Saturday, September 24, 2011

E-Mail #41: Lots of pizza and messin around! Haha! Lots of work! Thats for sho!

I just love gettin these football updates! It makes my day! But....they lost! What a downer!!! I hate the patriots! Phillip had a really good game! Tobert and Matthews not so much! I would love to hear about other teams, if there is a copy and paste thing you can take off

So another good week in the offices! Lots of pizza and messin around! Haha! Lots of work! Thats for sho! But it was fun! Prez told Elder Simister that he will be leaving soon. He is going back to the field! Im kinda sad. I love that guy! He is excited to go! A new Assistent to the Prez will be coming in as well. Transfers are on the 2 of Oct! Crazy! The time is flying by!!! I have almost been here for a whole transfer!

This week was ok. We went down on our lessons again. Its sooo hard to teach lots when you only have like 5 hours a day! And still have people calling you ALL day! The mind is just not thinking completely on the work! Its super hard! We found a new girl this week. She is cool. We have plans for her to be babtized on 15 of Oct! Roberto and Marinette said they didnt want to coninue the lessons! It was the hardest lesson I have taught in my mission!!! Roberto just said that it wasnt for him and that he viewed things a little differently. He said he loved us and were always gonna be his friends. He just felt pressured to keep the commitments. It was super hard! I truly thought that they were perfect! I guess thats where I went wrong! :( But we are working hard! Trying our best! Theres some things that I think we could do better but Im learning. This whole senior companion thing is a little different than I thought. Elder Vinay is cool but he is like a little kid. He just doesnt use his head sometimes. I love em tho. He is my comp. So today were going to have two babtizms! Im so excited! I love getting all dressed up in white!!! White pic time! These girls are really excited! There finally gonna have the chance to be babtized! The babtizim is at 6 tonight and we still have lots to do!

I love ya lots mom! I hope you have fun sinning tommorrow! Haha! I wish I could go! Sounds like fun! Tell Dad I love him and would like a letter sometime soon. Well I love ya guys!!!!!!

Love, MO

Marriachi guy
Stake Mexican Night

Elder Garcia burning his pants (18 months)

He's the assistant to the President

Elder Simi

Saturday, September 17, 2011

E-Mail #40:He just says that it is SO hard! Poor guy. i remember those days.......o wait it was like yesterday! I told him we have good and bad days.

Whats up Mama!

First thank you for my report! Everyone loved it! Manning might be REALLY hurt!? That sucks! Two interceptions from Phillip! Ugh figures! Its all good! This Tolbert is good! Thats great! I miss it sooooooo much!!!! One year!!!! Haha

Yea Im really liking the office! Its really fun!!! Im getting used to it. I know what I have to get done and what kind of stuff can wait. But I HATE immigration! UGH! When I have to go its like 5 hours! And right now there are 4 illegal missionaries! Three of them have been out for over a year! Haha! That one of the things that I hate! I love having a desk and a phone! O, and I get to use Google :)

Packages! Yea! Im so excited I should get it soon. Can you send me new shirts? I could really use them. I think Im going to start using some new clothes in like Nov or Dec. I really like the Staford Super Shirt. My neck is 17 inch My chest 44 inch My stomach is 40. My old shirts are size 18 and there to big. Probably 17. O and my arm length is 36-37. If you could send me like 5 or 6 short sleeves and 2 or 3 long sleeves that would be great! Make sure its the Super shirt because it has the stretchy neck :) Ill buy pants here a little later. BOARDSHORTS! Really colorful ones, and some T shirts. Thanks mama! I know it seems like alot. Munchies of course but I want clothes first! :) We eat so much junk here that well yea..... were fat! O! and if you can, Elder Muñoz wants a tiny Book of Mormon. He said he would pay for it.

So this week has been a lot better. We have been teaching more which is wonderful! Next Saturday Jovana and Diana will be babtized. Last night we talked with the Mom of Diana. She signed the paperwork! :) So I dont have to worry about getting things signed on time. Like Memo in Madero. :( He still hasnt gotten babtized!! ;( But the work is going good here! Roberto y Marinette are progressing super good. They have so much interest in Temples! Its so cool! There excited to get babtized! Maricela isnt progressing very well :( She still hasnt recived an answer if the BOM is true or Jose Smith was a true prophet. I think she is scared to know the truth. Its very hard. She has a date to be babtized but were gonna have to change it for like 2 weeks maybe. This week were going to try to find some new people! We dont have anyone for 8 of Oct. So we have to work work work!!!

We had a meeting with Prez last week and he said that he got a letter from the area presidency and they said that no mission in México will have a mission van. The two vehicles will be only for the president and his wife! We are so pissed! That means that if we have to go to Immigration or office depot we have to use our own money and then get it reimburssed! I guess there has been lots of spending money on gas and missionaries have been abusing the vans! Were so pissed!!!!!!! But hopefully it wont start until the first of the year!

Well life is good! I get an email every week from Mike Kornegay. He is doing good. he just says that it is SO hard! Poor guy. i remember those days.......o wait it was like yesterday! I told him we have good and bad days. Just have fun!

My spanish is ok. I speak english a lot in the office because just about everyone speaks it! It sucks! Im gonna start back up studying and speaking pure spanish and Elder Simister and I are going to diet! Haha! Well Mama! How is the old man!? I love you guys so much!!! Have a good week!

Love , MO

Mexico Independance Day


Elder Vinay from Tabasco

Saturday, September 10, 2011

E-mail #39: He was a little scared but he said "I trust you guys, Ill do it"

Hey! So just sittin here writing you on MY computer at MY desk! Haha Love it!

Im getting fat!!! This whole office thing! We eat alot of crap and dont walk as much as i normally do. Yes I have a cell phone. All day everyday. But every companionship has one in the field. But since were secretaty´s we each have one. On some days its cool. But others it doesnt stop!!!

There is like 50 areas just in Mérida. and like 25 in Cancún. There is alot. My area is the area were the office is. Walking from one end to the other might take 45 min. Its a good size area.

Im so glad to hear that Binny is doing good. I would like a letter from her next week :) All the pics look fun! I cant wait to get home and make some Yucateco food! Haha! Yea the pic of everyone at young womens didnt turn out. I couldn't see anything. The pics from coris looked great! How fun! She is getting old! Hhaha! Three kids! Wow the time flys! Its was like yesterday that we were just swimming in her pool! Grandma looks good! This week I missed everyone alot! All the family and friends! I havent missed anyone in a while but it must be all the stress from the offices.

So Im gonna need a FULL report of football! Ugh! My beard, girls and football. Thats what I miss! Haha I dont have anything close to that right now! My 11 months is Tuesday! Here we come! :) Only a month and Im gonna burn a shirt!

So Elder Muñoz (Sec of Financials) and Elder Garcia (Assistent but he is gringo) they were at the stake center which is right next to the temple... A couple went to the temple (NON members) just to see what it was because they were researching about the church. They saw the temple and then went to the stake center to find someone to talk to. Well they found Muñoz and Garcia. They said they wanted to learn about the church and it was interesting. So they wrote there adress and said that we would pass by. Turns out they live in my area!!!! So we went to there house. they were waiting for us and everything. Well just the husband, his wife was working. We taught him about babtizm and that familes can be together forever. He is really intersted in Temples and families. They dont have kids yet but soon. We invited him to babtizm and he accepted. He was a little scared but he said "I trust you guys, Ill do it" Then we went back and his wife was there. We also invited her to babtizm. She accepted. There so perfect! They ask questions. And there ready on time and give us COLD water :) We had a Movie Night last night. They didnt think they could come, because they didnt finish work till it started but right at 7....there they were. We had 4 investigators come to our movie night! We watched a Joseph Smith movie. The only problem was that during it Prez called me and told me that there was 0 babtismal records in for the month of August. I guess someone called him from Mèxico and said that the Misiòn Mèxico Mèrida had 0 babtizm for the month of August! He said that he was coming to the office at like 9 or 9:30. So I was flippin out because the office was dirty and I didnt know how it was possible. So we went to the office after the Movie night and cleaned. But he never showed up. Turns out when Im done for the month, there is a button that I have to push to send ALL. I didnt know that! My trainer never told me that! So I felt pretty stupid! I was so stressed! But I think its all good now. I hope so.

Were doing good we have 3 people to be babtized on 24 of Sept and 2 people to be babtized on 1 of Oct. Were doing good. Being senior companion is different. More responsibility but I like it. Its fun. My companion is ok. He is just so slow at everything he does. He doesnt remember anything. So I now know that I have to do everything!!! Haha! But Im good. Im happy. We have people. I love the mission!!! :)

I miss all of you guys mucho! I love ya guys!!!! Have a good week!

Love, MO

Friday, September 9, 2011

IRON CHEF - Chad style


A note from Mom:

So, the Young Women had a really fun activity Wednesday night, thanks to President Lisa Geiser. They did an Iron Chef, Mexican style. Sister Geiser took Chad's recipes that he sent a couple weeks ago and had the girls make them. FUNNY! The food was.......... well different. Very authentic. (Not sure it was correctly written down, Chad.) He'll probably get home, make it for us -- and we'll say, "That's not it....." But we tried, and it was really fun. The green spagetti wasn't TOO bad. But, I love spicy. The girls in the Daisy Mountain Ward love you Elder Mayberry.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Email #38: Its all good! Love it! and Its air conditioning!!!

O dear old mama!

Hey mama! Im alive and well! Im so freaken jealous that you went to the game! I got the pic. It was sweet! But you didnt tell me who won!!!! Haha I miss football!!! Thats good that Marus got his GED! Im proud of him! Its about dang time! I miss that kid alot! Someday! I hope... I love him still and miss him lots! Everytime I look at my scrapbook...there he is. The old days!

So yes Im here in the Offices. Its where it says Mision Mexico Merida out front. Its the offices. We live here in a small room! Haha! Its fun! Prez doesnt come here everyday but like 3 times a week. He has a house that is like 15 min away. Its like a mansion! I have lots of work to do here. I have a desk. i get to drive the van almost everyday! :) Im the one that gives the driving test to everyone else. Its fun! We just go around the block! My companion is in charge of all the mail and buying everything for the mission. All the Pamphlets and Book of Mormons. Thats all him. I think its good to be here. Everyone who leaves here either goes home or becomes a leader in the mission. That should be exciting. :) The good thing about this is that i get packages directly! Straight to my door! Pretty sweet! So in the next few months I hope to get lots! :))) I want you to send garments! Need some soon. mine are gross! I like the dry-lux XL bottom and top. For the tops extra long please. Thanks :) If there is a cheap place to buy ties. Buy lots! Like lots! Because my packages arent just for me but for 5 others. I live with the assistants and 3 other secretaries. I really do love it. Its just a little stressful. We have deadlines of stuff to get done. When i finish this letter Im going to work on my P Day! :( Its all good! Love it! and Its air conditioning!!! Today its fast Saturday! haha cause people start there fast on saturday! Ugh! Crazies! Ill be hungry tonight! So we do have an area to teach people. Its a normal area. we just dont leave the house until 2. At 2 we go eat and then work. Were normal missionaries. Except our cell phones ring all day!!!! Elder Vinay is good! He has 6 months but acts like he has 3. He is super slow at everything but he teaches good. Were doing good. We dont really have anyone to teach! :( Were just gonna work hard and go with it. Havin a lil bit of faith!

How is lenna? I miss her? Hope she is good! Probably just lovin life. Haha! Kenna seems good. little stressed but she'll get through it! Dad is probably stressed but you guys will keep getting the blessings -- dont worry. I gotta go mama, but I love you so much!!! Be happy! Dont worry about your kids. Everything will work out. just trust in the big man upstairs. :)

Love, Mo

This is my desk...

looking all official

My van !!

Elder Vanay and me