Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oct. 29th letter ...


I got a letter today that was dated October 29th. Some of his letters don't have the date because he says ..... "I don't even know what day it is..." HA! Guess he's busy.

He starts the letter Dear Mom, but then immediately says .... "Aww, I miss Bryan!!" NICE -- (Just joking Bryan -- jealousy...) He later says that Bryan has been Dear Eldering him alot about sports. "He is my ESPN Newsguy." in Chad's words. Love that!! The Sports thing is one of the times that I miss Chad the most. I don't have my NFL Sunday Football partner anymore. Ken's been trying (attempting), but I don't think his heart is in it. He'll disappear during the games and not come back for hours..... But, it is what it is. Atleast he's trying.

He says that "today wasn't too good. A guy is leaving on Wednesday (today) to go to the Peru MTC. His companion is the District Leader who I will be companions with until he gets his visa." He goes on to say that he's not fond of this guy - he's stuck up and doesn't want to have any fun. So then he says, "Ugh. So pray for his visa. HA!" Funny - that's our Chad.

He says that he really enjoys the tie trading on Friday nights. I told him about these before he left. We were shopping and I told him that he needs to bring ugly ties because they trade them. He stuck up his nose to this and said, "Mom - I'm not trading MY ties." (His collection of ties IS pretty sweet I must say.) Well, he really likes it, and says he has some really good ones.

That's about it. Just a couple of cute things. I'm very grateful that he's feeling the Spirit so strongly. We've been getting letters about every other day. WHEW! He said a couple letters back that he had felt the Spirit the absolute strongest the night before in his Language class. If he feels the Spirit so strongly then -- HE IS OK. He talks often about it being VERY HARD, the hardest thing he's ever done, but he knows Heavenly Father is helping him, and that he will continue to help him.

I wrote him today and told him to have patience. There's many people he won't particularly like, just pray for patience, and work hard. --Mom


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