Thursday, November 25, 2010

E-Mail #6: Happy Thanksgiving !!!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!

So I dont think you got my letter yet. I'll just say whats in it though.
Elder Harris is gone. He went to Peru. He finanlly got his visa. It was strange though cause I started to pray about LOVE and how I need love for him and since sunday we got alot stronger. and then randomly he leaves. I'm thankful for him but am glad he is gone. haha

P-day sucks this week cause it's on Thanksgiving. my day is planned all day for me. I have already done laundry however. the devotional this morning was Jeffrey R Holland. I just saw him. It was really good his whole family was there and the grankids sang a primary song. It was nice. we have another fireside tonight. it should be an apostle. So that makes 5 out of the 6 weeks ive been here for the quorum of the 12. :DDD

Its freaken cold here!!! Yesterday they shut down all of BYU at 3:00 to let all teachers go home cause a huge storm was coming. It wasnt big here in Provo, but it was freezing! Like 10 degrees. Today is freezing but its a gorgeous thanksgiving day. :)

I wish I could eat good food. Idk maybe the food will be good today....probably not haha I want dressing! :( and black eyed peas. huh

So last night we had a Distict sleep over. We broke many rules but it was sooo worth it. Elder Johnston from Nevada. His Mom sent him a Dear Elder with a Pie and lots of goodies. So we layed out everything on the desk and had pie, rolls, and lots of crap. He even gave us a Coke. We all went around the room and said what we are thankful for. It was so spirtual. My distict is truly my family away from you all. I took lots of pics so i will send them when i get the chance to print them. It takes like 5 days.

I heard visas are getting better. Im so excited to go!!! Its like im in prison. hahaha! But i still dont know spanish like i should but o well. I will when i get there :)

Dad- Im so greatful for you. I miss you especially on this day because you are the best. Your a great man and a great dad! I love you!

Mom- Mom i miss you terrible! You are amazing! You are such a good mom never doubt yourself. You need to give yourself more credit than u do :)

Kenna- Im greatful for you. you help me in ways you dont even know. You are so smart keep it up!

Alenna- Im soo greatful for you. I love you. I have goten into arguments and almost fights for you even here at the MTC. I love you and you are an amazing young woman :)

If you read this before you go to Dianas. Tell everyone I said Heyyyy! I miss you all! Write me!!! :)

Can you ask Diana if she can get me a blessing page for my wallet but in spanish :)) that would be great.!!!! :)

Anyways, be thankful. be thankful for each other and be thankful for this wonderful gospel here on this earth. be thankful for family and be thankful for the Atonement of Jesucristo! I love you all and love this gospel.

Con Amor, Mo
(Elder Mayberry)

P.S The letter has a pic drawn by Elder Price of the shoes i want. Maybe ask Granma Hammond. She said that if i needed anything to just ask :)


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