Monday, March 14, 2011

E-mail #14: I took all my clothes to a sis in the ward cause there all so big! She is making all my stuff smaller! :) SWEET!

Hey Mama! Thank goodness. I thought I didnt have an email from you! Spring Break! Wow! Spring Break in Mexico! Haha! You need to do something for yourself. You and Dad go to dinner or something. Tell kenna to clean the house. Haha Good luck!

We didnt go to the beach last week. But were going today! :) I have only seen the beach like 3 or 4 times. We never go. But I love to go and look at the water for a few mins. Its nice and peacful :)

Wow! Jake is really doin it! Im so excited! Tell him I said hey! Dont give up! Its gonna be hard but it will be worth it! I miss the ward! Tell Sis Thompson I said hey!

Freaken Cali! I want to go so bad!!! Haha! Definetly take lots of pics and take pics for Cessy! I better see a pic there in a year and half! or so.. haha! Thats goona be pretty busy! Lots of stuff to do! The wedding should be fun!

Rasta is red yellow and green Haha I got an email from Bentz. Nobody else from church. Tell them I want an email! Specially Jimmy! and the Giesers! I love them all!

Yes its good to wait for that phone. Its gonna be sick!!! Im jealous! I miss my phone! Sounds like a good phone.

So this week was the same. We didnt speak too much spanish! I swear speaking spanish is harder than anything else here on my mission! So we have another 5 weeks here. Ugh! kinda want a new companion just cause im with Ortiz alll day! But I still love him :) Idk how im gonna learn spanish better. So freaken hard!

So whats up with the NFL? We watched something at a members house and i didnt understand but Ortiz said they might suspend the NFL for a year!? Let me know!!! If you cant find out call bryan! Haha

My eyes were all jacked up last week! I had a small infection. But I called a doctor that is american and mormon. He told me to buy some eye drops, specific ones. There better now. Its good to know I can rely on someone to help me with my health.

Hammock and scripture cases!!! Yes I have them! Ugh! There so sick! I love them and my hammock is so sweet!!! I love it. its so comfortable! and big!!!

Yesterday was Stake Conference! In CancĂșn. It was on a tv. The prophet and Elder Nelson spoke. It was translated so not as good. The Stake Center is so nice. There is carpet in the chapel!!! Yes carpet! I havent seen carpet since the MTC! That was nice. The people are so humble here. All the members go to it. Our branch rented a bus that we took to cancun. Pretty cool!

So if I knew spanish I think I would be perfect here! So freaken hard! I just need to work harder! I read President Hinkleys funeral ensign last week and it was sooo good! One thing it said once was -It will work out- So Im staying positive and smiling :) Im doing good and im healthy and happy most of the time :) haha I love ya mom so much and miss ya. Wish i could clean the house for ya. Haha Tell Binny I said I love her. Tell Papi that I love him alot! I miss him.


Ps O! I took all my clothes to a sis in the ward cause there all so big! She is making all my stuff smaller! :) SWEET!

My hammock

Making tortillas

My scripture cases

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