Monday, March 21, 2011

E-mail #15: Our investigators are not progressing.

Anyway Im doing good. this week was eh blaaa. We went to Cancún 3 times. Elder Ortiz is dying! His knees are really bad! So we went for 2 different doctors and 1 time to get x rays! He might need surgery and if he does he will have to go home and probably wont be able to come back. :( It sucks! Tommorrow were going back to Cancún for another appointment. The doctor is going to look at the X Rays. Pray for him. He is gonna need every bit of help he can get.

I need Tyler´s address. I want to write him a letter. How is he doing? I feel bad cause I havent written him. Im sure he is just livin all happy goin to school and lookin at girls.

Im reading lots in the BOM. I want to finish it by the end of the month. Im in Mormon 3. Hopefully I will finish. I cant wait to actually be able to say that I have read it from front to back! How are you doing with it? I told Kenna she needs to read and pray everyday!!!

I took out 40 bucks the other day. Im out of money. I dont know were it all went. We spent alot going to Cancún. The mission will pay us back. I might need money next week. Not much like 10 bucks. The ATM aren't really working, so I dont know what my correct balance is. It tells me that I have like $800. So anyway Its not right! Haha

We went to the beach last night with our mission leader to take a pic of the moon. It was so cool. The beach was so nice to look at for like 5 min. I cant believe this is my mission!!! Ortiz was like -- enjoy it, because you probably wont have an area like this again! :( But it was nice! He bought us food to. I love him to death!

Im getting sick! No bueno! :(

So McCoy is home??? Wow! That was fast and Monson has 4 months! Bentz told me that Mike Kornegays papers are in! Wow :) Time flys!

So the work is so hard! We have nobody right now. Our investigators are not progressing. We found a really poor family the other day. 13 people! Grandma, her sons and daughters and kids everywhere. Well we set 7 baptismal dates and they came to the church for an activity but nothing happened after that! They didnt come to church. Noboady has come to church :( Its so important that they come to church because they need 3 times in the sacrement meeting to be baptized. So its hard right now. Ortiz and I are ok. I seriously would like a companion that speaks only spanish. Idk spanish is hard! I need help and I need to put more effort in it. Haha but other than that Im good. Im trying to work hard and stay positive. And when I do that the blessings will come. How is Aleena? Happy? How is the old man? I miss him so much! Is he working lots still? How ya doing mama? I miss you. Lots! I wish we could just sit and drink a monster together and watch some football :( Haha pretty soon 18 months :) Haha

Well Im gonna send some pics I love ya mama! I love ya Dad. Binny I miss ya! and love ya!!! I love ya guys!
Love, Mo

Love Elder Mayberry :D

Chad and Emma

(Victor Mogels's daughter)


A note from Mom:

It was really weird this week. I mailed him Sunday night, but I don't think he got it. The subject of this e-mail was: "Hey, so there wasn't an e-mail from you." UGH! That's so frustrating. I hate thinking that he didn't get an email. I'm hoping that he got Mc Kenna's though and knows that he's loved. Also - he said that he was sending picture(s). Well only one picture came through. Weird. Anyway -- I should just be grateful (and I am) that we don't have to use snail mail. I actually hear from him and see his face EVERY week. And, that is totally amazing !!


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