Saturday, November 13, 2010

New Era.... up and coming


Highlights from Chad's letter (November 9th???)

* "So the Ambassador of peru was sweet. It was 4 other companionships plus Elder Harris and I. He had bodyguards with guns. We're gonna be in the "New Era" so start looking for me."

* He did his first blessing with oil. It was his companion. He was really sick. "It was probably the best blessing I have ever given."

* "So today I realized that I was scared of teaching the gospel. But know I can't teach it in Espanol. It's so frustrating! I'm not doin so well with it. But - O well. It will get better. It's only been 4 weeks." I think it did get better because 2 days later we got his e-mail that was pretty positive about teaching the gospel - and yes - in Spanish.

It's strange to get messages out of order. Once he's in Mexico, I hear, that will really happen alot.


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