Monday, May 7, 2012

#73: So this whole opening an area sure is hard! Haha! We dont have a house yet!

UGH! YEA it was sooo hard not to punch that little creap in the face! Maybe Im learning something. Haah! So this whole opening an area sure is hard! Haha! We dont have a house yet! :( Thats hard! But I think were going to get one today. Yesterday was so sweet! We had 4 people go to church. :) We walked in and everyone treated us like kings. This ward hasnt had missioneries in like almost 4 years! So there super excited to have us. We walked into church on Thursday for an activity and the first person we saw said can you give my dad a blessing. So we went. He came to church on sunday feeling better! Its crazy how much 2 missionaries make a difference in a ward. These people here are so excited to work and help there friend be a part of the work. There are lots of inactives but theres lots of people here that want to help.
I gotta go to a different internet place cause I cant send pics here. Ill talk to u later LOVE YA!
I got my package :) Thank you sooo much! The only thing that was missing was a pop tart. I think the mexicans got a little hungry and ate it Haha! LOVE U!!

Elder Moncada
from Honduras

We're the biggest goofs !!

Carlitos from my old area
We eat ice cream like every day !!

I love my new Fast Sunday tie !!
I thought it was going to be blue - but it's great !

 A note from Mom:

Well, I must admit --  I'm the hungry culprit.  I was sending Chad two boxes of Poptarts when I realized that one of them was a new flavor.  Well, I couldn't resist.  I thought it would be funny to send the package anyway.  But, I didn't realize that he would blame the customs agents.  HA! 

Chad had asked us to send him a matching tie so that his Dad and him could wear them on Fast Sundays.  He asked for a paisley one -- much to his Dad's disappointment.  So, we figured a pink one would be right in Chad's fashion sense. 

We get to talk to him on Sunday.  I CANNOT WAIT !!!!  Can't believe it's our LAST phone call.  Even more excited about that.  : o )

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