Thursday, November 25, 2010

First Holiday

A note from Mom:
Well - We have survived the first Holiday without Chad. It was a strange day. Very quiet. We went to my sister Diana's home. She also has a missionary serving in California. It is very hard!! But - it was so wonderful to get this e-mail from him today while I was there. I think it was pretty lucky for us that we actually got to hear from him today. The following is an excerpt from a letter I sent him yesterday through Dear Elder.

So - Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I just wanted you to know how thankful I am of you. A woman seriously could not ask for a better son. I'm grateful that you didn't give us too many problems growing up -- I mean, really. I know how bad it could have been. And, I'm grateful you didn't go that route. I'm grateful that you have chosen to go on this mission, even though you were not sure why. I know why - and I'm glad that you had faith in knowing that. I'm grateful that you are so smart - and you have a good head on your shoulders. I don't know exactly what path your life will take when you are done in Mexico - but I know that you will make something of yourself. I know that you will do what you have to be happy. And, to make others around you happy. I'm grateful that you have a good relationship with your dad. I absolutely HATE when father and sons shake hands. It just bugs me!! I'm so glad that you and Dad can hug. That relationship is so important, Chad. It is the beginning of how you will be with your children. I'm so grateful for that. I know that you will be an amazing father - because you have had a good example of one. Grateful Grateful Grateful!!! Thank you so much for being my son. And, being a son that I can be proud of. Thank you for treating me so gently and with such patience and love. I miss you!!!! I miss your hugs - and your kiss on the cheek every night. (No matter what time that was.)


E-Mail #6: Happy Thanksgiving !!!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!

So I dont think you got my letter yet. I'll just say whats in it though.
Elder Harris is gone. He went to Peru. He finanlly got his visa. It was strange though cause I started to pray about LOVE and how I need love for him and since sunday we got alot stronger. and then randomly he leaves. I'm thankful for him but am glad he is gone. haha

P-day sucks this week cause it's on Thanksgiving. my day is planned all day for me. I have already done laundry however. the devotional this morning was Jeffrey R Holland. I just saw him. It was really good his whole family was there and the grankids sang a primary song. It was nice. we have another fireside tonight. it should be an apostle. So that makes 5 out of the 6 weeks ive been here for the quorum of the 12. :DDD

Its freaken cold here!!! Yesterday they shut down all of BYU at 3:00 to let all teachers go home cause a huge storm was coming. It wasnt big here in Provo, but it was freezing! Like 10 degrees. Today is freezing but its a gorgeous thanksgiving day. :)

I wish I could eat good food. Idk maybe the food will be good today....probably not haha I want dressing! :( and black eyed peas. huh

So last night we had a Distict sleep over. We broke many rules but it was sooo worth it. Elder Johnston from Nevada. His Mom sent him a Dear Elder with a Pie and lots of goodies. So we layed out everything on the desk and had pie, rolls, and lots of crap. He even gave us a Coke. We all went around the room and said what we are thankful for. It was so spirtual. My distict is truly my family away from you all. I took lots of pics so i will send them when i get the chance to print them. It takes like 5 days.

I heard visas are getting better. Im so excited to go!!! Its like im in prison. hahaha! But i still dont know spanish like i should but o well. I will when i get there :)

Dad- Im so greatful for you. I miss you especially on this day because you are the best. Your a great man and a great dad! I love you!

Mom- Mom i miss you terrible! You are amazing! You are such a good mom never doubt yourself. You need to give yourself more credit than u do :)

Kenna- Im greatful for you. you help me in ways you dont even know. You are so smart keep it up!

Alenna- Im soo greatful for you. I love you. I have goten into arguments and almost fights for you even here at the MTC. I love you and you are an amazing young woman :)

If you read this before you go to Dianas. Tell everyone I said Heyyyy! I miss you all! Write me!!! :)

Can you ask Diana if she can get me a blessing page for my wallet but in spanish :)) that would be great.!!!! :)

Anyways, be thankful. be thankful for each other and be thankful for this wonderful gospel here on this earth. be thankful for family and be thankful for the Atonement of Jesucristo! I love you all and love this gospel.

Con Amor, Mo
(Elder Mayberry)

P.S The letter has a pic drawn by Elder Price of the shoes i want. Maybe ask Granma Hammond. She said that if i needed anything to just ask :)


Monday, November 22, 2010

Testimony ....

This is me standing next to the Peru Ambassador. Elder Harris is in front in the red tie. The small Mexican kid standing next to the Ambassador is gong to Carlsbad! He is from Peru! : 0)


Wow what a hard 5 weeks! I have changed already so much in just 5 weeks. More than a couple of years. My testimony has changed. I know this church is true. I know that the Atonement is real! Jesus died for me and eveyone else. I truly understand the Atonement now! I know that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ. Without a doubt! I know that through prayer anything is possible. He can help out with anything! I love my family. They are the most important thing to me. I love my Savior and what he hs done or me. I love my Heavenly Father.

En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen

We got two letters from Chad today.
First letter: I think about Nov. 14th

* "My patriarachal blessing turned out great! Yesterday was almost my hardest day here! So I read it this morning and it was nice. :0)" (I laminated his blessing and sent it to him.)

* He is really struggling with his companion, Elder Harris. He says that they are so different.

* He's having a HARD time with Espanol! "Like really it's so bad! I know I need to just keep going on. A guy in my zone showed me a good scripture (Ether 12:27). It was so good! It really helped me out.

* He needs cash. He's been using his Debit card every Thursday for temple Breakfast. (What a treat !!)

* He sent a beautiful letter that they wrote to their parents as if from Christ. He also bore his testimony.


Ether 12:27 -- (And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before men; and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them.)

Second letter: I think about Nov. 19th

* He misses his I-Pod! (Oh dang .....) "Seriously - a mail truck will be by the mall place and we freak out if the radio is on. Ugh! I'm suprised how much I have to sing here. And in Espanol!"

* He ran ino Brother & Sister Palmer (from the Glendale Stake). "She cried when she saw me. They're going to Nauvoo. They leave in a week."

* "I miss Bentz. I wrote him yesterday. And Jimmy."

* Here's his PS -- "We all think we're going crazy. It's funny. We're going to start a busness and sell food under the table. Like McDonald's or KFC. Elder Price's Mom can get it here way fast and we'll sell a burger for $10. We're gonna make money. Undergrund! HAHA!"

Sounds like Chad -- looking for a way to start up some kind of business and make money...... on the side????


Saturday, November 13, 2010

New Era.... up and coming


Highlights from Chad's letter (November 9th???)

* "So the Ambassador of peru was sweet. It was 4 other companionships plus Elder Harris and I. He had bodyguards with guns. We're gonna be in the "New Era" so start looking for me."

* He did his first blessing with oil. It was his companion. He was really sick. "It was probably the best blessing I have ever given."

* "So today I realized that I was scared of teaching the gospel. But know I can't teach it in Espanol. It's so frustrating! I'm not doin so well with it. But - O well. It will get better. It's only been 4 weeks." I think it did get better because 2 days later we got his e-mail that was pretty positive about teaching the gospel - and yes - in Spanish.

It's strange to get messages out of order. Once he's in Mexico, I hear, that will really happen alot.


Monday, November 8, 2010

PICTURES ..... yah!

First laundry day. P-Day is the best !!

Me and Elder Price from Utah

Elders Lunt (my old companion) and Elder Udall (kid from Mesa)

First Sunday at the Temple


Chad sent these pictures today along with a letter. Highlights:

* Yesterday was so bad! I was so sick but today we went to the nurse and we got to go to the BYU Pharmacy. We got to go to "the real world". We walked down the street. It was awesome.

* Praying in Espanol is so cool!!

* Today was a really good Spanish day. I learned alot and felt really good. Tomorrow (Sat - Nov. 6th) is gonna be hard. We have breakfast then class from 8-12. Ugh so hard.

I've been having some trouble with reading Chad's letters and Kenna finally told me that he is already starting to right Spanish for some words. For example: When he means is - he puts es. For in he puts en. OH! Good to know. I'm sure that as time goes on, that will happen more and more.

It's so nice to see some pictures of him. Man --Chad looks like a MISSIONARY !! HA! I'm still not used to not seeing facial hair. But - he looks good. WHEW! Can't express how good that feels.

I really miss him today. It's been a quiet, sad day and it's made me really miss him. I would go days with hardly seeing him, but he would ALWAYS come in at the end of the day and kiss me goodnight (no matter what time of night it was....). I really miss that !! And, I really miss the quick text message that he'd send. I did inherit his brand new Touch I-Pod and I am loving that. I have several of his songs on it (No Blink 182 -- ha) and I love to listen to those songs and remember him. --Mom


Thursday, November 4, 2010

E-Mail #3: Prayer works say it in spanish.


So - Kenna (Chad's almost 16 year old sister) didn't know what to be for Halloween this year and she was going to "The Maze". I got this picture and a text saying, "Who do I look like?" HA! CHAD !!! So she e-mailed him this picture.


Chad's E-mail:

Those are my favorite boardies! Can you send those and maybe some others :)

I'm writting you back from the Dear Elder sent on Nov 3. Mom learned to type and use computers :D Haha There not going anywere. My new comp is Elder Haris. he is from Montona and is one of THOSE MORMONS! ugh! He is a nerd and an over achiver but we had a talk and things are a liitlle better. I just have to humble myself and be happy!

I got your package. PS (I wrote a letter you probably got it yesturday or today) Thanks for all the goodies :) We all ate the cheetos last night! Yummy!

Tie Trades.... So we all bring out our ties that we want to trade. no matter if there crappy or good. The goal is to get bueno ties! So you can trade 2 crappy ones for 1 good one. You did good. So send as many as you can :) Good or bad :)

I miss football soooo much! I miss my BOLTS! Can you send me my chargers shirts :)

The beard pic! There should be one of me in sunday close with big red sunglasses. Everyone wants to see it! If you can find it please do.

Im waiting on the pics to send to you guys cause there still being printed here. I got a couple of good ones from other people. My camera is broke. ( I said that in the letter) but ya im going to send it out today and hopefully you can call soon to see if they will warranty it, If not idk but i need a camera :(

I havent gotten Jeeneen's box yet, its all good though. Tell her i said HEY

I got the adresses. I need Jimmy Merril's and Jason Bentz. I miss them so much!!!

Everyone has really been pissing me off. I guess now we have like a taly chart and the board if we say slang. I have like 50 talys already and some elders are being way to serious but o well. You know me i'll say crap or (chafa) haha thats in spanish. I dont let it get to me though! :D

On tuesday we heard from M Russell Ballard of the 12. were now 3 for 3 for apostles at the devotionals. pretty Cool! I guess they come alot during Christmas. There always really fun! and super spirtuall!

Today I get to meet the Ambassodor of Puru. Thats where Elder Hariss is going so we were invited. should be supper bueno! And the govener of Utah....of course mormon hahaha.

Mom: I miss you so much! I love you sooooooo much! Prayer works say it in spanish. "Nuestro padre celestial. Te pedimos que benigas con ayuda con (being humble..idk how to say that haha) than say en el nombre jesuchristo, Amen" It will work :)

Dad: I miss you sooo much! I miss the hugs! :) Two years will go by super fast! Hope work is well. I pray for you everyday in spanish!

Aleena: Binny! Stay out of trouble and be nice to kenna! I miss you and loveeeeeeeeee you! :)

Kenna: I miss you as well! Thanks for wearing my cloths! Send me some boardshorts! :) Be nice to aleena! Keep doing well in school! I Love You!

I love you all so much. more than u know!

Love, MO
(Elder Mayberry)

Ps im getting sick! Ugh o well send me medincine cause i didnt bring any. and im out of money so i used my card today for temple breakfast! It was yummy!!!
love u guys!


I also got a letter that he wrote Monday, November 1st. Here's a few highlights.

* Visas: It is a hit or miss. I met a guy that is going to Merida. he got here at the beginning of June. Then went to Texas and left last Monday. So I don't know. Hopefully mine will come.

* My classes. Um - class is so hard. But you pretty much teach yourself. There are 8 other Elders in our tiny class so it's hard. You know me. I'm a more one on one. But it's good. We usually have 2 classes a day for 2-4 hours. The rest is on your own. That part is hard. You have alot of time to yourself. But it's study time. Can't waste the Lord's time. My teachers are Hermona Zaldivas. She got home off her mission in May. Hermone Jerlink he got home 10 months ago. So fresh from the field. They're wonderful. My district is so amazing. Truly a family away from home.

* Things will get better. I hope! HAHA! They will. :0) It's always gonna be ups and downs.

* O - I forgot. The Mormons are driving me crazy. "Don't do this. Don't do that." UGH! It will be ok though.

Chad seems to forget that he's also Mormon sometimes and that he's not much different from everyone else. He gave me advice in his e-mail to be humble today. He says he's working on it too. : o) --Mom


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oct. 29th letter ...


I got a letter today that was dated October 29th. Some of his letters don't have the date because he says ..... "I don't even know what day it is..." HA! Guess he's busy.

He starts the letter Dear Mom, but then immediately says .... "Aww, I miss Bryan!!" NICE -- (Just joking Bryan -- jealousy...) He later says that Bryan has been Dear Eldering him alot about sports. "He is my ESPN Newsguy." in Chad's words. Love that!! The Sports thing is one of the times that I miss Chad the most. I don't have my NFL Sunday Football partner anymore. Ken's been trying (attempting), but I don't think his heart is in it. He'll disappear during the games and not come back for hours..... But, it is what it is. Atleast he's trying.

He says that "today wasn't too good. A guy is leaving on Wednesday (today) to go to the Peru MTC. His companion is the District Leader who I will be companions with until he gets his visa." He goes on to say that he's not fond of this guy - he's stuck up and doesn't want to have any fun. So then he says, "Ugh. So pray for his visa. HA!" Funny - that's our Chad.

He says that he really enjoys the tie trading on Friday nights. I told him about these before he left. We were shopping and I told him that he needs to bring ugly ties because they trade them. He stuck up his nose to this and said, "Mom - I'm not trading MY ties." (His collection of ties IS pretty sweet I must say.) Well, he really likes it, and says he has some really good ones.

That's about it. Just a couple of cute things. I'm very grateful that he's feeling the Spirit so strongly. We've been getting letters about every other day. WHEW! He said a couple letters back that he had felt the Spirit the absolute strongest the night before in his Language class. If he feels the Spirit so strongly then -- HE IS OK. He talks often about it being VERY HARD, the hardest thing he's ever done, but he knows Heavenly Father is helping him, and that he will continue to help him.

I wrote him today and told him to have patience. There's many people he won't particularly like, just pray for patience, and work hard. --Mom