Monday, March 28, 2011

E-mail #16: I was very suprised at how much I really know! My spanish is alot better than I give myself credit ......

Hey Mamma!

So idk what happened last week. I think it was in a different file maybe but I read it today. Haha! Next week create a new email, instead of just replying. Maybe that will help. Who knows.

Ortiz´s is doing ok. He bought some special soles for his shoes and they said that will help. He ices and heats them everyday. Last week he went to Cancùn for a leaders thing and he got a blessing from Prez. He said it was very powerful! Like a patriarachal blessing! He is doing better. Sometimes they hurts really bad and others he walks 50 miles an hour! He´ll be alright. He has 6 months left in his mission. Crazy how fast time flies!!!

Holy crap! Mike in the Philipines!!! Wow! What a good experience!!! Joel is on track to leave in the summer if he is a good boy! Haha. Jake is in the MTC!!! Wow! I know how that feels! How is McCoy?

I was sick for a few days but Im good know. Just the normal.

Thank you so much for the money!!!! I seriously had nothing!!! I owe people money! I have 70 pesos on my mission card too. The mission finally reimbursed me. Ill be good for a while cause I dont have anything to buy...I think. Haha

Your phone looks sweet!!!! Pandora is so cool! You get to have it on your phone with like a million others! Arent you sooo cool!!! Tell them your battery isnt holding a good charge. But you probably use it alot. The apps will use alot of battery!

My hammock is sweet! Im used to it now. Its so big! I LOVE it!

I sent a journal home that is for like companions and stuff. I have a real journal that I try to write in everynight. I bought it when I bought all my church stuff. Ill probably need another one. So if you could tell Diana to get another one. Its black and simple and spiral. She should know. With my name on it Elder Chad Keith Mayberry and on the back she put some cool stuff like Mexico merida mission October 2010-2012.

So anyway thats all of your responses. Haha

So everyone here goes to the beach on Sundays. Like after church and lunch. They go to the beach for a few hours as a family! How nice! Im so jealous! They get on the bus and in 5 mins they're there and come back after the sunset! UGH!!!!!

So this week Ortiz went to Cacùn for a meeting so I was in Playa with Elder Allen. Elder Allen is from Utah. Haha of course! I only have 6 more weeks in the mission than him. So us two greengos were all alone for 2 days in Mexico! I was very suprised at how much I really know! My spanish is alot better than I give myself credit for and my gospel crap too! It was really fun cause I was kinda the senior companion. We did really good! We contacted lots of new people! Taught alot! It was alot of fun! I learned alot from him. We spoke spanish the whole time! So when I got back to Puerto Morelos I spoke spanish with Ortiz for a day or 2. Then yesturday I didnt speak it much! Ugh! Its so hard cause he doesnt speak spanish! I just need to focus! I know I can do it!

Today were going to Playa for district meeting and were gonna stay there till Wednessday because we have a Conference for Tuesday and Wednessday. Should be fun! Im gonna learn alot of new stuff.

Ortiz hasnt got his package from you. Do you know whats going on with it. No rush but its been like 2 months. Idk when you plan to send a pakage for me but when you do I would like some PEANUT BUTTER and HONEY. There so expenive here. and in really small containers. SOCKS! I can always use socks. And also can you try to find mini Book of Mormons. They're pocket size. If you do let me know. I want one in Spanish and English.

My BOM reading is going good! I dont think I´ll be able to finish by the 1 of April. But Im in Ether 10. Yea!!! Almost done!!!

Im doing good though! We have been teaching lots of new people. So last week we had an appointment. But that appointment fell through and so did our back up plan. So we were just about to leave when we passed a members house. This member has a baby sitter and she was going to go watch the kids. We knew who she was but never tried to teach her. So we talked to her and asked if we could sit down and talk. She said yes. We taught a lesson. She wants to be happy! I bore my tetimony about how the gospel is happiness and peace in our lives. It isnt a religion, its life. She cried a little and we set a baptismal date for April 9. I think she will be baptized! :D

So we have this couple. They're kinda investigators. They're getting married so they invited us. Their wedding was last night at a christian church. Ortiz didnt want to go cause it was a different church. I told him we should just paas by after to say hi and congratulations. So we ended up going. We were a litttle early. The church was an outdoor church kinda. So we were at the back and listening. The preacher was all "Aleluia! Glory to God. Thank ya Jesus crap!" Haha I looked at Ortiz and he is literally so uncomfortable. He had never been to a different church. He didnt like it at all! We ended up saying hi and leaving. Ortiz is a very nice person but if they're not Mormon he doesnt really care for them. He thinks really negative about everyone else that has a different religion. It bothers me sometimes. I dont care about the religion. Just if they're happy! If they are catholic and happy. Ok! Good for them! If they dont want to listen to us thats fine. Its was fun though! Haha

So anyways.. Im good. Just living the dream. Its crazy I almost have 6 months! Sweet! Transfers are in 3 weeks. Time flies! Im doing good. I miss ya mama! Love you tons! Tell Dad I miss him and would like a letter soon. Cause I miss him. Tell him to suck it up and write me. Hahaha Tell Aleena she doesnt need to be dating a grandpa. Hahaha that was too funny! Tell her I love her and miss her tons!

Well guys! LOVE YOU!!!!!

Love, Mo

Elder Allen in Playa

Jose Luis' family

With Eliazar at Burger King.
WHAT ?????

Painting Sis. Ubia's house

Monday, March 21, 2011

E-mail #15: Our investigators are not progressing.

Anyway Im doing good. this week was eh blaaa. We went to Cancún 3 times. Elder Ortiz is dying! His knees are really bad! So we went for 2 different doctors and 1 time to get x rays! He might need surgery and if he does he will have to go home and probably wont be able to come back. :( It sucks! Tommorrow were going back to Cancún for another appointment. The doctor is going to look at the X Rays. Pray for him. He is gonna need every bit of help he can get.

I need Tyler´s address. I want to write him a letter. How is he doing? I feel bad cause I havent written him. Im sure he is just livin all happy goin to school and lookin at girls.

Im reading lots in the BOM. I want to finish it by the end of the month. Im in Mormon 3. Hopefully I will finish. I cant wait to actually be able to say that I have read it from front to back! How are you doing with it? I told Kenna she needs to read and pray everyday!!!

I took out 40 bucks the other day. Im out of money. I dont know were it all went. We spent alot going to Cancún. The mission will pay us back. I might need money next week. Not much like 10 bucks. The ATM aren't really working, so I dont know what my correct balance is. It tells me that I have like $800. So anyway Its not right! Haha

We went to the beach last night with our mission leader to take a pic of the moon. It was so cool. The beach was so nice to look at for like 5 min. I cant believe this is my mission!!! Ortiz was like -- enjoy it, because you probably wont have an area like this again! :( But it was nice! He bought us food to. I love him to death!

Im getting sick! No bueno! :(

So McCoy is home??? Wow! That was fast and Monson has 4 months! Bentz told me that Mike Kornegays papers are in! Wow :) Time flys!

So the work is so hard! We have nobody right now. Our investigators are not progressing. We found a really poor family the other day. 13 people! Grandma, her sons and daughters and kids everywhere. Well we set 7 baptismal dates and they came to the church for an activity but nothing happened after that! They didnt come to church. Noboady has come to church :( Its so important that they come to church because they need 3 times in the sacrement meeting to be baptized. So its hard right now. Ortiz and I are ok. I seriously would like a companion that speaks only spanish. Idk spanish is hard! I need help and I need to put more effort in it. Haha but other than that Im good. Im trying to work hard and stay positive. And when I do that the blessings will come. How is Aleena? Happy? How is the old man? I miss him so much! Is he working lots still? How ya doing mama? I miss you. Lots! I wish we could just sit and drink a monster together and watch some football :( Haha pretty soon 18 months :) Haha

Well Im gonna send some pics I love ya mama! I love ya Dad. Binny I miss ya! and love ya!!! I love ya guys!
Love, Mo

Love Elder Mayberry :D

Chad and Emma

(Victor Mogels's daughter)


A note from Mom:

It was really weird this week. I mailed him Sunday night, but I don't think he got it. The subject of this e-mail was: "Hey, so there wasn't an e-mail from you." UGH! That's so frustrating. I hate thinking that he didn't get an email. I'm hoping that he got Mc Kenna's though and knows that he's loved. Also - he said that he was sending picture(s). Well only one picture came through. Weird. Anyway -- I should just be grateful (and I am) that we don't have to use snail mail. I actually hear from him and see his face EVERY week. And, that is totally amazing !!


Monday, March 14, 2011

E-mail #14: I took all my clothes to a sis in the ward cause there all so big! She is making all my stuff smaller! :) SWEET!

Hey Mama! Thank goodness. I thought I didnt have an email from you! Spring Break! Wow! Spring Break in Mexico! Haha! You need to do something for yourself. You and Dad go to dinner or something. Tell kenna to clean the house. Haha Good luck!

We didnt go to the beach last week. But were going today! :) I have only seen the beach like 3 or 4 times. We never go. But I love to go and look at the water for a few mins. Its nice and peacful :)

Wow! Jake is really doin it! Im so excited! Tell him I said hey! Dont give up! Its gonna be hard but it will be worth it! I miss the ward! Tell Sis Thompson I said hey!

Freaken Cali! I want to go so bad!!! Haha! Definetly take lots of pics and take pics for Cessy! I better see a pic there in a year and half! or so.. haha! Thats goona be pretty busy! Lots of stuff to do! The wedding should be fun!

Rasta is red yellow and green Haha I got an email from Bentz. Nobody else from church. Tell them I want an email! Specially Jimmy! and the Giesers! I love them all!

Yes its good to wait for that phone. Its gonna be sick!!! Im jealous! I miss my phone! Sounds like a good phone.

So this week was the same. We didnt speak too much spanish! I swear speaking spanish is harder than anything else here on my mission! So we have another 5 weeks here. Ugh! kinda want a new companion just cause im with Ortiz alll day! But I still love him :) Idk how im gonna learn spanish better. So freaken hard!

So whats up with the NFL? We watched something at a members house and i didnt understand but Ortiz said they might suspend the NFL for a year!? Let me know!!! If you cant find out call bryan! Haha

My eyes were all jacked up last week! I had a small infection. But I called a doctor that is american and mormon. He told me to buy some eye drops, specific ones. There better now. Its good to know I can rely on someone to help me with my health.

Hammock and scripture cases!!! Yes I have them! Ugh! There so sick! I love them and my hammock is so sweet!!! I love it. its so comfortable! and big!!!

Yesterday was Stake Conference! In Cancún. It was on a tv. The prophet and Elder Nelson spoke. It was translated so not as good. The Stake Center is so nice. There is carpet in the chapel!!! Yes carpet! I havent seen carpet since the MTC! That was nice. The people are so humble here. All the members go to it. Our branch rented a bus that we took to cancun. Pretty cool!

So if I knew spanish I think I would be perfect here! So freaken hard! I just need to work harder! I read President Hinkleys funeral ensign last week and it was sooo good! One thing it said once was -It will work out- So Im staying positive and smiling :) Im doing good and im healthy and happy most of the time :) haha I love ya mom so much and miss ya. Wish i could clean the house for ya. Haha Tell Binny I said I love her. Tell Papi that I love him alot! I miss him.


Ps O! I took all my clothes to a sis in the ward cause there all so big! She is making all my stuff smaller! :) SWEET!

My hammock

Making tortillas

My scripture cases

Monday, March 7, 2011

E-mail #13: So Im still in Puerto Morelos. and so is Ortiz!

¿Que Pacho? (Whats up) Haha

Hey Mamma! So Im still in Puerto Morelos. and so is Ortiz! Were with each other for another six weeks! Haha! I love him but I kinda wanted him to go and I could get a real mexican companion, so I could learn spanish better. We have our days where we fight and then we have our good days. Idk its just Im with him alllll day looonggggg! In the MTC youre not with your comp all day! You can leave. Ugh its hard. But I need to be humble and keep on keepin on.

I miss Zev! I really would like to get a descent hair cut! But Ortiz does a good job. I miss Zevy! YES I need more gel. I dont know where it all went but yea Im out! :( Good gel here is expensive...well for a missionary. $100 pesos.) Haha. So tell Zev to order 2 or 3. Because its good stuff and I need it. Im glad Dad took some pics to him. He got to talk about me. Cause I AM LIKE THE COOLEST GUY EVER!

I was thinking about Marcus the other day... Cause I have some pics of him in the scrapbook kenna gave me. Wow! I really miss him! We had soooo many good times :( But idk... im not a kid anymore. Life changes and friends come and go. I tried my best with him. We did alot of stupid stuff together but you guys and me tried to give him the family he never had. I hope soemday he relizes something. Who knows...

Wow! Eleven chapters. Before the mish that would have sounded like eternity but now I study for 3 hours a day..not bad Haha! I read like 3 to 4 everyday. I just started 3 Nephi. Im excited to finish it. I just read about Jesus being born. Im turning into a nerd!!! Ugh! No!!!!!!!!! Haha! I really do like to read it though. I actually understand it :)

So yesterday it rained and we thought one of us was gonna get transfered so we went to members houses and hung out all day. It was nice to chill. Then in the night we went to our ward mission leaders house and watched a church movie. We watched Mobsters and Mormons. Back home I would have never watched this kind of dorky movie! But now its my life! Haha. I really love our mission leader. he is a really good guy but he is kinda lazy! :(

Today were going to go to the Puerto...which is the beach kinda. Were gonna go by soviners. Its gonna be fun. Then were going to Playa and Im finally gonna get me hammock!!! Ugh!!!!!!! I cannot wait! Its going to be so sweeeet! Were getting a new Zone Leader today. The old one (Elder Romney)is going home today. Well his parents are coming here. Their going to go back to all his old aress to visit old investigators and members. And go to the beach and relax! I would love to do that! You and Dad and me. Mucho $$$$ though! But yea thats so exciting to see someone go home. Ugh!!!! 1 1/2 years!! Haha

So this week was super hard for Ignacio y Olimpia. Olimpia thinks Ignacio raped there little daughter. But we dont think its true. She is crazy! She always acuses Ignacio of everything and she used to or still does beat the little girl. Ugh! I didnt think life would be like this here. Its diffuclut. I want to say "Hey if youre not happy than go. Do something and go." But as missionaries we cant. We have to have Jesus help them. So its really really hard! I know the gospel can help them but goodness. Sometimes I cant teach the way (I) want to. But Im learning.

I wrote a letter to Grandma Virginia and Hammond. Also Jr and Lois today.Im sending them today. You need to tell Auntie Sherle to email me cause I have gotten like 3 cards from her and need to say thanks :) Dad needs to try to get Grandma to go to church! I KNOW it will help her in her life.

I dont know what else to say but... I love ya Mama! Tell the old man I said hi :) I love him to death and miss him lots! He is a good example to me. Tell Binny I said hey! To be happy! and to love everyone! Because Jesus loves everyone! I love ya mama! and Miss you so much. Im proud of ya!

Love Mo :D

The Mogel's

Eliazar, their Ward Mission Leader