Saturday, November 26, 2011

E-Mail #50: I miss it! :( But we had a nice Thanksgiving.

Hey Mama!

Thanksgiving! It looked like it went really well! I miss it! :( But we had a nice Thanksgiving. We woke up. Muñoz and Castañeda came to get us from our house. We bought "Panuchos" Its Yucatan Food. Its a tortilla with black beans, then another tortilla. then fried. Then with lettuce, tomato, onion salsa habenero. There REALLY good. Then we went to eat "Tortas de Cochininta" Its shredded pork on a sandwich, but SUPER greasy!!! So good! These were all places like on the side of the streets! Haha! In the states I dont think we would ever have gone. It was good! We went in the morning. We spent like 45 pesos! It was sweet! Then in the night we bought pizza and bread sticks. During the day we ate at the house. The sister had it bought and delivered to our house. It was good. White rice and black beans. Like always and chicken. Haha!

So living in our own house is really nice! Its so big and CLEAN!!! We have a lot more time to relax at night. Vinay and me get a long better. Which is good, but then when were here in the offices someone will say a joke and then he gets mad. He is a baby. I just cant say ANYTHING to offend him. Other than that its good.

The work is going. We have a kid that is 17. He is doing good! He likes going to chuch and today were going to a babtizm so he can see one. Should be good. There is a sister in the ward. Her husband isnt married. We went this week to talk to him. He is Catholic but prays and goes to church like mormons do. We showed up last night. He asked if we ate dinner. We said well at like 2:30 yea but no. He was like well what do you guys like? He bought pizza al pastor. Pizza with meat. SO GOOD!!! Then while were were waiting he was like "Alright lets read the book" We taught about when Jesus came to the americas. He was very interested. He said that he would finish the chapter and go to church :) Then we ate pizza. Then he took us allll the waaaay to the offices :) He is really cool! Were taking it nice and slow. Our new ward is pretty cool. Not to many members. Like 45 that actually come to church. So we have lots of work to do. Im starting to learn the area better. Its coming along pretty good.

I got your package on tuesday. Its going to be so much fun!!!! Vinay and me are very excited to start. He wanted to start looking up the scriptures now. I told him he had to wait. Tell grandma that I got her package too. It had lots of towels and peanut brittle. It was really good! :))) We all loved it. Which package did you send pics. Is it another one? :)

I bought my ipod. Its sweet! It was 2000 pesos. Its a nano touch 8 gb. Its cool. I just need to get music. If you can send CDs. I really like Hilary weeks. I might go to the temple store. Well see. Thank you I appreciate it Momma :) I really want to know how the NFL is. Next can you send me a report of the week :) Please.

I gotta go. I love ya lots! Miss ya! Only a few weeks and Ill be calling ya! :))))

New house

Thanksgiving lunch

Thanksgiving Dinner

A place called Glorietta

My mexican friend

Saturday, November 19, 2011

E-Mail #49: All this week we worked in the area. Its called TANLUM.

Hey Mama!

So is Thanksgiving at our house this year..Im assuming.... :) That will be fun! You´ll have to show off all my pics :) I starting to think about coming home! But I still have so much time left. Haha!

Its terrible. But being in this new area will help me. :) We are moving in today. So yesterday we washed all our clothes and packed this morning. Were going to go to walmart to buy food and then were going to the new house.

All this week we worked in the area. Its called TANLUM. Its where all the sister missionaries used to be. The house is big. 2 rooms 2 bathrooms. One for me and 1 for vinay. Im gonna love that. AND we each have a closet!!! I cant wait! But we have to go and clean it really good! Its really gross! The area seems really good! The sisters left us with a couple of people that we can teach. The ward seems super cool! They told me that there are lots of family members that go to church like almost every sunday but arent babtized! Hopefully we will be able to help these people. The area is a little different. Its kinda hard because the streets are´nt all conected together. Right now we have 2 teenagers that are interested. They both have problemas. One has been to jail twice and drinks and smokes at parties. So were trying to help him. The other lives with his sister. She is an inactive that lives with her boyfriend. Little complicated. The people here arent too old. Like Garcia Gineres. Everybody was so flippin old there. Here we are so excited! This might be my last tranfer here in the offices. So I have to make it a good one. I want to leave here on a good note. I think it will be good for Vinay and me to leave the offices and live in the new house. It will help us bond more. Its really hard with him. He is like a child. But Im learning slowly.

Time is going by sooo fast! Its like almost Christmas! Which means I almost have a year HERE IN MEXICO!!! Crazy! Well I have lots to do today! I love ya mama! Wish everyone a happy Thansgiving! Take LOTS of pics! If you can please take like a really nice one of you dad and the girls. I want to have a family pic :) I love ya lots! :))))

Love MO

Me and Munoz

First Steak in 13 months !!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

E-mail #48: Elder Vinay and me will have a new area Monday morning.

Hey Momma!

So on Monday, Prez told me that he is closing my area. Elder Vinay and me will have a new area Monday morning. It will probably be a little far. We will have to travel to the offices everyday. We will have to find a house there. We dont know where. I feel like crap. I feel like I didnt do my best here and like I let Prez down. He asked me like five weeks ago if I wanted a new area. In the past this area has sucked! I told him no! I wanted to show him we could do this! But we didnt :( However, Im excited to have a new area! :) It will be fun! We are going to work hard! We are excited!

So transfers are tomorrow. So Monday, Tuesday and a little bit of Wednessday will be CRAZY!!! I love tranfers! Its alot of fun. I have a lot of work today. On my PDAY!!!! Grrr! O well its the offices. Today is Muñoz BDAY. So were going to Chilies!!!! Its gonna be sooo good! I might buy his for his Bday! Its gonna be kinda expensive but I love him :) Then were going to go to Liverpool. its like in between JC Pennys and Nordstrom. It will be fun! I probably wont buy anything.

So this week was pretty lame. We didnt work to hard cause we are leaving. But we have to make gifts for the zone conferences. Its sooo much work. Its two pieces of wood with a place to put pictures. The front is the Mérida temple and inside is a picture of the sealing room. Its gonna be sweet but its hard! LOTS of work!!! Anyway... I love you lots Momma! I miss ya! It will be Christmas soon! :))))

Love, MO

Sunday, November 6, 2011

E-mail #47: I just dont know how to say who I am in Spanish. Im trying though.

Hey Mama!

So this week was fast, weird, and boring. We didnt have too much work. I was stressed out about trying to find a house. So we didnt work too hard. Were dying. Vinay and I are tired. We just arent excited anymore. But last night we had a Zone Conference. It was really good! We learned that we need to be more relaxed. More friendly and down to earth. Its hard. Im different in spanish. More strict I guess. I just dont know how to say who I am in Spanish. Im trying though. But Im really excited to work this week. Its really hard with Vinay. He is not animated AT ALLL!!!! So it sucks. I feel like he brings me down. He gets made fun of alot. But I always tell him to defend himself but he just cant. Its hard with him. We dont really teach well. He just looks at me to do everything. But well see...

The assistants left. They found a house. It will be better with them gone. Ill miss them but we wont buy too much pizza and the house will stay a little bit cleaner.

Today I bought a suit for 65 bucks. Im only gonna wear it for speacial ocassions. Its nice. But I need to lose like 20 pounds to look good in it. Well I look good but Ill look better. Its gonna make me not eat :) Haha!

IPOD!!! :D Yea I can have an ipod! :) There just as much as the states. Like 250 I think. Ill look in walmart this week. I would love one though! :) Also some good music. Like cds. Like on the firge of being christan music. Stuff that is about jesus and acoustic.

How is it going with the shirts? Any luck? I hope so. The 17 are to small. But if they have the adjustable collar its perfect with 17. Transfers are in one week!!!!!! Wow the time flys!!! Those are always fun!!!

I love ya lots!!!!
Love, MO