Monday, July 30, 2012

Email #85: So this week was another really hard week!!!

Hey Mama!

So this week was another really hard week!!! Like for sure! Flores and I almost got into a fight right there in the street! He told me something or made a comment, I don’t remember very well. But I was like what do you want me to do? He flipped, I kinda made fun of him. I know it wasn’t the right thing to do. He told me he was gonna put me into pieces. I said PLEASE do it! But he didn’t do anything! Figures! I was pretty pissed! That same night  we had a meeting with the counselor of our Ward. He had received a couple a comments that the missionaries were rude and just a bunch of crap! A lot of it wasn’t true. Some lady in our Ward is a Little special. She likes to have all the attention. But a lot of it was true, because Flores is so rude to the sisters! Ugh! Drives me crazy! So Sunday we had to talk to the Relief Society President and the counselor. After, I went with Edgar(The counselor) and Flores went with another guy. We went into a room and talked for a Little bit. It was nice. He told me he understands and don’t worry to just keep working! He told me that he learned something on his mission. “Even if your wife is in the wrong, the husband always asks for forgiveness first”.  He told me to just be the man and say sorry. Just keep working! He told me “Elder, you only have 11 WEEKS left” !!!!!! Wow! MOM I only have 11 weeks left!!! I can almost count on my fingers!!! Ugh! I’m so excited!!! He gave me a blessing to. It was really nice!

I COME HOME ON OCTOBER 18!!! In the morning. You will get a phone call soon, I think. I won’t be home for the BRONCOS CHARGERS GAME!!!! Are you kidding me!!!! Hate my life!!!! UGHHHH!!!

So anyway I’m just trying to be happy. Not let him get to me. Changes are in 5 weeks! Still have a looong time. But it’s okay!!! I’m just gonna be happy! Enjoy your last week of summer! It went by fast!!!

I want to see pics from Carlsbad! I was expecting some today…

I think I’m going to buy my suit next week. Can you make sure there is like 250 or maybe 300. I love you!!!!

Love Mo

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