Monday, May 28, 2012

E-Mail #76: This week was really good! We worked really hard!

Whats up Mama!

Wow! That is a downer about everyone. I’m glad Dad isn’t an old fart. Well he is but he doesn’t act like it :) I really miss the old guy.  Tell him I love him. I miss ya too Mama!

This week was really good! We worked really hard! We found a lot of good new people. People that are just waiting to receive the gospel. One of them is 15. Her name is Natalia. Her dad is Mormon. But she doesn’t live with him. She is super cool. There is another girl named Paula. She is 19 and her husband is an inactive. She just wants to change her life and choose the right path to guide her family. Super good! My companion is great! He is one of my best! I love him! We get along really good. He works hard. It’s great! I think it’s because he isn’t Mexican or American :) Divisions were really good with Elder Hearne. He is a great kid. He is excited to go home. Haha! I don’t know, nothing special this week. We just worked hard! :)

I don’t know anything about Enrique. He hasn’t called me because its long distance. I hope he is good. I hope that he will be able to go. I don’t know how much more time I can wait to go to the temple. I need to go SOON! It’s important! He isn’t Sugeys brother. Sugeys brother is Chucho.

P-Day is all work. It goes by sooo freaken fast that we never have time to do much. I think next Monday we're going to Fridays. I’m gonna go with Elder Muñoz. Remember him from the offices. I miss him. He goes home soon too.  I’m getting so old in the mission! Not much more to say. Did you guys buy the tickets yet? I need to write the Xoocs soon and tell them when.

I love ya lots!!!

Love, MO

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