Monday, October 11, 2010

Temple Trip

SATURDAY, Sept. 4, 2010
We had a wonderful day in the temple Saturday. Wow! It is a really special thing to see your children in the temple with you. I DO NOT take that for granted. I kept looking over at him and Kenneth sitting together and thought, "He looks like he belongs here." I know that he is overwhelmed, but I also know that he felt the spirit and that his testimony will grow as he returns and returns and returns. He's hoping to go back atleast a couple times before he leaves for the MTC.

He got ribbed for the facial hair all day long. (Imagine that???) We went to pick up garments before we went to the temple. She was a sweet lady that met him with, "Are you getting married today?" No -- "Oh, are you going on a mission .....?" Yes --- She proceeded to tell him so many wonderful things, in the most sweet quiet voice. Among them - "Make sure you do everything your mission president asks of you ...." And then in closing, after she had been with him for about an hour, "Don't do anything stupid."

When we went into the temple the sweet woman that met us there said, "Elder???? Mayberry?" Yes -- Then, "That facial hair is not destined for this world for long." She immediately wanted to take the words back -- she apologized and apologized saying, "Oh, I'm not supposed to say things like that." But - Chad took it in stride, laughed with the rest of us. I couldn't care less about the facial hair. I know that he will shave when it is time -- and he will shave every day after that. Yes - the time is quickly approaching.

I'm deeply appreciative for the MANY people that have helped Chad get to this point. Some of them were there with him in the temple. People are drawn to Chad -- they flock to him everywhere he goes. And, so many of them have touched his life in ways that us as parents could never. Thank you so much!

Kenneth leaves today back to Missouri. As the plan is right now -- Chad is going to fly out to pick him up in a month. Then they will spend a few days together and go to Chicago and a few other places. That will be the weekend before his farewell. Kenneth is going to fly to Utah with him, just the day he is supposed to report. (That's a bit much for me I think.....)

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