Monday, April 9, 2012

E-Mail #69: She said, "I dont have time, I dont believe in Jose Smith"

Whats up Mama!

Ugh! If Gradma doesnt get her letter by next week Ill write her a letter and you can print it out for her. Haha! I think it got lost. Im so glad Haji called! I love that guy! He really is one of my best friends! Its crazy that he is going to graduate!

So this week was ok. It seemed just like another week. My companion and I got into it again. I feel like Im training him. He has been out for 8 months! He knows how to do this whole missioinary thing! He tells me that I need to be more consecrated in the work. Just because I dont call people "Brother or Sister" Its stupid! But then he does things that dont have anything to do with the work! But, I have passed this in the mission, I just have to love him and serve him. Yea yea yea Haha! Im working on that.

This week we had 7 people come to church. But the most important ones didnt come. They said they didnt want to come. The made excuses! Ugh! The guy that we found in the small town, he wasnt there. I dont know what happened to him. But we had lots of kids come to church. One lady that we didnt think was going to come. We went to her house on saturday night. She opened the door and said "I dont have time, I dont believe in Jose Smith" I was like wo wo wo Take it easy. I believe in Jesus. Then she calmed down a little bit. But she came to church. So she obviously feels something. :)

So I REALLY need shirts. I ruined ALL my shirts this week. Its sooo hot! So when I put sun screen on, then I sweat soo much! Then it turned my shirts yellow! So I really need this package. Thank you for sending it. Im soooo excited for my tie :)

So next Tuesday the whole mission is coming here to Cancun. Were going to have a special conference with Elder Anderson from the 12!!! Yea! Should be pretty sweet! Its a big deal. Today we had to send our suits to get cleaned. Next week we have to get our hair cut a certain way. I have never paid for a hair cut in my mission. I always cut it myself. Haha! But yea its a big deal. I guess Prez is pretty stressed. Prez was high up in the church before the mission. Now, this is his time to shine! Haha! Im pretty excited! I hope we get to take a pic with him. :)

I need a usb memory. Did you send one? If not I need to buy one.

This week is my 18 months! Crazy!!!! Its time to go to work now! Haha! I only have 6 months more to do this gig. Well Mama! I love ya lots!

Love Mo

O, we dont have to do 4 hours of service. We hardly ever do service. The people see shirts and ties and think were important people. Kinda sucks Haha!

This means

Jesus was Here

We played baseball with the kids
They know ALL the American 4-letter words.

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