Monday, July 30, 2012

Email #85: So this week was another really hard week!!!

Hey Mama!

So this week was another really hard week!!! Like for sure! Flores and I almost got into a fight right there in the street! He told me something or made a comment, I don’t remember very well. But I was like what do you want me to do? He flipped, I kinda made fun of him. I know it wasn’t the right thing to do. He told me he was gonna put me into pieces. I said PLEASE do it! But he didn’t do anything! Figures! I was pretty pissed! That same night  we had a meeting with the counselor of our Ward. He had received a couple a comments that the missionaries were rude and just a bunch of crap! A lot of it wasn’t true. Some lady in our Ward is a Little special. She likes to have all the attention. But a lot of it was true, because Flores is so rude to the sisters! Ugh! Drives me crazy! So Sunday we had to talk to the Relief Society President and the counselor. After, I went with Edgar(The counselor) and Flores went with another guy. We went into a room and talked for a Little bit. It was nice. He told me he understands and don’t worry to just keep working! He told me that he learned something on his mission. “Even if your wife is in the wrong, the husband always asks for forgiveness first”.  He told me to just be the man and say sorry. Just keep working! He told me “Elder, you only have 11 WEEKS left” !!!!!! Wow! MOM I only have 11 weeks left!!! I can almost count on my fingers!!! Ugh! I’m so excited!!! He gave me a blessing to. It was really nice!

I COME HOME ON OCTOBER 18!!! In the morning. You will get a phone call soon, I think. I won’t be home for the BRONCOS CHARGERS GAME!!!! Are you kidding me!!!! Hate my life!!!! UGHHHH!!!

So anyway I’m just trying to be happy. Not let him get to me. Changes are in 5 weeks! Still have a looong time. But it’s okay!!! I’m just gonna be happy! Enjoy your last week of summer! It went by fast!!!

I want to see pics from Carlsbad! I was expecting some today…

I think I’m going to buy my suit next week. Can you make sure there is like 250 or maybe 300. I love you!!!!

Love Mo

July 23, 2012 Email #84:

A note from Mom:

Last week we were in California, so this post is a week late.  I tried to keep it pretty hush hush this year.  I know Chad is a little trunky, and it's SO hard for him to imagine us in Cali without him.  He's getting so close.  He sent Cessey (his Mexican Mom that owns "the best burrito joint around") an email in Spanish.  She was so amazed at how well his Spanish was.  She kept saying, "Who helped him with this???" Once again, it was hard to be there without him.  But, next year.  And --  wait for it........  we only have 11 WEEKS LEFT !!!

Hey Mama!

Im sooo jealous!!! Like for sure! That Monster looks soooooo good! Three months baby!!! I love Cessey! I wrote that letter in like 1 min! Haha! That's how I speak! Haha! Sweet!!! Im excited to talk to her in Spanish! I wish I was there. I CANT BELIEVE that Mike and Amber are pregnant! What the freak!!! Wow!!! That was fast! I don't want to have kids that fast! Crazy!

So transfers were today....I'm here with Elder Flores. Were still companions!  Im sooo disapointed! I wanted to train my last two changes. I actually just wanted to get away from him. Its horrible! Its always something every single freaken day!!! I don't know what I'm going to do. Because we don't have ANY work to do. We have NO people. They all got baptized! I'm thinking about telling President that there is a hot girl next door and she likes me so I need to leave. Haha! Maybe that will work. But really I'm sooo upset :( I just need to keep my head up. Thats what everyone keeps telling me.

On a good note...Reina got babtized! :)))) It was a beautiful baptism. She is happy! Now we just have to FIND new people!!! We are going to baptize two kids. There parents were inactive. There so cool. They gave me a decoration thing. Ill send a pic. Its really cool.

Well Mama! I love ya! I miss ya sooooo much!  Have fun! Drink and eat for me! :)

Love, Mo

Buda !!

Eddie and his wife and kids (Edric and Adi)

Baptism of Reina

Yamel, Erin, Efrain, me and Flores

Monday, July 16, 2012

Email #83: We baptized Elizabeth

Baptism of Elizabeth

Hey Mama!

I got to talk to Brad Hunsaker today. Well I wrote him. He is doing great! He eats iguana too! Haha! He says his Spanish is doing really good! He is such a good guy! I love him! THAT’S CRAZY THAT SAM GETS HOME SOOONNNNN!!!!! Wow! That’s means I GET HOME SOON!!!! My mission is almost over!!!!!! UGHHHHH! Crazy! Hahaha!

So this week AGAIN me and my companion fought! It’s such a pain! Like really, its actually just tiring. But o well. This week was good. We baptized another lady. Her name is Elizabeth. She was the lady that got rid of all her virgins and images and stuff. It was great! This week were going to baptize her daughter Reina. She is 15. She is really cool! I really wish me and my companion could just get along. EVERY person that asks me who is my companion? I tell them well Flores. Then there like O….I’m sorry. I heard he was a jerk! Yea! So, it’s kinda crappy! But o well the lord wants us here for a reason! :/

So words don’t explain how jealous I am about California!!!!!! UGH!!! I hope Bryan takes me as a welcome home gift! Haha! Well Mama! I gotta go. I need to know if I can buy a suit and a shirt and a belt. Please let me know next week. I think it will cost like 250. I love ya mama!

Love, Mo

This is Enrique
On the mission !!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Email #82: I think it was pure revelation.

Whats up Mama!

So, this week was really good and really bad. The good, well Paola got married and got baptized!!!! YES!!! It was so great! I’m so happy for her! I can’t wait till you get to meet her. We also baptized a little kid named Oscar. His mom is a member. The bad part is that President found out that we all went to Fridays last Monday. We broke two rules, which I wasn’t really even thinking about. 1- We can’t meet in BIG groups. Which I didn’t know that all those people were going to come. That wasn’t my fault. I thought it was just Muñoz and me. 2- Right now we can’t go to American restaurants because of all the drug traffic that is going on in Mexico. I totally forgot about that one.  So I got a call from the assistants. They weren’t too happy. My companion got a call from Prez. Prez didn’t call me or say anything in my letter this week. But it was interesting. He found out on Friday. On Wednesday I had an interview with him. I don’t think he knew about it. But he told me a whole bunch of crap about obedience. Told me that I have to be more obedient in mission rules and for when I go home to be obedient to the commandments. I think it was pure revelation. Crazy! I might have lost his confidence again. I hope not. Ugh! Stupid rules! Grrrr! The other thing that sucks is that my companion and me aren’t doing good! Its every single day. Its sooo flippin hard! I just try to not get him pissed and when he does get pissed, I just laugh in my head and let it go. Then like an hour later he is fine. I really just don’t know sometimes. Changes are in two weeks! I would love to stay here and train for my last two changes, but you never know what is going to happen.  One night this week we bought pizza. He was like, "Well if you want to buy the pizza I'll buy the soda and you can have the backpack."  So I bought pizza for like 10 bucks and he gave me the backpack. So I have a backpack. He is so frustrating. It’s a good backpack though! :) These last two weeks I have felt fat. All my companion does is eat. But, ya! I’m done! I’m going on a diet! Not really a diet but I’m just not going to eat junk! So next week I’m going to go to the mall to look at suits. I’ll let you know how much they cost. I don’t think I’ll be able to use my suits because they're gross! And big.  Last I checked I weighed like 225 lbs. I think we’re going to start running in the morning, Prez told my companion that he needs to lose weight.  Well Mama I love ya! Miss ya!

Love, Mo
Paola and Victor
Married on July 4, 2012
Paola's Baptism July 7, 2012

Baptized July 7, 2012

This is the "LETTER"
Everyone gets it at 3 months to home.
Asks lots of questions, like "Which airport
you're flying in to."  

Monday, July 2, 2012

Email #81: It was fun! It was for sure an experience.

Whats up Mama!

Another week. This week went by sooo slow!!! For this transfer we have our district meeting on Tuesday morning instead of like normal at 6 on Monday night. So I was kinda lost this whole week. My companion is such a pain in my butt!!! This is really hard! If I say its green he says it's red. That kinda of crap! It’s such a pain. Like 2 weeks ago- my backpack broke. So I have been just using a scripture case. Some lady at church was like, O I have lots of them.  I'll give you guys some. I was like well yea sure. Flores was like yea I want one.  So she came back and only brought one. She gave it to him. I was like but… I don’t have one. He was like but she gave it to me. Ugh! Then!!! ….his mom sent him a NEW one in the mail. I was like so what do you want for that backpack and he flipped on me saying it was a gift and all this crap. If my companion didn’t have one I would have given the backpack to him. But….no. So selfish!!!So next week I’m going to go buy a backpack. GRRR!!! So frustrating.

So  on Saturday we caught an iguana. Well I did. Then we took it to a sister in our ward and we killedit, well I killed it and skinned it and then she cooked it. Then Sunday after church we ate it. The funny part is Paola lives right next door to the lady. This whole week we were saying that we wanted to kill an iguana and eat it. Paola said she did too. But she thought we were joking. But, we weren’t. Haha! So, she tried it. I don’t think she like it. But, it was really good! It was fun! It was for sure an experience. I cut its head off and everything. All thanks to hermano omar. :)

So the work is good! Paola is getting married on Wednesday and getting baptized on Saturday! I’m so excited!!! I have been working with this girl for like 2 months! :) The only crappy part is that  now there is a rule that the members have to baptize them. The missionaries don’t do it anymore. How crappy!!!! I’m super bummed!!! Elizabeth is progressing so well! She came all the way from a small town just to come to church yesterday. It was great!!! We didn’t think she was going to come but right after the sacrament she walked in :) Sweet!!! She has 2 girls that we're going to baptize too. Just that one of them has to get married first! :/

So, omar isn’t getting married until August. The temple is closed for 2 weeks! UGH!!! Such a pain. I want to go with him so bad! I think I will be able to but just have to be patient.  I have been thinking a lot about California. I miss it sooo much! Hope the Geisers have fun! I love them. Tell them to write me! I miss her letters! Well not much more to say. Keep working! Haha! Today I saw Muñoz. He finishes in 3 weeks! Crazy! He is dead. Its almost time! Haha!

So, I want to see if I can buy a new suit for when I come home. And a new shirt and maybe a new belt. I want to go and check how much. But yea my suit is horrible and the one I bought is nice but just for missionaries. I want to look good for when I come home. Im thinking like 300 or less. Maybe you can talk to the gmas :) Haha! Let me know next week.

Gotta go. Love ya!

Love, Mo

Looks like chicken wings....
But no -- IGUANA !!