Sunday, August 28, 2011

E-Mail #37: So Im in the offices!!!!


So Im in the offices!!!! I got transfered about 5 mins from my last area to Garcia Gineres. Im the new secretarty of records. I live in the office and work here from 10 to 2 doing office stuff. Im in charge of refernces, all the visa stuff from new gingos, also the van. Membership records. and lots more! I have my own desk with a computer. I get to use google to find stuff.

So last week was good and bad! Arjenis got babtized!!!! :)))) The babtizm was ok. The ward mission leader sucks. He didnt help us at all!!! But it was good!!! Memos mom wouldnt sign for him :((((( Saddest story of my whole mission. This kid wants to change so bad and be babtized!!! His Mom is hardcore Catholic! It sucks! But what sucks more is that I got transfered! We had so many good investigators in Madero! We had babtizms lined up for 4 weeks!!!! Today Akary will be babtized! Im stoked! But I wont be there! :( I miss Madero! I think I liked it more than Puerto Morelos! Just Puerto was by the beach! Haha! But Im here now. My new companion is Elder Vinay. He is from tabasco. Its only like 8 hours away! He knows the missionaries that were in my district in the MTC! He has 6 months in the mission. Im the senior companion! :) Thats exciting! :) Were both new in this area so we dont know ANYTHING OR ANYONE! But were working hard! He speaks english kinda. He just wants to talk in english allll day. Im gonna have to tell him I need him to not!

So im doing good! Im a little stressed. I have so much work to do. We had a meeting with President and he told us that our biggest responsibility is to babtize and work in our areas hard! This is going to be an interesting 4 and half months! But im excited because im going to learn so much about the mission! And were with president alot! O! and I get to drive the van! I drove today! First time in almost 11 months!!!!! Haha! Sick! There is so much that has happened in the past week but I dont know what to say! Haha but saturday is my new PDAY! I live with the Assistants to the Prez and 3 other secretaries! Its fun!!!

Dont stress mama! It will all work out. :) I love ya lots I took out 50 bucks today. Well gotta go! I love ya! Talk to ya in a week! Hopefully its alot more peaceful then.

Love Mo


Note from Mom:

All I can say is...... "What are they thinking?????" I mean driving the van. Do they know his history?? Really though. What an awesome opportunity. I'm really proud of him. It'll be interesting to see how he likes this -- if he does or doesn't. But, he will learn SO MUCH !!


Monday, August 22, 2011

No E-Mail Today !!!!!

A note from Mom:

There was no e-mail from Chad today, so I am VERY sad. I'm assuming it means that he was transferred, which is going to be very disappointing to him. He was having such success in that area. But....... the Lord calls where he calls. He learned alot in Merida City, and I'm sure he will take it wherever he goes next. Hopefully we will hear from him tomorrow. OUCH! My heart. I love him so much.

Monday, August 15, 2011

E-mail #36: This week was AWESOME! We had 5 people come to Stake Conference!!! YEA! :)

Whats up Mama!

Okay so you cant just say "FOOTBALL IS BACK" I want some details Mom! Haha! Thats good! Wow time is flying! It seems like just yesturday you were telling me about football in the MTC! But yea I expect a weekly report! :)

This week was AWESOME! We had 5 people come to Stake Conference!!! YEA! :) Stake conference was sweet! Prez spoke. He did really well! He talked about Love for the Savior! He speaks so strong! It was great! Memo is going to be babtized on saturday along with Arjenis. Arjenis is the kid that isnt all there. He is just really slow. He cant say what he wants to really fast! Memo is great! He is 17 and wants to follow Christ! Yea, he is going to have a kid! Crazy! Thanks to Jesus its okay !:) Akary is progressing super good! She also came to Stake Conference. Her babtizm is next Saturday! We are teaching a teenager named Katia. She is 16. Her uncle is a member in a different ward. She wants to be babtized! She is so cool! She has the standards of the church and loves "For the Streghth of youth" Sweet!!! On Tuesday she was like not sure about babtizm. We told her to trust in the lord and to pray. The next day we had a activity. She called us and said "well Im coming to the activity with a friend. I prayed and I want to be babtized!!!" YES! The power of prayer is sweeet!!! We are so excited! Were also teaching a young woman named Patsy. her brother is a member but she never had any interest. She came to church and is reading the BOM!!! So yea this week was so good!!! We have people!

My companion is driving me crazy!!! My converts Jorge and Yury are like kinda inactive. Jorge hasn't come to church in a month and a half and Yury like 3 weeks!:( So last night I told him that we have to go visit them! I dont care if we have to go every other day. Were going! He told me "No just once a week" I told him No, no no. These are my coverts and Im going to do everything I can to help them. He told me its not very efficient! He drives me crazy! I told him, Look man! Im not here to babtize the world! Im here to change peoples lives. Here to help them. He is such a dweeb! Hopefully he leaves in a week! Probably not! UgH! !!!! Its so hard! Everynight we plan for the next day and close with a prayer. Then we shake hands and hug. But he always says Le amo ( I love ya) He fakes and that drives me crazy!!!

Enough about that! Im good though! Love the mission! :)

Mama, be happy! You have lots of blessings! Its a blessing that you have work! Yea, its tough sometimes. Just trust in the savior and LOVE! Love each of the 100 million kids that you have! There is a scripture in proverbs that says to trust in the lord! Read it Its good! Yesturday I read in Jacob 3:1 Pray hard! Mama! He is always here for us!

I talked to Mike Kornegay! He told me he really looks up to me. That was really good! :) He goes in like 2 weeks to the field! Crazy!!!

Well Mama! I got to go! I love ya sooo much! Keep your chin up :) Have a good attitude and LOVE! Jesus is always there!

Love, MO

Ps Tell Dad I said HI :) and to go help grandma! She is so upset that nobody helps her! She is going to have a yard man! Haha

PS There is a SEARS!!! Im gonna go maybe in 2 weeks! I might need money.

PS This week is transfers. Hopefully Guerrero leaves. I dont want to go. I have to much work to still do here! LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!

Avocado -- I eat them now
Sorry Dad. I'm a Mexican now !!


We had a Pictionary Night.

Our investigator is in the brown

Movie Night

Luis Garcia

Monday, August 8, 2011

Email #35: Im happy and lovin the mission!

Whats up Mama!

Another week! Wow! Monson´s home!? Thats crazy! I loved reading his letters. He worked super hard the last few months on his mission! Thats cool! The time flys! His Mom sends me letters like every 2 weeks! Its cool! I really like it! I get to hear how Ammon and David are. I would like you to do that. Specially because Mike and Brad and Jake are on missions! It might be expensive....but I really enjoy it!

The recipes arent hard at all! Just do it! Do you know what a habenero is? Food city! Haha!!!!

Thats good your doing good mama! What the freak! 34 kids!!! Public school! Crazy! You will do good! No worries! Thats great Dad is working hard and you guys are blessed! Wow school starts soon!!! Summer went by wayyy fast! I need to stop thinking about the time but its going by soooo fast! Like, crazy fast!

I hope the cat doesnt die! I miss blue! Theres lots of cats here but there all gross and old and dirty! Shell probably die soon! :(

So this week was super good!!! We had divisiones with Aeropuerto. There the new ones in my district. So Elder Celaya came to my house to work for a day. Sorry I dont have a pic. Ill take one today! :) He has 20 months! We work so well together. Were both goofs but we worked hard! Im learning how to talk like a Yuko Its yucateko. Its fun. Ill speak it at Christmas! :)

This week we had so many good experiences! First Memo. The friend of a kid in the ward is progressing so well!!! His babtizim is on Saturday the 20th. 2 more weeks!! We watched a video about Jesus and he loved it! He asked so many questions! Sweet! Were gonna have a lesson at the temple this week! :)

So this week we were knocking doors. We found a lady that's way inactive. She has 2 daughters. one is 15 and goes to church but a different ward and the other is 11. She isnt a member. So we are teaching her. She loves the church and is reading the BOM! Crazy! What a blessing to find her! Her mom is way cool to! She doesnt want to go to church because she doesnt like the politics. Dont worry Ill change that! Cause I HATE the politics too! So anyway this girl is going to be batized on the 27th of August! :)

We found some teenagers like 1 month ago. But never went back. I felt impressed that we should go back last week. So we went. Turns out there all members except one. His name is Arjenis. He is 17 but has some disabilities. He's just slow. He has a problem with talking. He can spit his words out. He was going to be baptized but the elder who interviewed him said he doesnt need to be babtized. I think it is a great oportunity for him to be babtized and to make new friends! So were working on that!

So were working super hard! Prez wrote me today and said that he is happy with me and the work we are doing. He told me that Im full of life and cant stop working! Keep it goin! I really apreciated it! It is a nice boost! :)

So my compoanion and I....were...well....fine. He is a robot and thats all there is to it. I learned from Elder Celaya "Just be who you are and have fun" So when its my turn to knock a door, I have fun with the people and try to make them laugh! When its his turn well we just talk about Jesus and stuff.

Im happy cause we have people. I have learned alot from Elder Guerrero! Alot about diligence! Which is good! But Im happy and lovin the mission!

Tell Dad to keep workin hard! I love that man so much!

Aleena! How are you!'? I sure do miss ya Binny! I love ya tons! Be happy!

Mama! I love ya soooo much! Enjoy these 2 days! Cause yea..back to reality! :) Love ya mama!

Love, Mo

Making chorizo at Hermano Omar's

Loving' the hammocks

Monday, August 1, 2011

E-mail #34: But we gotta be happy and just keep working. And RECIPES

Whats up Mama!

I miss Cessey! Haha and a Burro! But the pic of the beach off the balcony was sweet!!! GORGEOUS! The pic of Chip and Nicole was nice to see them :)

Of course everyone misses me! Haha! I miss home a little. I miss life. Music. Driving. Food! Haha!

This week ALL of our investigators fell. Nobody wants to make the decisions to progress. Its super hard. On Saturday we planned an activity to teach the Plan of Salvation to our 1 person who seems really interested. We had it all planned. Everything was perfect...but...she never showed up. We called her and called her but nothing!!! Her husband wont let her listen to us. He had her phone all night, so we couldnt talk to her. Its sad. I dont understand. I was raised that if you (MOM) wanted to do something YOU could do it. and if DAD wanted HE could do it. It really sucks.

But we gotta be happy and just keep working.

On Friday we were walking in the street and one of the kids in the ward was with his friend. He was like "Hey this is Memo, my friend. He wants to listen to you guys." So we set up an appointment and the next day we taught him about babtizm. We felt we needed to teach the law of Chastity and Word of Wisdom. Turns out he is going to have a kid in a month. He is only 17. Everything is all good he just cant continue doing the dirty with his girlfriend. He understood. and he really wants to be babtized. Im so excited!!! He came to church yesterday to. and is reading the BOM! So excited!

So this week were going to focus on Referals! We have been working so hard these last few weeks but you can only knock on so many doors and have such little success. So this week were gonna work hard with the members! :)

Ugh! Elder Guerrero and I. Im learning how to DEAL with him. When he takes off his tie, he turns into a half decent guy. But when he puts that bad boy back on its robot time! Drives me crazy! Were working hard!!! Im learning a lot about diligence but its hard! For sure!

No I didnt know Corey was pregnant! Haha Thanks for telling me! Guess Ive been gone a long time!

The scripture was super great! I wrote it down. Were almost in the same part. Im in 2 nephi 26. Today I read about 25. When I finish this Book of Mormon, Im gonna send it home for Dad! It has lots of markings and stuff. Who knows if he will read it. Haha

Brad is coming to México! All my friends are in that mission from the MTC! Its the mission that is next to mine! We wont be far away. If were on the borders we could be like 20 mins away! :)


So....I miss ya but Im doing good! Its all a part of the mish! Good and bad weeks! :) Tell Aleanna I said HI! :) Love ya Mama! Have fun at school! Jaja!!!

Love, Mo

Elders quorum activity


A note from Mom:

This is what I wrote to Chad this morning along with the scripture that I sent.

So I've been thinking about you so much this week. Almost constantly. I've been reading in the book of Mormon every morning and I was reading this scripture in 2 Nephi 29:4-6. I thought of you so much that I marked it and wrote CHAD !! next to it.

"And then shall the remnant of our seed (the Nephites & Lamanites) know concerning us, how that we came out from Jerusalem, and that they are descendants of the Jews. And the gospel of Jesus Christ shall be declared among them wherefore, they shall be restored unto the knowledge of their fathers, and also to the knowledge of Jesus Christ, which was had among their fathers. And then shall they rejoice; for they shall know that it is a blessing unto them from the hand of God; and their scales of darkness shall begin to fall from their eyes; and many generations shall not pass away among then, save they shall be a pure and a delightsome people."

This is talking about your people Chad. And you're the one that's doing that for them. You are the one that is bringing them that knowledge so that they can rejoice.



Reciepes...I cant spell. Specially cause Im thinking in spanish

Red Salsa
5 Red Tomatoes
1 Big Jalapeneo
1 Habenero
1/2 Head of garlic (Its not much)

1- Grill the tomatoes and jalepeneo and habenero.
2- Blend

Green Salsa
10 Green Tomatoes ( They have a skin on them tho)
3 Large Jalapeneos

1- Take the skin off the tamotoes
2- Boil the tamoatoes (Just to change the color)
3- Grill Jalepenos
4- Blend

Green Spegetti
1 Kilo of Speggetti
10 Polbrano Chillies
4 halfs of garlic
3 package of medio cream

1-Grill the chillies (While grilling keep the others warm in a plastic bag or something)
2- Remove the seeds of the chillies
3- Blend the chillees, garlic cream and cheese
4- Cook the pasta
5- Pour the blended chillie in the pasta and stir
6- you can put meat in it like chicken