What’s up Mama?  Ugh! So this week was crazy. On Monday night I got a letter from Enrique. He told me that he was going to the temple on Saturday the 19th of May. He wanted me to be his guide. So I was so excited because I knew that President was gonna let me go to the temple. I just had to finish my book. So I called President and asked if I could go. He said yes and that I just needed to finish my book. So I read my book. Yea, I actually read a book. It was a lot!!! But I did it because I wanted to go to the temple! So Saturday came. We got up early and went to the temple. We got there a little early. So we went to the temple store. I bought a sweet picture of Jesus. It’s the one where he is smiling. It cost like 16 bucks. Then we waited for them to get there. They finally came and Enrique told me that he wasn’t going to get his endowments that day because his branch president couldn't help him that week to get his recommend. Ugh! I was soooo pissed! I was like -- you don’t know how important it is that you go. And you’re leaving in less than a month!!!! So we talked for a little bit. Then I had to leave. They did baptisms for the dead. I saw Sugey and a few other people. It was great! But Enrique said that he was going to stay in Merida for a few days to say goodbye to his friends that live here. But….they're not members. I told him to be careful!!!! Because EVERYONE drinks here. It was going to be a temptation. AND he didn’t go to the temple so he didn’t have that extra strength. So, I called Prez and told him that he couldn’t go to the temple but in two weeks he is going to go. He said that’s ok. But…. like an hour ago Enrique called me and said that he messed up and drank with his friends. UGH!!! I was so pissed! I AM pissed!!! Like I told him! I told him that he shouldn’t!  I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m so frustrated. It’s sad. I told him that it was soooo important to go to the temple two months ago! I told him that he had to go so that he could be strong! I don’t know L

This week was a good week. We worked a lot harder. But nobody came to church! Just two kids. So we need to be better at getting them to church. We found new people. Our problem right now is politics. UGH!!! I hate it!!! With all the crap about Mitt Romney and Obama. It doesn’t help that my companion and I aren’t Mexican. Were both pretty white! Its hard! That guys Dad, well we went back to take Isaac to church. His dad said that he left to go buy some food. Then he flipped on us and my companion. He told my companion that he didn’t respect him anymore. He is crazy. So when I left I said "Okay take care." And I walked away. But in Spanish when you say take care, it means like--  be careful, watch your back. So that guy got pissed and wanted to fight me in the street! It was stupid. But nothing happened. Then we saw Isaac in the street like two days ago and he didn’t even say hi! I think we lost him. It sucks. But we got to keep working hard!

But other than all this crap, I’m good. I’m a little depressed about Enrique but I need to get over it and go to work. Tomorrow I’m doing divisions with Elder Hearne. Remember him, he is from Alabama. He goes home in July! I remember him when I first started my mission. Crazy!!
I love ya lots! Miss ya!

Love, MO

Lunch with Mar Lopez family
I love them !!!

Waiting for our laundry