Thursday, October 28, 2010

E-Mail #2 It's SNOWING .....

So ya I figured you werent checking the mail!!! It has to be everyday! :)

Spead the word! :) Dear Elder works so well! I get it that day and can most likley get my reply back.

Things I need:
* I might need some more black church socks cause these ones make my feet stink!!! Gross!
* I do need some white gym socks. I have some in my room. Top drawer. There nike and there short white. I need like 3-4.
* Yes Ties! We do tie trades every Saturday night! It is really fun! So please send any that Dad doesnt ever really wear...or like!!!!! I need a coat! Its sooooo cold here! Like a black coat that I can wear over my suit! It snowed the other day and I was super cold. You can get the watch at Wal-Mart. Its like $15. Its a digital and its kinda crome. If not please just get me a digital! I cant tell time! Haha and please like a metal one. I hate plastic.

So my companion left today. He went to a higher level spanish class. I am so happy! Its gonna be alot more fun! Im with a cool kid from Utah and the kid from Mesa that is related to Britaany. So things are getting alot better. I hate to say it but I kinda like it! Haha! Today we went to the temple it was super bueno! Were are hopefully taking pics on Sunday so I will send some home :) I changed the setting on my camera and it works better now :) Tell Jeenen thyanks. I havent gotten her package but I got yours...the dear elder one. It had lots of goodies :) Thanks :) Ellan also wrote me. That was cool. I got some good advice from Alen. It was good!

Today we did laudry. P-Day is really fun. We actually have some down time and dont have to dress up! I love it! Next week im gonna take a nap :) I need you to also send me some pictures of the family and stuff like the new ones. :) O ya i wrote notes for this email...thats why its planned a little better haha but if you find a jacket get like a XXL maybe a XL. ask Dad. Tell him I love him and miss him :) I love you to mamamama! Miss you so much! Tell leena the same :)

Kenna: I got your dear elder. Thanks :) Tell Brittany to write me cause I dont have her adress! And i miss her alllllllllllllotttttt! I want to hear the gosip! LOL Im sending pics soon. Sry about espanol! Just do your best that's what im doing haha
anyways love u!

--love Chad (elder Mayberry)

The mail takes like 3 days to get there. it sucks! i have been getting your dear elder and the halloween box :) it just takes forever to get back to u! :( dont forget my eletric trimmer. either in the girls bathroom or in my bathroom. its kinda small and silver also my nose hair trimmer :) haha thanks ! I looooooooooooooooooooooooove you :) Tell kenna to post on my facebook "Chad wants letters! Send him letters!" and also put my adress or how to dear elder. thanks :) i want to here from haji :( i miss him and lacey too and mike so do it pleaseeeeee Love you!

--love mo!

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