Thursday, November 4, 2010

E-Mail #3: Prayer works say it in spanish.


So - Kenna (Chad's almost 16 year old sister) didn't know what to be for Halloween this year and she was going to "The Maze". I got this picture and a text saying, "Who do I look like?" HA! CHAD !!! So she e-mailed him this picture.


Chad's E-mail:

Those are my favorite boardies! Can you send those and maybe some others :)

I'm writting you back from the Dear Elder sent on Nov 3. Mom learned to type and use computers :D Haha There not going anywere. My new comp is Elder Haris. he is from Montona and is one of THOSE MORMONS! ugh! He is a nerd and an over achiver but we had a talk and things are a liitlle better. I just have to humble myself and be happy!

I got your package. PS (I wrote a letter you probably got it yesturday or today) Thanks for all the goodies :) We all ate the cheetos last night! Yummy!

Tie Trades.... So we all bring out our ties that we want to trade. no matter if there crappy or good. The goal is to get bueno ties! So you can trade 2 crappy ones for 1 good one. You did good. So send as many as you can :) Good or bad :)

I miss football soooo much! I miss my BOLTS! Can you send me my chargers shirts :)

The beard pic! There should be one of me in sunday close with big red sunglasses. Everyone wants to see it! If you can find it please do.

Im waiting on the pics to send to you guys cause there still being printed here. I got a couple of good ones from other people. My camera is broke. ( I said that in the letter) but ya im going to send it out today and hopefully you can call soon to see if they will warranty it, If not idk but i need a camera :(

I havent gotten Jeeneen's box yet, its all good though. Tell her i said HEY

I got the adresses. I need Jimmy Merril's and Jason Bentz. I miss them so much!!!

Everyone has really been pissing me off. I guess now we have like a taly chart and the board if we say slang. I have like 50 talys already and some elders are being way to serious but o well. You know me i'll say crap or (chafa) haha thats in spanish. I dont let it get to me though! :D

On tuesday we heard from M Russell Ballard of the 12. were now 3 for 3 for apostles at the devotionals. pretty Cool! I guess they come alot during Christmas. There always really fun! and super spirtuall!

Today I get to meet the Ambassodor of Puru. Thats where Elder Hariss is going so we were invited. should be supper bueno! And the govener of Utah....of course mormon hahaha.

Mom: I miss you so much! I love you sooooooo much! Prayer works say it in spanish. "Nuestro padre celestial. Te pedimos que benigas con ayuda con (being humble..idk how to say that haha) than say en el nombre jesuchristo, Amen" It will work :)

Dad: I miss you sooo much! I miss the hugs! :) Two years will go by super fast! Hope work is well. I pray for you everyday in spanish!

Aleena: Binny! Stay out of trouble and be nice to kenna! I miss you and loveeeeeeeeee you! :)

Kenna: I miss you as well! Thanks for wearing my cloths! Send me some boardshorts! :) Be nice to aleena! Keep doing well in school! I Love You!

I love you all so much. more than u know!

Love, MO
(Elder Mayberry)

Ps im getting sick! Ugh o well send me medincine cause i didnt bring any. and im out of money so i used my card today for temple breakfast! It was yummy!!!
love u guys!


I also got a letter that he wrote Monday, November 1st. Here's a few highlights.

* Visas: It is a hit or miss. I met a guy that is going to Merida. he got here at the beginning of June. Then went to Texas and left last Monday. So I don't know. Hopefully mine will come.

* My classes. Um - class is so hard. But you pretty much teach yourself. There are 8 other Elders in our tiny class so it's hard. You know me. I'm a more one on one. But it's good. We usually have 2 classes a day for 2-4 hours. The rest is on your own. That part is hard. You have alot of time to yourself. But it's study time. Can't waste the Lord's time. My teachers are Hermona Zaldivas. She got home off her mission in May. Hermone Jerlink he got home 10 months ago. So fresh from the field. They're wonderful. My district is so amazing. Truly a family away from home.

* Things will get better. I hope! HAHA! They will. :0) It's always gonna be ups and downs.

* O - I forgot. The Mormons are driving me crazy. "Don't do this. Don't do that." UGH! It will be ok though.

Chad seems to forget that he's also Mormon sometimes and that he's not much different from everyone else. He gave me advice in his e-mail to be humble today. He says he's working on it too. : o) --Mom


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