Thursday, October 28, 2010

E-Mail #2 It's SNOWING .....

So ya I figured you werent checking the mail!!! It has to be everyday! :)

Spead the word! :) Dear Elder works so well! I get it that day and can most likley get my reply back.

Things I need:
* I might need some more black church socks cause these ones make my feet stink!!! Gross!
* I do need some white gym socks. I have some in my room. Top drawer. There nike and there short white. I need like 3-4.
* Yes Ties! We do tie trades every Saturday night! It is really fun! So please send any that Dad doesnt ever really wear...or like!!!!! I need a coat! Its sooooo cold here! Like a black coat that I can wear over my suit! It snowed the other day and I was super cold. You can get the watch at Wal-Mart. Its like $15. Its a digital and its kinda crome. If not please just get me a digital! I cant tell time! Haha and please like a metal one. I hate plastic.

So my companion left today. He went to a higher level spanish class. I am so happy! Its gonna be alot more fun! Im with a cool kid from Utah and the kid from Mesa that is related to Britaany. So things are getting alot better. I hate to say it but I kinda like it! Haha! Today we went to the temple it was super bueno! Were are hopefully taking pics on Sunday so I will send some home :) I changed the setting on my camera and it works better now :) Tell Jeenen thyanks. I havent gotten her package but I got yours...the dear elder one. It had lots of goodies :) Thanks :) Ellan also wrote me. That was cool. I got some good advice from Alen. It was good!

Today we did laudry. P-Day is really fun. We actually have some down time and dont have to dress up! I love it! Next week im gonna take a nap :) I need you to also send me some pictures of the family and stuff like the new ones. :) O ya i wrote notes for this email...thats why its planned a little better haha but if you find a jacket get like a XXL maybe a XL. ask Dad. Tell him I love him and miss him :) I love you to mamamama! Miss you so much! Tell leena the same :)

Kenna: I got your dear elder. Thanks :) Tell Brittany to write me cause I dont have her adress! And i miss her alllllllllllllotttttt! I want to hear the gosip! LOL Im sending pics soon. Sry about espanol! Just do your best that's what im doing haha
anyways love u!

--love Chad (elder Mayberry)

The mail takes like 3 days to get there. it sucks! i have been getting your dear elder and the halloween box :) it just takes forever to get back to u! :( dont forget my eletric trimmer. either in the girls bathroom or in my bathroom. its kinda small and silver also my nose hair trimmer :) haha thanks ! I looooooooooooooooooooooooove you :) Tell kenna to post on my facebook "Chad wants letters! Send him letters!" and also put my adress or how to dear elder. thanks :) i want to here from haji :( i miss him and lacey too and mike so do it pleaseeeeee Love you!

--love mo!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Letters from Utah:

A note from Mom:
We have a post office box and I am known to not check my mail for a week or so at a time. And, besides -- the guy that always checks the mail is out of town for 2 years. : o ) But, yesterday a sweet friend who works in my school cafeteria (she also works part time at our post office) said, "Hey - have you checked your box lately? You have something sweet from Elder Mayberry." So, today I went to the mailbox and there were 4 - yes four letters from him. The first one was dated Sat. Oct. 16th. Boy that would have been good to get instead of me freaking out not hearing from him for 9 days !!

So - he is doing well. Pretty homesick. REALLY WANTING LETTERS !!!!. Struggling with the Spanish and pretty down on himself that he is "the worst one in the class." (Boy, does that sound like Chad ...) His companion is from Wacco, Texas. He says that he hates Blink 182. Then he says, "So we don't bond much". He is feeling the Spirit so strongly and getting into the routine of things a bit. He has only been there for 2 weeks. It takes time. He gave me a list of things to send to him. Can't wait 'til Thursday for another e-mail. Man - can't get enough can I????

VERY IMPORTANT: For all of you who got his address before .... that is not correct. Please see the address listed on the blog. SORRY about that !!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

MTC 1st E-mail. HURRAY !!!

A note from Mom:
I have been going absolutely CRAZY waiting for an e-mail from Chad. I thought for sure it would come within Ithe first week, right???? But - it finally came today. Thank goodness. I was ready to go to Utah and pull him "out of there". HAH! Not !! I was not worried about him -- I knew where he was, and he wasn't driving anywhere....... But, I really was nervous about how he was, how he was reacting to things, how he was feeling. So - here is his e-mail. I got three of them. Short and sweet, but sooooooooo needed! --Mom


Today's E-mail from Chad:

#1: Holy crap! Mom! I miss everyone so much! This is the hardest thing i have ever done! Thats cool about conference. Elder russell nelson spoke on tuesday night that was so cool! The spirt is so strong here! It is so hard but I no it will be worth it. Everyone is having problems with visas so pray!!!!! im learning alot. i no how to pray and to kinda testify in spanish. last night we did our first investigator thing. it was so hard! my compainioon is cool kinda. he speaks spanish really good. so i feel like crap everyday cause he is so good! there is also a guy in my distict from mesa he knows adam and michael. he is also brittanys 2 cousin! LOL im trying my best here and hope things get better! i miss u guys sooo much. i didnt think it would be this hard! i really relized how much i love dad, mom, kenna and aleena! sorry i only have 30 min! there is even a timer at the top! but i get my mail everyday so please tell everyone like bryan, brittany, everyone at church that they can write me. or even do that "dear elder thing". i also get packages. like some dr.pepper woukld be yummy! or chips and salsa! haha :) this morning we went to the temple it was really cool. its all in one room and is a spiritual experiance. My testimony has grown soooo much even in just a week. a guy in our distict his mom died on friday. it was so sad. he is doing so well!!!!! anyway i love and miss u guys so much. if u have questions about my adress i think u can call the mtc. ummm tell kenna to post something on facebook for my friends to write me. she can message brittany to tell her to write me to. i hope all is well with school for u and kenna and work is good for dad and lenna isnt getting into too much trouble.! i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu guuuuuuuuuyyysss soooooooooo much.
love Mo :)

#2: i have 3 mins left! i love u guys! please try to contact brittany, haji, bryan, and people from church. tell them to write not email. only u can write and email/ i love u mom :) i love u dad :) i love you kenna :) and beenie winnie! i love u too. stay out of trouble!!!
love, mo :)

#3: next week i will write a better letter! i will have a full 30 min for just u guys much love!!!!!!! i love u all! :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

He's Off ....... and studying !!!

Well, Chad left for the MTC (Missionary Training Center) yesterday -- October 13, 2010. He will be there for about 2 months learning Spanish and having wonderful, spiritual experiences. Brian and Dad flew out to Salt Lake with him at 7:30 AM. There were several of his friends there to say goodbye. Everyone tried to keep the mood light, but it was difficult to keep smiing. Haji serenaded us with his rendition of "His bags are packed -- he's ready to go...." Sweet and funny, but I think it just made me cry harder.

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Thanks Brian -- and Brian's Grandma (for the car). They even stopped off for a cheeseburger in Salt Lake before making the drive to Provo. Utah was a crisp 45 degrees yesterday morning. (A bit different from our 106 degrees here.) It's really hard to believe that he's gone. I turned into a "BIG BABY" at the airport. Even Kenna misses him -- and they hate each other, right???? And in Dad's words, "Those parents that said, 'we just dropped him off and everything was great ...' they were lying !!" It was HARD !!!

I kept thinking all day, "What time is it -- where is he?" And then at 12:00 our time (1:00 Utah time) I knew he was getting close to the curb ..... and the phone rang. Kenneth. It was done. I can't wait for an e-mail.


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In Chad's favorite words, "See ya in 2 !!"

Monday, October 11, 2010


Chad had his farewell yesterday. It was a great day! He gave the most amazing talk on Missionary Work. He has a gift, that's for sure. We're sure that he will have an amazing effect on the people of Mexico. The simpleness of his spirituality, and his down-to-earth nature will touch people everywhere. He had the audience laughing throughout the talk ..... and his Dad and grandma Virginia in tears. Aunt Sherle and cousin Cori sang the most beautiful song EVER !! Thank you so much!

The party afterwards was HUGE! We figure we had about 70 people in and out throughout the afternoon. People sure love that boy! And, we do too!

It's hard to believe that he will be "on his way" in just TWO days. Kenneth is going to fly up with him. So is Brian, his friend. Then Ken and Brian will turn around and come right back home. I decided that was a bit much for me and opted for the "Goodbye at the airport". I hope I don't regret that -- but I think it's what Chad wants too.

Temple Trip

SATURDAY, Sept. 4, 2010
We had a wonderful day in the temple Saturday. Wow! It is a really special thing to see your children in the temple with you. I DO NOT take that for granted. I kept looking over at him and Kenneth sitting together and thought, "He looks like he belongs here." I know that he is overwhelmed, but I also know that he felt the spirit and that his testimony will grow as he returns and returns and returns. He's hoping to go back atleast a couple times before he leaves for the MTC.

He got ribbed for the facial hair all day long. (Imagine that???) We went to pick up garments before we went to the temple. She was a sweet lady that met him with, "Are you getting married today?" No -- "Oh, are you going on a mission .....?" Yes --- She proceeded to tell him so many wonderful things, in the most sweet quiet voice. Among them - "Make sure you do everything your mission president asks of you ...." And then in closing, after she had been with him for about an hour, "Don't do anything stupid."

When we went into the temple the sweet woman that met us there said, "Elder???? Mayberry?" Yes -- Then, "That facial hair is not destined for this world for long." She immediately wanted to take the words back -- she apologized and apologized saying, "Oh, I'm not supposed to say things like that." But - Chad took it in stride, laughed with the rest of us. I couldn't care less about the facial hair. I know that he will shave when it is time -- and he will shave every day after that. Yes - the time is quickly approaching.

I'm deeply appreciative for the MANY people that have helped Chad get to this point. Some of them were there with him in the temple. People are drawn to Chad -- they flock to him everywhere he goes. And, so many of them have touched his life in ways that us as parents could never. Thank you so much!

Kenneth leaves today back to Missouri. As the plan is right now -- Chad is going to fly out to pick him up in a month. Then they will spend a few days together and go to Chicago and a few other places. That will be the weekend before his farewell. Kenneth is going to fly to Utah with him, just the day he is supposed to report. (That's a bit much for me I think.....)

Chad's Accident .....

SATURDAY, June 5, 2010

Well, Chad was in an accident on Saturday night. It was on our Carefree Hwy and he was going 65. (If I can believe that ???) It was a really bad one, totalled his car. But - he walked away literally without a scratch. He went through the raised median and into oncoming traffic. Carefree Hwy is always very busy -- but there was only one car coming that direction. It just happened to be a sheriff. (Isn't that Chad's luck ....) We are extremely grateful that he wasn't hurt - and that he didn't hurt anyone else. We are recognizing this for what it is -- there will be a lot of opposition the next few months to keep Chad from Mexico. I went to the impound lot today and tried to take a picture of the car (which was literally smashed in half), but it is a police lot and pictures were not allowed. Chad has one on his phone (not very good because it was dark at night), but I will post it when I get it.


THURSDAY, June 3, 2010

No -- he didn't shave ........... (What can I expect????)

Chad received his mission call today to the Mexico Merida Mission. He reports October 13, 2010. We are SO happy !! He will be speaking Spanish -- (Those two years of Spanish in High School will definately NOT be enough ....) Just by our first glance it looks like a beautiful place to be. It is on the Eastern coast of the Gulf of Mexico, down by Guatemala and Honduras. It is near Cuba. It looks very Caribbean like -- not sure if it is. And, yes, there's a beach. OH NO !!! We are truly overwhelmed. A friend of ours (Sam) got his mission call last week and he is giong to Madagascar and leaving in ONE MONTH!! I was not hoping for it to be that close -- but 4 MONTHS !!!! I'm sure the time will go quickly and I will be whining that he is leaving way tooooo soon. It looks like he may get to Mexico just in time for Christmas. Oh my -- can't much think about that.