Monday, April 30, 2012

E-mail #72: Im back in Merida!!!

Wow!!! What a week! So first off. Im back in Merida!!! Haha! I left Cancun! I wasnt excpecting it at all!!! Asencio stayed. I am opening an area here in Merida! Im so excited! My bus trip was nice. I read my book and watched movies! Haha! When we got to the city I felt like I came home. Haha! I was here for nine months. Crazy! But Im back. :) My companion is Elder Moncada. He is from Honduras! Yea! Crazy right? He has like almost 6 months in the mission. He seems like a good guy. I feel so old! With my 18 months! Haha! Im excited to be here. Do you remember Hermano Omar? Well he is getting sealed in the temple in 2 weeks!!! I might be able to go!!! :)))) I hope so!!!
This last week with Asencio was hard! For realz!!! Prez told me that I needed to tell him the things that he does wrong. So one day we went to vist an old investigator. Someone that hadnt listened to the missionaries for like 3 months. But Asencio knew him. So we decied to go back. This guy has a crappy attitude. But he seemed like he wanted to listen. So, we start talking and Asencio just flipped and started hammering this guy cause he wont read the book or go to church or be babtized. He says he is catholic. So that night I told him "look man, you cant be like that. It dosnt matter how much they piss you off. You cant be like that."  HE FLIPPED!!! Started telling me ALL the bad stuff that I do. That same day I gave a blessing to a lady. He told me that it was the crappiest blessing he had ever heard and that I need to learn spanish. I was PISSED! But more than that I was sad! It really bothered me. I didnt say a word to him for 2 days. Then he said he was sorry! Then we went back to that investigator and he did the same thing. In the lesson I said "alright lets go. The spirit isnt here and all were doing is arguing."  He looked at me and said "shut up freaking gringo" and pointed his finger. Right there in the lesson! Are you freaken kidding me!!!! Then he acted like nothing happened! Then he started telling me everything that I need to change again. It was hard! I have learned so much patience. I was pretty close to kicking that kids.......butt! Haha! But Im here now, in Merida! :) Im excited!
So when I stepped off the bus, it was like when we get out of the truck in Yuma after Carlsbad! Haha! Its so freaken hot here!!!!! In cancun its much cooler! But Im excited cause Im gonna lose more weight!
So all my companions are from mexico except my new one. Its fine by me. I like it better! Ill learn more. But yea its a culture shock sometimes.
The mission is a whole other life. For example, I was born in Puerto Morelos. In October is when I was born. Im going to die in October. My dad is Elder Ortiz. My son is Elder Xaltepec. Its a whole life. What I meant by I dont want to die, its like I dont want to finish the mission early. I want to work hard all the way up to October. So... yea I cant die yet!
Not much more to say. Haha! O! I had to take out like 50 bucks out of my savings for my bus ticket. Just to let you know. I hope I get my package soon. :) Sorry I cant send pics. I dont have my camera. Next week! :) As of right now I dont have a house. Were sleeping with the zone leaders. I have to find one soon! :)
I will tell ya next week what time and what number to call for mommys day! I gotta go! I love ya sooooo much! Tell the old man! I love him alot and miss him! And binny!!!

Love, MO

PS (I need you to take a really good pic of you and dad and the girls. I want to have a pic to put on my last agenda. So in the mean time if you can find the time or place to take a nice pic of the family without me. Well LOVE YA!!!)
PSS (Elder Xaltepec went home last week! I dont know why! But Im super sad! Im gonna try to get a hold of him. They said that he is going to come back. But thats what they all say! :(((((((()

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