Saturday, September 17, 2011

E-Mail #40:He just says that it is SO hard! Poor guy. i remember those days.......o wait it was like yesterday! I told him we have good and bad days.

Whats up Mama!

First thank you for my report! Everyone loved it! Manning might be REALLY hurt!? That sucks! Two interceptions from Phillip! Ugh figures! Its all good! This Tolbert is good! Thats great! I miss it sooooooo much!!!! One year!!!! Haha

Yea Im really liking the office! Its really fun!!! Im getting used to it. I know what I have to get done and what kind of stuff can wait. But I HATE immigration! UGH! When I have to go its like 5 hours! And right now there are 4 illegal missionaries! Three of them have been out for over a year! Haha! That one of the things that I hate! I love having a desk and a phone! O, and I get to use Google :)

Packages! Yea! Im so excited I should get it soon. Can you send me new shirts? I could really use them. I think Im going to start using some new clothes in like Nov or Dec. I really like the Staford Super Shirt. My neck is 17 inch My chest 44 inch My stomach is 40. My old shirts are size 18 and there to big. Probably 17. O and my arm length is 36-37. If you could send me like 5 or 6 short sleeves and 2 or 3 long sleeves that would be great! Make sure its the Super shirt because it has the stretchy neck :) Ill buy pants here a little later. BOARDSHORTS! Really colorful ones, and some T shirts. Thanks mama! I know it seems like alot. Munchies of course but I want clothes first! :) We eat so much junk here that well yea..... were fat! O! and if you can, Elder Muñoz wants a tiny Book of Mormon. He said he would pay for it.

So this week has been a lot better. We have been teaching more which is wonderful! Next Saturday Jovana and Diana will be babtized. Last night we talked with the Mom of Diana. She signed the paperwork! :) So I dont have to worry about getting things signed on time. Like Memo in Madero. :( He still hasnt gotten babtized!! ;( But the work is going good here! Roberto y Marinette are progressing super good. They have so much interest in Temples! Its so cool! There excited to get babtized! Maricela isnt progressing very well :( She still hasnt recived an answer if the BOM is true or Jose Smith was a true prophet. I think she is scared to know the truth. Its very hard. She has a date to be babtized but were gonna have to change it for like 2 weeks maybe. This week were going to try to find some new people! We dont have anyone for 8 of Oct. So we have to work work work!!!

We had a meeting with Prez last week and he said that he got a letter from the area presidency and they said that no mission in México will have a mission van. The two vehicles will be only for the president and his wife! We are so pissed! That means that if we have to go to Immigration or office depot we have to use our own money and then get it reimburssed! I guess there has been lots of spending money on gas and missionaries have been abusing the vans! Were so pissed!!!!!!! But hopefully it wont start until the first of the year!

Well life is good! I get an email every week from Mike Kornegay. He is doing good. he just says that it is SO hard! Poor guy. i remember those days.......o wait it was like yesterday! I told him we have good and bad days. Just have fun!

My spanish is ok. I speak english a lot in the office because just about everyone speaks it! It sucks! Im gonna start back up studying and speaking pure spanish and Elder Simister and I are going to diet! Haha! Well Mama! How is the old man!? I love you guys so much!!! Have a good week!

Love , MO

Mexico Independance Day


Elder Vinay from Tabasco

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