Monday, April 30, 2012

E-mail #72: Im back in Merida!!!

Wow!!! What a week! So first off. Im back in Merida!!! Haha! I left Cancun! I wasnt excpecting it at all!!! Asencio stayed. I am opening an area here in Merida! Im so excited! My bus trip was nice. I read my book and watched movies! Haha! When we got to the city I felt like I came home. Haha! I was here for nine months. Crazy! But Im back. :) My companion is Elder Moncada. He is from Honduras! Yea! Crazy right? He has like almost 6 months in the mission. He seems like a good guy. I feel so old! With my 18 months! Haha! Im excited to be here. Do you remember Hermano Omar? Well he is getting sealed in the temple in 2 weeks!!! I might be able to go!!! :)))) I hope so!!!
This last week with Asencio was hard! For realz!!! Prez told me that I needed to tell him the things that he does wrong. So one day we went to vist an old investigator. Someone that hadnt listened to the missionaries for like 3 months. But Asencio knew him. So we decied to go back. This guy has a crappy attitude. But he seemed like he wanted to listen. So, we start talking and Asencio just flipped and started hammering this guy cause he wont read the book or go to church or be babtized. He says he is catholic. So that night I told him "look man, you cant be like that. It dosnt matter how much they piss you off. You cant be like that."  HE FLIPPED!!! Started telling me ALL the bad stuff that I do. That same day I gave a blessing to a lady. He told me that it was the crappiest blessing he had ever heard and that I need to learn spanish. I was PISSED! But more than that I was sad! It really bothered me. I didnt say a word to him for 2 days. Then he said he was sorry! Then we went back to that investigator and he did the same thing. In the lesson I said "alright lets go. The spirit isnt here and all were doing is arguing."  He looked at me and said "shut up freaking gringo" and pointed his finger. Right there in the lesson! Are you freaken kidding me!!!! Then he acted like nothing happened! Then he started telling me everything that I need to change again. It was hard! I have learned so much patience. I was pretty close to kicking that kids.......butt! Haha! But Im here now, in Merida! :) Im excited!
So when I stepped off the bus, it was like when we get out of the truck in Yuma after Carlsbad! Haha! Its so freaken hot here!!!!! In cancun its much cooler! But Im excited cause Im gonna lose more weight!
So all my companions are from mexico except my new one. Its fine by me. I like it better! Ill learn more. But yea its a culture shock sometimes.
The mission is a whole other life. For example, I was born in Puerto Morelos. In October is when I was born. Im going to die in October. My dad is Elder Ortiz. My son is Elder Xaltepec. Its a whole life. What I meant by I dont want to die, its like I dont want to finish the mission early. I want to work hard all the way up to October. So... yea I cant die yet!
Not much more to say. Haha! O! I had to take out like 50 bucks out of my savings for my bus ticket. Just to let you know. I hope I get my package soon. :) Sorry I cant send pics. I dont have my camera. Next week! :) As of right now I dont have a house. Were sleeping with the zone leaders. I have to find one soon! :)
I will tell ya next week what time and what number to call for mommys day! I gotta go! I love ya sooooo much! Tell the old man! I love him alot and miss him! And binny!!!

Love, MO

PS (I need you to take a really good pic of you and dad and the girls. I want to have a pic to put on my last agenda. So in the mean time if you can find the time or place to take a nice pic of the family without me. Well LOVE YA!!!)
PSS (Elder Xaltepec went home last week! I dont know why! But Im super sad! Im gonna try to get a hold of him. They said that he is going to come back. But thats what they all say! :(((((((()

Monday, April 23, 2012

E-Mail #71: Lots of white pics

Hey Mama!

So we had a really good week! We baptized Armando on Wednesday and CuauhtĂ©moc on Sunday. It was so cool to see how the spirit works. Armando suddenly changed everything and felt the desire to be baptized! Tuesday was Armando’s interview. He passed. But he said he wanted me to baptize him. Asencio was pissed! He had never baptized anyone here. He has been here for 4 months and NOTHING! So he was pissed when Armando wanted me. The whole next day he was pissed. Even at the baptismal service. Ugh! Whatever. But he got to baptize CuauhtĂ©moc on Sunday. It was cool. We did it after church. So we had 70 people come! It was sweet! The primary helped us out a lot!

O crap! So Tuesday was sweet! Elder Anderson came! When he walked in we all stood up. I was on the end of the row. He touched my elbow and said “Buenas dias” An apostle personally said hey. Then we all got up and shook his hand. Also, Elder Hoyos and Elder Villalobos came. They are 70´s. Elder Andersons talk was good. He didn’t just talk. He walked around the whole room. He spoke Spanish. Not very well, but the spirit for sure spoke. He talked about repentance. Also he talked about baptizing converts. Not just people, but people that are going to progress in the church. Then, Friday we had interviews with President. Mine was so good. Prez and I are good friends. I told him. “Alright I’m gonna be straight up. I don’t want to die. I want to keep working hard and finish my mission good.” He told me that when I don’t feel like working I need to pray and ask for strength to work hard. He also told me “I know you won’t die. I could never imagine one of my secretaries’ dying.” It was so good! It’s so cool that I have a special connection with him! I love him. Like two months ago he told me to read a book. Well I haven’t really been reading it. So he told me that since I have been a good boy and IF I finish the book in ONE month he will take me to the temple! IM SO STOKED!!!! I can’t wait. I’m reading like 10 pages every day! I can’t wait!

So changes are in one week! Crazy!!! I hope Asencio goes. I think he does too. He wants to go I think. But Prez told me in my interview to just love him and have lots of patience. He knows how not humbled he is.

So YES its getting HOT!!! Haha! But I’m used to it. Not a big deal. Cancun is sweet because the ocean breeze comes in. Not like were right on the beach but it’s nice. It’s better than Merida.

Miguel Angel finally got all his papers to get married. But the earliest date to get married is May 11th. You have got to be kidding me! Its sooo far!!! But at least he is ready! Also we have this lady. Her name is Diana. She has two kids Valentina and Desire. The girls want to get baptized but Diana says they need to wait like 2 or 3 months. UGH!!! You have to be kidding me! They're the people in the pics. But they went to the baptism, so were hoping to baptized them this Friday. Other than that, we have to find new people. We don’t have that many people.

Other than that, I’m doing good. I’m happy! I love the mission! I’m excited to talk to you guys! Please email Haji and Bryan. Let them know. I would love to talk to them. Tyler too! Well I have to still write Grandma and Kenna. I’m gonna yell at her for not paying for her gas! Haha! If she has a job she has to do it!

Love, MO
Baptism of Armando
April 18, 2012

Baptism of Cuahtemoc
April 22, 2012

(Also Investigators Desire - far left and Valentina - by me)

Monday, April 16, 2012

E-Mail #70: When the spirit works the people change

Whats up mama!

It was another good week here in the mission. We had alot of people come to church. We have this guy that his name is Armando. His wife is a member but he never got babtized. Its so crazy how when the spirit works the people change. This guy, these last few weeks he hasnt been excited. But we went back this week and he is so excited! He is going to get babtized on wednessday. Im excited! Last night we watched a documentary about good ol Tommy Monson. He liked it. They live in the small town called Avante. Its right by the airport. So when we fly in. We will be able to see it. There is also a sister that got babtized like 6 months ago. She has a kid that isnt a member. Were hoping to babtize him this week too. He is 10. This lady has a friend. She and her 2 daughters went to church yesterday too. So were hoping as well to babtize them. The mom wants her kids to grow up in a relgion. There excited but the mom, not so much. So were working on these people right now.

My companion is driving me crazy! He gets so but hurt. Anything he does or says goes. But then when I do something he flips. Very very hypocritical. Ugh!!! Im learning LOTS of patience and trying to be humbled. We have changes in 2 weeks. I think he is leaving. I hope so J But its good to get better at stuff.

So last week I ralked to Price. Remember him from the MTC. He is from Utah. He is a zone leader in Veracruz. I love him! He is doing soooo good on his mission! He really pumped me up. He got me excited! He told me that the mission isnt just for them but for us. That its an eternal thing. He is just a good guy! Today he sent me a talk from Elder Holland.

So all the missionaries are coming here today. There is going to be like 8 in my house!!! Haha! So only 6 months more. My 18 months was good! Crazy how fast the time goes! Time to work. I want to have a hot wife! Haha! Tell cory thanks for the motivation. Haha!

Well Mama! I love ya sooo much!!!

Love, MO

18 months --

Burning of the pants !!

I liked this guys beard ....

We gave him a Book of Mormon

I love the little towns.....

Monday, April 9, 2012

E-Mail #69: She said, "I dont have time, I dont believe in Jose Smith"

Whats up Mama!

Ugh! If Gradma doesnt get her letter by next week Ill write her a letter and you can print it out for her. Haha! I think it got lost. Im so glad Haji called! I love that guy! He really is one of my best friends! Its crazy that he is going to graduate!

So this week was ok. It seemed just like another week. My companion and I got into it again. I feel like Im training him. He has been out for 8 months! He knows how to do this whole missioinary thing! He tells me that I need to be more consecrated in the work. Just because I dont call people "Brother or Sister" Its stupid! But then he does things that dont have anything to do with the work! But, I have passed this in the mission, I just have to love him and serve him. Yea yea yea Haha! Im working on that.

This week we had 7 people come to church. But the most important ones didnt come. They said they didnt want to come. The made excuses! Ugh! The guy that we found in the small town, he wasnt there. I dont know what happened to him. But we had lots of kids come to church. One lady that we didnt think was going to come. We went to her house on saturday night. She opened the door and said "I dont have time, I dont believe in Jose Smith" I was like wo wo wo Take it easy. I believe in Jesus. Then she calmed down a little bit. But she came to church. So she obviously feels something. :)

So I REALLY need shirts. I ruined ALL my shirts this week. Its sooo hot! So when I put sun screen on, then I sweat soo much! Then it turned my shirts yellow! So I really need this package. Thank you for sending it. Im soooo excited for my tie :)

So next Tuesday the whole mission is coming here to Cancun. Were going to have a special conference with Elder Anderson from the 12!!! Yea! Should be pretty sweet! Its a big deal. Today we had to send our suits to get cleaned. Next week we have to get our hair cut a certain way. I have never paid for a hair cut in my mission. I always cut it myself. Haha! But yea its a big deal. I guess Prez is pretty stressed. Prez was high up in the church before the mission. Now, this is his time to shine! Haha! Im pretty excited! I hope we get to take a pic with him. :)

I need a usb memory. Did you send one? If not I need to buy one.

This week is my 18 months! Crazy!!!! Its time to go to work now! Haha! I only have 6 months more to do this gig. Well Mama! I love ya lots!

Love Mo

O, we dont have to do 4 hours of service. We hardly ever do service. The people see shirts and ties and think were important people. Kinda sucks Haha!

This means

Jesus was Here

We played baseball with the kids
They know ALL the American 4-letter words.

Monday, April 2, 2012

E-Mail #68: So conference was great!

Whats up Mama!

So, sounds like you’re doing good! Just being a little missionary now! That’s great! Here Conference is not on TV. So we have to go to the Stake Center. Hope this family liked the message. That would be sweet! But ya, it happens a lot when they just don’t show up. Kinda sucks. haha!

PLEASE! Send my shirts. I thought I was going to get them tomorrow. Because there is a conference. :( It takes so long to get stuff. My shirts are so dead! There gross!) So, please please please!

Of course I was a part of helping Enrique go on the mission! He had lots of doubts! But he is excited! I saw him yesterday. It was nice. Then he called me today and said he messed up last night! I was like WHAT?? What happened? Nothing happened. He just went to the movies on a Sunday and felt bad! Haha! I told him he shouldn’t do that. But he is ok. Haha! To funny! He leaves on June 13!

So conference was great! It was the first one that I really tried to pay attention. The one that I actually learned stuff! I guess that’s the mission! We got to watch it in English! It was great! We had our own room with air conditioning. It was nice! I really like the talks from Bednar about “Just be a good boy” and Holland “Step up” Haha! That guys good! Uckdorf “Stop it” and to LOVE and FORGIVE. I really liked it.

So on Wednesday we went to the small town because a sister had a referral for us. We only went and invited him to conference. Told him that we would come to pick him up. So Sunday we did divisions, I went with a member and Asencio went with another guy. Asencio went to the small town. He said he went to go by his house and there was the brother. Sitting and waiting while reading the Book of Mormon. He really enjoyed the conference! It’s crazy how when people are ready there ready! :) It was great! We have another guy that went. His wife is a member but he never got baptized. We got him to go to the first session. We’re waiting for his papers to get done so that he can get married. I’m excited for him. I passed for a guy that is a member but inactive. We’re teaching his little girl. We were in the car and we drove around the corner and the brother was outside drinking at 9 in the morning with his friends. But it was funny because it was like slow motion because he saw me and then tried to hide his beer! Love those moments! There always so afraid of us. But it was a good session weekend.

My companion and I are good. He is so cocky! He always has to get his last point in every lesson. He just needs to let the spirit teach. We’re doing good though! This week I realized “I need to be who I was when I started the mission”. Just be here to love and help the people. I feel that as I have gained more time in the mission, I have changed and I don’t like it. So, that's what I’m focusing on. I’m doing good though!

Oh, I saw Ingrid from my old area. She still hasn't gotten married yet but she has her date to get married on 21! I think I’m gonna be able to baptize her :) Im excited! I saw Sugey too yesterday. I’m gonna take her on a date when I get back. Haha!

I gotta go! I love ya lots Mama!

PS (Presidente wrote me and thanked me out of no where for all my good work in the offices. Good stuff !!)

All the gringos watching conference

This is a lady's pet iguana.

The greener the yummier ! I said, "Let's eat it."

She flipped !!!