. Thank you for being such a good example for your son, and supporting him to come here to the Mission, now he's doing great, he's just peaceful , he's now a very powerful missionary, thanks to the Lord and all of you.

I'm sure you know about the time when we had iguana, and you probably have the pictures of the ruins in Madero (the previous area where we both served), and many other fun pics, but let me tell you that those fun times we had, just couldn't have happened without Elder Mayberry being there, helping me and also teaching me some things. I'm just ..... grateful! Thank you for preparing that awesome missionary!

With love,
Elder Castaneda (The Missionary Cat !)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

E-Mail #44: Wow I have really been gone for a year! Sometimes the time flys -- sometimes no.

My shirt burning
It's been a year !!

Hey Momma!

Wow I have really been gone for a year! Sometimes the time flys -- sometimes no. We had a nice night on thursday. I bought pizza and we had a party. Then we burned my shirt. It was way fun! This year is gonna be fun! And FAST! :)

The yard looks so sweet! I cant wait to be home to check it out! It was so good to see a cactus and brown! Haha I miss it! Dad is probably just wingin it.

Im pretty stoked that the Chargers are doing good. I would have told that cop some bad stuff. But good for you momma! Stupid sheriffs. He isnt even a cop! Haha! Im a little home sick right now. Just cause its that time. But Im doing really good!

This week sucked! I had lots of work in the offices and still have lots to do! I had to do a report for all babtizms in Aug and Sept. We didnt even get to go outside to work AT ALL! :( We found out that all of our investigators just dont really want to learn or dont have the desire to get babtized. We had interviews on Thursday as well. My interview with Prez was good. He said well now that you can speak spanish, you can express yourself. So you can talk to them and say what you want. It was cool. We still speak english!!! Grrrrr! Im trying really hard! I was sick this week. Well we are all sick. All 6 of us! I feel like crap and Im sooo tired!! Right now, after I write, were going to Madero. Just Elder Castañeda and me. Were going to go eat with Hno. Omar! Im so excited! Hopefully after Ill take a nap! Elder Vinay and I are ok. He is still sooo slow and we dont bond very well. The white guy is calming down a little bit. Prez sat us all down and said that we need to be more united! So were trying to do that! Haha

This week was crazy! Here in the offices you get to find out about all the gossip! Four missionaries went home! One because he was gay. He was doin the dirty with guys in bathrooms. Haha Poor guy cant talk to his family about it obviously. So Elder Muñoz and I took him to the airport. Then two zone leaders got sent home. The same area. We dont know what happened! Its sooo sad! Then a new kid went home cause his health isnt good! It was a crazy week! Lots of office crap!

So well..other than that Im good! Im happy and lovin life! I love ya guys so much. Miss ya a little bit! Have a wonderful week!!!

Love Mo

PS: So I want Dad to find me and him a tie. He can go buy 2 of the same one. Every fast sunday, Ill wear it and so can he! I want like a baby paisly tie! :) I think its a good idea! I dont know what you guys could do but maybe buy something for you girls for every fast sunday :)

So My shirt is called The Stafford super shirt. They do make them in short sleeve! Haha It has the ajustable neck. That what I like. There the best! :) Did you talk to grandma about some money for some new shoes? I want some fancy ones for sundays and conferences :) Tell kenna to put some sun glasses in my next box. I want some here to be a goof ball :) I gotta go Love ya mom!!!

Lunch with Hermano Mars & Rita

Sunday, October 9, 2011

E-mail #43: Yesturday was crazy! I had to drive to Tixkokob.

Hey Mama !!

Sorry Im writing a little late. Yesturday was crazy! I had to drive to Tixkokob. Its a small pueblo outside of Mérida to open up a house for two new missionaries. I kinda got a little yelled at because I did´nt have the house all ready because the Elders were living in the Branch building. It was really fun! I went with Elder Vinay and Elder Castañeda. Yea! Castañeda my old companion is a new secretary! Elder Simi left! :( But Im happy for him! He is going to be a zone leader! Im so happy for him! Im so excited because Castañeda is here. He is gonna help me with a lot of stuff. He is sooo smart! Im excited! So transfers were on Sunday night! Wow!!! It truly was the longest week ever! Everyday was CRAZY!!!! We had to do sooo much stuff. And make sure everyone had a place to stay. I love my job in the offices on those days. Specially because I get to take all the visas from the new gringos. I get to take them to my offices and they sign paperwork. I always ask how there doing and if there alright. Because I remember my first night in México! Crazy! One of the new kids was a little nervous. He kinda cried a little bit, but I just told him not to worry and get lost in the work. He told me he cant stop thinking about home. I told him its normal but you will get to the point where you dont think about them. The only people you think about is your investigators and the members. He´ll be alright. I got to see him yesturday cause he had to sign another paper. He is doing better.

So we got a new assistent here in the offices because Elder Hawkins finished up the mish! Know we have Élder Jergensen. He is one of those typical Utah Mormons. Tall, Blond, Skinny, and just a hot shot. He thinks he can come here and change everything. He kinda got into it with Élder García yesterday. He told him that he needs to change. That kinda made us made. García is like my best friend here. We slept outside on the roof last night in our hammocks! It was sweet! Were gonna do it again tonight and Ill take some pics :)

So this week was kinda crappy for actual missionary work. We only had like 3 to 4 hours a day to work in the streets. So that kinda sucked. Élder Vinay is ok. We kinda fight sometimes. Because he is SOOOOO slow at everything! He is just one of those guys. I dont know. Im stuck with him for the next 3 months! Better make it work. Haha!

Ugh! Spanish..... so hard! To speak it here. Its a goal for this week!

Thats good that the Bolts won! Specially against the Fins! Sorry Bryan! Haha! Well I gotta write Kenna and then get to church!

Love ya ya Moma! Next week you will have a pic of a burnt shirt! :D

Love, Mo


the little girl that Chad found but didn't get to baptize

Roadtrip !!

With Elder Castenda & Vinay

Eliazar, the mission leader from Puerto

came to visit

Saturday, October 1, 2011

E-Mail #42: So our babtizm went well except that we showed up to the church and there was NO water!

Baptism of Jovana & Diana
September 30, 2011

Whats up Mama!

So already a whole tranfer has gone by! The office is so fun!!!! I love it!

So our babtizm went well except that we showed up to the church and there was NO water! The Bishop was supposed to fill it the night before. We showed up and there was about a foot and a half of water and he thought we could still do it. Our Mission leader didnt show up. So we ended up going to the stake center to do the babtizm. But the bishop rushed us because there was a general relief society thing. So the Young women didnt get to sing there special song. :( This Bishop is a DWEEB! He made me confirm Diana 2 becuase I said In the name of Jesus Christ first. .....which is the correct way! Ugh! But the babtizm was good and beautiful. We really are blessed to have had that opportunity to teach them :)

So Monday President invited us to play basketball. I chipped another tooth. Good times! It was just a small one. Then we had a meeting and then we ate food. We ate carne asada and chilies! With bacon and cheese!!!!! SOOOOO good! It was really fun! AND prez has a ping pong table. YES! I got to play! It was so much fun!

So this week was good! We found some new people and taught a little more. We watched conference today in my office and it was good! We watched it in English and with air conditioning!!! I really like the talk from D. Todd Christofferson. About repentnce. P day was super fast but good. :) I think its the first time that I actually wanted to watch it. Tonight were going to priesthood. Tell Dad TO GO!!!!!! Haha

So thats good about the chargers! Just that Raiders are up! GRRRR!!!!!! I hope we beat the fins tommorrow!

Sorry its short Mama! But I got work to do. and we have presthood in like an hour. I love ya mama!

Basketball con Prezy

Presidente trying to stay out of the sun

Elders Simister, Gywen, Munoz, Mackey, Garcia

Vinay, Germaine

bottom row: Quintana and Hawkins

Saturday, September 24, 2011

E-Mail #41: Lots of pizza and messin around! Haha! Lots of work! Thats for sho!

I just love gettin these football updates! It makes my day! But....they lost! What a downer!!! I hate the patriots! Phillip had a really good game! Tobert and Matthews not so much! I would love to hear about other teams, if there is a copy and paste thing you can take off NFL.com.

So another good week in the offices! Lots of pizza and messin around! Haha! Lots of work! Thats for sho! But it was fun! Prez told Elder Simister that he will be leaving soon. He is going back to the field! Im kinda sad. I love that guy! He is excited to go! A new Assistent to the Prez will be coming in as well. Transfers are on the 2 of Oct! Crazy! The time is flying by!!! I have almost been here for a whole transfer!

This week was ok. We went down on our lessons again. Its sooo hard to teach lots when you only have like 5 hours a day! And still have people calling you ALL day! The mind is just not thinking completely on the work! Its super hard! We found a new girl this week. She is cool. We have plans for her to be babtized on 15 of Oct! Roberto and Marinette said they didnt want to coninue the lessons! It was the hardest lesson I have taught in my mission!!! Roberto just said that it wasnt for him and that he viewed things a little differently. He said he loved us and were always gonna be his friends. He just felt pressured to keep the commitments. It was super hard! I truly thought that they were perfect! I guess thats where I went wrong! :( But we are working hard! Trying our best! Theres some things that I think we could do better but Im learning. This whole senior companion thing is a little different than I thought. Elder Vinay is cool but he is like a little kid. He just doesnt use his head sometimes. I love em tho. He is my comp. So today were going to have two babtizms! Im so excited! I love getting all dressed up in white!!! White pic time! These girls are really excited! There finally gonna have the chance to be babtized! The babtizim is at 6 tonight and we still have lots to do!

I love ya lots mom! I hope you have fun sinning tommorrow! Haha! I wish I could go! Sounds like fun! Tell Dad I love him and would like a letter sometime soon. Well I love ya guys!!!!!!

Love, MO

Marriachi guy
Stake Mexican Night

Elder Garcia burning his pants (18 months)

He's the assistant to the President

Elder Simi

Saturday, September 17, 2011

E-Mail #40:He just says that it is SO hard! Poor guy. i remember those days.......o wait it was like yesterday! I told him we have good and bad days.

Whats up Mama!

First thank you for my report! Everyone loved it! Manning might be REALLY hurt!? That sucks! Two interceptions from Phillip! Ugh figures! Its all good! This Tolbert is good! Thats great! I miss it sooooooo much!!!! One year!!!! Haha

Yea Im really liking the office! Its really fun!!! Im getting used to it. I know what I have to get done and what kind of stuff can wait. But I HATE immigration! UGH! When I have to go its like 5 hours! And right now there are 4 illegal missionaries! Three of them have been out for over a year! Haha! That one of the things that I hate! I love having a desk and a phone! O, and I get to use Google :)

Packages! Yea! Im so excited I should get it soon. Can you send me new shirts? I could really use them. I think Im going to start using some new clothes in like Nov or Dec. I really like the Staford Super Shirt. My neck is 17 inch My chest 44 inch My stomach is 40. My old shirts are size 18 and there to big. Probably 17. O and my arm length is 36-37. If you could send me like 5 or 6 short sleeves and 2 or 3 long sleeves that would be great! Make sure its the Super shirt because it has the stretchy neck :) Ill buy pants here a little later. BOARDSHORTS! Really colorful ones, and some T shirts. Thanks mama! I know it seems like alot. Munchies of course but I want clothes first! :) We eat so much junk here that well yea..... were fat! O! and if you can, Elder Muñoz wants a tiny Book of Mormon. He said he would pay for it.

So this week has been a lot better. We have been teaching more which is wonderful! Next Saturday Jovana and Diana will be babtized. Last night we talked with the Mom of Diana. She signed the paperwork! :) So I dont have to worry about getting things signed on time. Like Memo in Madero. :( He still hasnt gotten babtized!! ;( But the work is going good here! Roberto y Marinette are progressing super good. They have so much interest in Temples! Its so cool! There excited to get babtized! Maricela isnt progressing very well :( She still hasnt recived an answer if the BOM is true or Jose Smith was a true prophet. I think she is scared to know the truth. Its very hard. She has a date to be babtized but were gonna have to change it for like 2 weeks maybe. This week were going to try to find some new people! We dont have anyone for 8 of Oct. So we have to work work work!!!

We had a meeting with Prez last week and he said that he got a letter from the area presidency and they said that no mission in México will have a mission van. The two vehicles will be only for the president and his wife! We are so pissed! That means that if we have to go to Immigration or office depot we have to use our own money and then get it reimburssed! I guess there has been lots of spending money on gas and missionaries have been abusing the vans! Were so pissed!!!!!!! But hopefully it wont start until the first of the year!

Well life is good! I get an email every week from Mike Kornegay. He is doing good. he just says that it is SO hard! Poor guy. i remember those days.......o wait it was like yesterday! I told him we have good and bad days. Just have fun!

My spanish is ok. I speak english a lot in the office because just about everyone speaks it! It sucks! Im gonna start back up studying and speaking pure spanish and Elder Simister and I are going to diet! Haha! Well Mama! How is the old man!? I love you guys so much!!! Have a good week!

Love , MO

Mexico Independance Day


Elder Vinay from Tabasco

Saturday, September 10, 2011

E-mail #39: He was a little scared but he said "I trust you guys, Ill do it"

Hey! So just sittin here writing you on MY computer at MY desk! Haha Love it!

Im getting fat!!! This whole office thing! We eat alot of crap and dont walk as much as i normally do. Yes I have a cell phone. All day everyday. But every companionship has one in the field. But since were secretaty´s we each have one. On some days its cool. But others it doesnt stop!!!

There is like 50 areas just in Mérida. and like 25 in Cancún. There is alot. My area is the area were the office is. Walking from one end to the other might take 45 min. Its a good size area.

Im so glad to hear that Binny is doing good. I would like a letter from her next week :) All the pics look fun! I cant wait to get home and make some Yucateco food! Haha! Yea the pic of everyone at young womens didnt turn out. I couldn't see anything. The pics from coris looked great! How fun! She is getting old! Hhaha! Three kids! Wow the time flys! Its was like yesterday that we were just swimming in her pool! Grandma looks good! This week I missed everyone alot! All the family and friends! I havent missed anyone in a while but it must be all the stress from the offices.

So Im gonna need a FULL report of football! Ugh! My beard, girls and football. Thats what I miss! Haha I dont have anything close to that right now! My 11 months is Tuesday! Here we come! :) Only a month and Im gonna burn a shirt!

So Elder Muñoz (Sec of Financials) and Elder Garcia (Assistent but he is gringo) they were at the stake center which is right next to the temple... A couple went to the temple (NON members) just to see what it was because they were researching about the church. They saw the temple and then went to the stake center to find someone to talk to. Well they found Muñoz and Garcia. They said they wanted to learn about the church and it was interesting. So they wrote there adress and said that we would pass by. Turns out they live in my area!!!! So we went to there house. they were waiting for us and everything. Well just the husband, his wife was working. We taught him about babtizm and that familes can be together forever. He is really intersted in Temples and families. They dont have kids yet but soon. We invited him to babtizm and he accepted. He was a little scared but he said "I trust you guys, Ill do it" Then we went back and his wife was there. We also invited her to babtizm. She accepted. There so perfect! They ask questions. And there ready on time and give us COLD water :) We had a Movie Night last night. They didnt think they could come, because they didnt finish work till it started but right at 7....there they were. We had 4 investigators come to our movie night! We watched a Joseph Smith movie. The only problem was that during it Prez called me and told me that there was 0 babtismal records in for the month of August. I guess someone called him from Mèxico and said that the Misiòn Mèxico Mèrida had 0 babtizm for the month of August! He said that he was coming to the office at like 9 or 9:30. So I was flippin out because the office was dirty and I didnt know how it was possible. So we went to the office after the Movie night and cleaned. But he never showed up. Turns out when Im done for the month, there is a button that I have to push to send ALL. I didnt know that! My trainer never told me that! So I felt pretty stupid! I was so stressed! But I think its all good now. I hope so.

Were doing good we have 3 people to be babtized on 24 of Sept and 2 people to be babtized on 1 of Oct. Were doing good. Being senior companion is different. More responsibility but I like it. Its fun. My companion is ok. He is just so slow at everything he does. He doesnt remember anything. So I now know that I have to do everything!!! Haha! But Im good. Im happy. We have people. I love the mission!!! :)

I miss all of you guys mucho! I love ya guys!!!! Have a good week!

Love, MO

Friday, September 9, 2011

IRON CHEF - Chad style


A note from Mom:

So, the Young Women had a really fun activity Wednesday night, thanks to President Lisa Geiser. They did an Iron Chef, Mexican style. Sister Geiser took Chad's recipes that he sent a couple weeks ago and had the girls make them. FUNNY! The food was.......... well different. Very authentic. (Not sure it was correctly written down, Chad.) He'll probably get home, make it for us -- and we'll say, "That's not it....." But we tried, and it was really fun. The green spagetti wasn't TOO bad. But, I love spicy. The girls in the Daisy Mountain Ward love you Elder Mayberry.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Email #38: Its all good! Love it! and Its air conditioning!!!

O dear old mama!

Hey mama! Im alive and well! Im so freaken jealous that you went to the game! I got the pic. It was sweet! But you didnt tell me who won!!!! Haha I miss football!!! Thats good that Marus got his GED! Im proud of him! Its about dang time! I miss that kid alot! Someday! I hope... I love him still and miss him lots! Everytime I look at my scrapbook...there he is. The old days!

So yes Im here in the Offices. Its where it says Mision Mexico Merida out front. Its the offices. We live here in a small room! Haha! Its fun! Prez doesnt come here everyday but like 3 times a week. He has a house that is like 15 min away. Its like a mansion! I have lots of work to do here. I have a desk. i get to drive the van almost everyday! :) Im the one that gives the driving test to everyone else. Its fun! We just go around the block! My companion is in charge of all the mail and buying everything for the mission. All the Pamphlets and Book of Mormons. Thats all him. I think its good to be here. Everyone who leaves here either goes home or becomes a leader in the mission. That should be exciting. :) The good thing about this is that i get packages directly! Straight to my door! Pretty sweet! So in the next few months I hope to get lots! :))) I want you to send garments! Need some soon. mine are gross! I like the dry-lux XL bottom and top. For the tops extra long please. Thanks :) If there is a cheap place to buy ties. Buy lots! Like lots! Because my packages arent just for me but for 5 others. I live with the assistants and 3 other secretaries. I really do love it. Its just a little stressful. We have deadlines of stuff to get done. When i finish this letter Im going to work on my P Day! :( Its all good! Love it! and Its air conditioning!!! Today its fast Saturday! haha cause people start there fast on saturday! Ugh! Crazies! Ill be hungry tonight! So we do have an area to teach people. Its a normal area. we just dont leave the house until 2. At 2 we go eat and then work. Were normal missionaries. Except our cell phones ring all day!!!! Elder Vinay is good! He has 6 months but acts like he has 3. He is super slow at everything but he teaches good. Were doing good. We dont really have anyone to teach! :( Were just gonna work hard and go with it. Havin a lil bit of faith!

How is lenna? I miss her? Hope she is good! Probably just lovin life. Haha! Kenna seems good. little stressed but she'll get through it! Dad is probably stressed but you guys will keep getting the blessings -- dont worry. I gotta go mama, but I love you so much!!! Be happy! Dont worry about your kids. Everything will work out. just trust in the big man upstairs. :)

Love, Mo

This is my desk...

looking all official

My van !!

Elder Vanay and me

Sunday, August 28, 2011

E-Mail #37: So Im in the offices!!!!


So Im in the offices!!!! I got transfered about 5 mins from my last area to Garcia Gineres. Im the new secretarty of records. I live in the office and work here from 10 to 2 doing office stuff. Im in charge of refernces, all the visa stuff from new gingos, also the van. Membership records. and lots more! I have my own desk with a computer. I get to use google to find stuff.

So last week was good and bad! Arjenis got babtized!!!! :)))) The babtizm was ok. The ward mission leader sucks. He didnt help us at all!!! But it was good!!! Memos mom wouldnt sign for him :((((( Saddest story of my whole mission. This kid wants to change so bad and be babtized!!! His Mom is hardcore Catholic! It sucks! But what sucks more is that I got transfered! We had so many good investigators in Madero! We had babtizms lined up for 4 weeks!!!! Today Akary will be babtized! Im stoked! But I wont be there! :( I miss Madero! I think I liked it more than Puerto Morelos! Just Puerto was by the beach! Haha! But Im here now. My new companion is Elder Vinay. He is from tabasco. Its only like 8 hours away! He knows the missionaries that were in my district in the MTC! He has 6 months in the mission. Im the senior companion! :) Thats exciting! :) Were both new in this area so we dont know ANYTHING OR ANYONE! But were working hard! He speaks english kinda. He just wants to talk in english allll day. Im gonna have to tell him I need him to not!

So im doing good! Im a little stressed. I have so much work to do. We had a meeting with President and he told us that our biggest responsibility is to babtize and work in our areas hard! This is going to be an interesting 4 and half months! But im excited because im going to learn so much about the mission! And were with president alot! O! and I get to drive the van! I drove today! First time in almost 11 months!!!!! Haha! Sick! There is so much that has happened in the past week but I dont know what to say! Haha but saturday is my new PDAY! I live with the Assistants to the Prez and 3 other secretaries! Its fun!!!

Dont stress mama! It will all work out. :) I love ya lots I took out 50 bucks today. Well gotta go! I love ya! Talk to ya in a week! Hopefully its alot more peaceful then.

Love Mo


Note from Mom:

All I can say is...... "What are they thinking?????" I mean driving the van. Do they know his history?? Really though. What an awesome opportunity. I'm really proud of him. It'll be interesting to see how he likes this -- if he does or doesn't. But, he will learn SO MUCH !!


Monday, August 22, 2011

No E-Mail Today !!!!!

A note from Mom:

There was no e-mail from Chad today, so I am VERY sad. I'm assuming it means that he was transferred, which is going to be very disappointing to him. He was having such success in that area. But....... the Lord calls where he calls. He learned alot in Merida City, and I'm sure he will take it wherever he goes next. Hopefully we will hear from him tomorrow. OUCH! My heart. I love him so much.