Saturday, November 12, 2011

E-mail #48: Elder Vinay and me will have a new area Monday morning.

Hey Momma!

So on Monday, Prez told me that he is closing my area. Elder Vinay and me will have a new area Monday morning. It will probably be a little far. We will have to travel to the offices everyday. We will have to find a house there. We dont know where. I feel like crap. I feel like I didnt do my best here and like I let Prez down. He asked me like five weeks ago if I wanted a new area. In the past this area has sucked! I told him no! I wanted to show him we could do this! But we didnt :( However, Im excited to have a new area! :) It will be fun! We are going to work hard! We are excited!

So transfers are tomorrow. So Monday, Tuesday and a little bit of Wednessday will be CRAZY!!! I love tranfers! Its alot of fun. I have a lot of work today. On my PDAY!!!! Grrr! O well its the offices. Today is Muñoz BDAY. So were going to Chilies!!!! Its gonna be sooo good! I might buy his for his Bday! Its gonna be kinda expensive but I love him :) Then were going to go to Liverpool. its like in between JC Pennys and Nordstrom. It will be fun! I probably wont buy anything.

So this week was pretty lame. We didnt work to hard cause we are leaving. But we have to make gifts for the zone conferences. Its sooo much work. Its two pieces of wood with a place to put pictures. The front is the Mérida temple and inside is a picture of the sealing room. Its gonna be sweet but its hard! LOTS of work!!! Anyway... I love you lots Momma! I miss ya! It will be Christmas soon! :))))

Love, MO

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