Monday, April 25, 2011

E-mail #20: So we have 2 iguanas that live in our yard. Were going to catch them and eat them

Hey Mama!

Haha yea my first getting into trouble. I found out after we went to the beach that it is like 3 or 4 streets. So now I know. My companion only writes for 1 hour no more. We did alot of things wrong in Puerto Morlos. Its all good now.

So this week went by fast. We dont have too many investigators but we are working hard to find new people. But... this week was Easter. In Mexico they call it Semaña Santa. For the whole week people dont work. Nobody is in their homes. Everyone goes to see other family or most go to the beach. Its like 45 min away. So contacting is almost impossible and teaching is so hard cause nobody is home. The members here are super cool. Theres ALOT of cute girls too! In Puerto Morelos it was like a hick town. Here is like California! In the mission they call them Piñas. Haha its funny. Dont worry I'll be good :) I miss Puerto so much!!! We had 2 people that were supposed to be baptized --hopefully the other missionaries will baptize them. I miss my members and my old house!!! It was hard but this is my new home. Elder Castañeda has 4 months here. He will probably leave this next change and hopefully Ill be the Senior Companion. Im ready. This week I tried to take charge.

So we have 2 iguanas that live in our yard. Were going to catch them and eat them probably this week. One hermona in the ward knows how to cook it. Im excited I heard it taste like chicken :) Well see.

The temple was so much fun!!! My suit is huge! Ill buy one here for like 90 bucks. In like 10 months. Hopefully I can find a sister here and she can fix them :) and all the rest of my clothes!

Dont worry about Kenna. I write her every week about life. Were getting so much stronger. Its all good mama! I just wish I was there to kicks some little kids $/%!&$"! Haha

Good luck on your bread. Haha

So not much is new, but this house has a washing machine!!!!! We washed all our cloths in 2 hours! So so so SWEET!!! My companion is a GUBBER!!!! No I dont like Geeks mom! Haha He is such a nerd but were good. We havent argued about anything yet. Haha He trims his nails and keeps them and doesnt wear flip flops in the shower! Gross!!! He is a good guy. So hopefully next week ill have some good stories :)

I love ya Mama! I miss ya! Sorry nobody cleans the house! Ill tell kenna too! Tell Binny I said Hi!!! Tell the Old Man Hey and I love him.

Love ya all!!! Love, MO

Washing machine at our house !!

Sweet !!!

Our poor lonely missionary - noone to teach

Easter weekend - everyone gone playing

Chad's new workout equipment

Gotta love Mexico !!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

E-mail #19: Chad's been transferred....... Merida City

Wow! What a crazy week! Where do I start?! So last Wednesday we had interviews with President at our house. They didn´t go so well. So I guess we cant go past three blocks of the beach. No “Don´t touch the sand”. He saw the pic -- I think from my blogspot. Anyway he asked if we went and I said yes. He was upset. But he was so pissed at Ortiz. Because he is the senior and my trainer. He told us the he was going to close Puerto Morelos. Because of us and because our members don´t help us at all. So we both got transferred. Im in Mèrida, Yucatan. In the city. My ward is called Modero. Im like 10 min in a bus from the Temple. Our house is big! But dirty!!! So all day I spent cleaning it!!! Gross! I dont know why missionaries have to be so dirty! They must not have had a good Mama! My companion is Elder Casteñeda. He is from Puebla, Mexico (Mexico City) He has 4 and half months! Wow! I think if I didnt get into trouble I would have become the Senior companion somewhere. Anyway its ok. Learning experience. He knows English but he wont speak it. Thank goodness!!! He is a nerd! And the District leader. But he is a good guy. I need to be patient with him. Haha! From what I hear, its really cool here. The members are really good to the missionaries. Im excited for a change. Excited to learn spanish better. Last night we went to our District meeting. Elder Hearne (Alabama) He is in a different zone. He was so shocked at how much weight I've lost! Sweet! ITS SO HOT! Its hotter here because the beach isnt right here. Im going to loose so much weight! So Im excited!

So this morning we went to the Temple! It was so nice to get to go. We went with like 20 missionaries! Its really beautiful! Very small! It was all in spanish!!! I understood alot because I have been there lots and been in lots of english sessions. It was really cool! I hope I get to go again. Most missionaries get to go 4-6 times in the 2 years! Not very often! It was nice! It was so cold in there! The coldest Ive been since Utah!

Yea people steal whatever they like in the packages! In like August im gonna need new clothes and garments. But thats later down the road! Im so excited for a package. 2 months!!! Haha Thanks for the Book or Mormon. I dont think they make them in spanish.

So my 6 months! Wow the days are so freaken long! But the months are so fast! So we went on the roof and burned a crappy tie. It was fun. I was remembering when we had the missionaries over. Wow! Im doing it! Crazy! Soon Ill be burning a shirt.

Kenna is such a nerd! Haha I used to make fun of those kind of kids! Hehe! But thats great for her. It will be good for college.

I really miss Prez Jimmy! If you see him tell him I want an email! I love him!

Im the same Chad in my heart. The spanish makes me all different but as I learn slang and the laguage Im becoming more like me. Im still the same goof ball tho!

Im so glad Binny is doing better! That makes me feel good! I keep praying for her and you guys.

Tell Nana I said hi! I miss them and thank them for everything! Show lots of pics!

So mama Im good. Little bit in the whole starting over mood. Little nervous but Im really excited to be here and to work in a new place. I miss ya tons Mom! 20 days until we talk! Wow thats so soon! Im excited!!! Well I gotta go! But I love ya thank you for all you do! Tell Dad I said hey and I love him lots! Tell Binny to be happy! I love her! Thanks for the address of Tom! Just one B of M is good! LOVE YOU GUYS! Love, Mo

President and I at the temple

Merida Temple

What the freak????

This iguana foot was found in the freezer of his new house.

6 month tradition

Hope it's not one of his good ones.

Elder Casteneda

You can see the evidence of Chad cleaning in the background.

Monday, April 18, 2011

No E-mail today !!!

___________________________________________________ A note from Mom: So - no E-mail from Chad today. I'm sure it's because of transfers. Either him or Elder Ortiz. I think that's sad. I think once they are seperated, Chad will really realize what a "good thing" he had. But - I had a nice surprise today. I am VERY behind in checking my e-mail on the Missionary Mom site. When I checked it today I had 190 e-mails. UGH! Gayla Allen from Utah had e-mailed me. Her son is Elder Allen from a couple weeks ago. She shared a bit of Elder Allen's e-mail from that week. I'm so thankful !! She really made my day. Not only did she share the e-mail, but the following pictures....... HA! Priceless !! ___________________________________________________ Allen E-mail: I don't know if Elder Mayberry told you much about staying with the Playa Missionaries again this week, but this is what my son wrote about the experience: "we had training this past week so elder ortiz and elder mayberry slept in our house monday and tuesday night. It was so fun! We had stomachone night and elder mayberry didn´t like it very much. his bowl ended up more full when he finished than when he started." I thought that was so funny and I can't blame him a bit, and I'm sure my son was right along with him cuz he doesn't have a very strong stomach (no pun intended). Here are the pictures (attached) that Kevin sent me just in case you haven't seen them yet. How fun that our boys are getting to know each other. My son really enjoys Elder Mayberry a lot!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

E-mail #18: We contacted some guy in the street and he gave us a fake adress BUT....

Hey Mamma!

Haha the $15 and 2 hours! Good luck! Im glad your having fun in your new calling. Thats good you and Kenna are bonding haha! And with all her friends. Im glad your having the missionaries over. Feed them and take care of them. The members are literally my home away from home. I have grown to love them :)

Yes my pants are huge!!! But there is a sister in the branch that fixed 3 pairs and 4 shirts. Hopefully if I dont get tranfered I will take the rest of them to her too and my suits :) Im getting skinny :) Love it! Its because its sooo hot and we walk soooo much!!! People tell me almost everydayt that im flaco! :)

I love my Hermanas! They love me too! One of them leaves in a month. That means she can write me... Hehe! :) There alot of fun :) Its hard cause you cant flirt with them or even talk one on one.

Okay send me Tom and Uncle Jimmy email. Ill send them a email. I sent Grandma a letter. It takes a long time! I miss Tom and Kathy. Tell Dad to tell them I said hi and I will write them next week!

So im reading The BOM in spanish now. Yea its super hard! I have both spanish and english. When I dont understand it i read it in english! Its super hard! This week I only read 5 chapters. If you can find the mini BOMs buy like 7 or 8 in spanish. People want to buy them. and 2 in english. Dont worry about the stickers. The scripture pen...did you send a pen and replacment colors. Because we just got the replacment colors. I think someone stole the actual pen. Last time Ortiz got a package half of it got stolen :(

My 6 month mark is on Wednessday :D Im buying pizza and I'm gonna burn a tie :) Sweet!!! Then next week were going to the temple!!!!! Remember my Goliaths. Things we have to do better in our lives. Well I only have 2 days left :) So my Zone is going to the temple! Im super stoked!

So this week was good! We found a new investigator :) Well... we contacted some guy in the street and he gave us a fake adress BUT at the adress we found this new guy :) He came to general conference and accepted a baptismal date. But he didnt come to church yesterday :( So we have plans for him to be baptized on the 30 of april. He is such a good guy. Last night we taught the Law of Chastity! Its a tough lesson but he asked lots of questions and really wants to learn and change his life! Im so excited for him! All from a contact in the street. The Lord works in different ways everyday of our lives :) Yesterday was tough though. We had 2 families and 2 other people were supposed to come to church but we had nobody. It was so hard! We work so hard and nothing happens. Well see what happens this comming week.

I talked to some of my companions from the MTC. Elder Evans is in Bolivia and he is a trainer already. Which means he has a fresh new kid! Crazy! There opening up a new area. He is doing great!!! Elder Price is in Villramosa, he is doing good! Were all saying wow!!! Six months!!!

But Im doing good. I know I need to think positive because it could be me leaving this week. Most likey Ortiz cause he has 6 months here. Thats a loooooong time! He drives me crazy! But he is my comp... haha happy happy happy My next one will be way worse! Hopefully we have some babtizms soon. When I started my mish, I said I dont care how many I babtize. Im still saying that no matter what!

Tell everyone Im good! I miss everyone! I love ya Mama! Tell Dad and Binny I said hi and I love them. Sorry this one is a litter shorter, we dont have much time today. Love, Mo :D

Dominoes -- back home I hate Dominoes

But, here in Mexico -- UGH! It was so good !!

Sweet truck --

He didn't want to talk to us, but he said we could take pics of his truck.

Monday, April 4, 2011

E-mail #17: One of the Sis missionaries said,"Well I dont really know what you said but the spirit spoke and was strong!"

Hey Mama!

Im doing good! Im ready for a new companion but Im good! Im tired of Ortiz. Haha! Four months with someone everyday all day gets boring! I want someone that speaks spanish. Ortiz wont speak spanish. He refuses. He wants to practice english. We got into a fight the other day. He said I have 6 months and dont know everything perfect. I was like for realz! You speak english all day man! I was pissed but whatever! Haha Im happy now! I figured you would find Elder Allen´s mom. Their pretty hardcore Mormon I think. I like him though, he is a good guy. I need to write in my journal more often. Its hard cause Im sooo tired at night when we get home! Its a goal for this week to write in it every night!

Yes, we watched confernce. All 5 sessions in spanish! I didnt understand much cause it was soo fast! Saturday the two sessions were at our church. We watched it on the Internet. Only like 5 people showed up! So we watched it in the Presidents office, He has AC. It was nice. We went to Cancùn for Priesthood session. That was cool. Sunday we watched both. We had an investigator come to the first one! Sweet! I cant wait to get the Liahona in May. So I can read the talks.

Im jealous that you went to Sirra Vista. I like going there to relax. Thanks Mom…... Im STARRVING now. You have no idea how bad I want Biancos or La Grande Orange! The pizza here sucks! Haha But the Mexican food is great! LOL I hope you took pictures and showed everyone how I was.

You dont have to put all that money in my account. Its alot. If you guys need it use it. I shouldnt need money for a while. Hopefully! Thats good about Lena. I hope these pills help. I pray everyday for her so much to just be happy in her life.

Our Zone meeting was lots of fun! I learned so much about LOVE! Love the people! And also about the spirit! We do lots of practice situations in these meetings. One of the Sis missionaries said "Well I dont really know what you said but the spirit spoke and was strong!" Ugh that made me feel so good! We dont mess around too much because we have lots to learn. It was fun!

Yes I READ THE BOOK OF MORMON!!! For the first time in my life I read it rom page 1 to page 1 billion! Haha it took me almost 6 freaken months! Wow I felt so good after I read it. I prayed and asked if it was actually true and after I wanted to feel like that burning in the bosom crap. I didnt feel it. But in the Bible in Galatians it says the spirit is peace, and happiness. I felt so happy that I read it! It was so cool :D!!!!

Thats another reason why I would like to split up from Ortiz…... He is so like only Mormon people! It drives me crazy! During conference Ceasar wanted to take a nap. He kept throwing stuff at him and waking him up. I was like if he doesnt want to he doesnt have too. I guess he is just a little too hardcore for me! Haha!

So there is a Quiksilver store here!!!! Just right outside my area! Its a factory store! I want to go soooooo bad! Maybe I can get discounts! I miss working for Quik! O well Im a missionary now! Haha

Did you try to find out about the Ortiz´s package? His scripture pen? No big deal if you cant.

Transfers are in 2 weeks! Hopefully he goes! And I stay J

Well Mama! Im good and Im happy. We could be having some more luck but if its not there time its not there time. Im working hard and thats what counts. I love ya mama! I miss ya so much! Tell Binny I said hi! And to be happy and I love her. Tell Kenna I said Hi and I love her. Guess she was to busy to write me. Its ok haha

Hey Dad!

Thank you for writing me! I really enjoyed it.

So Dad, I read the Book of Mormon and I was thinking… you should really read it. It was hard and it took me 6 months but I think it would be good for you. I know Im not really in the real world and all. And If I was back home I probably would have not read it. But I think you should. Thanks for doing my taxes. Haha! Sounded like you guys had a nice trip.

So I have 6 months almost! Wow time flies! But on other days it seems like i just got here. Its hard Dad! Being around church stuff ALL day EVERY day. The work is hard! But I know it will be worth it. I know -- 18 months to learn spanish! Eh… kinda scary! O well Ill work hard!

Well Dad I love you so much and I aperciate how hard you work for our family. I love ya and miss ya!

Love, MO

Chad brought to tears

(found this empty Monster in the street.)

Icing his sore knees


Zone conference

(Chad holding Elder Perez)

Homemade bunkbeds

(Elder Allen's apartment in Playa is very small.)