Saturday, September 24, 2011

E-Mail #41: Lots of pizza and messin around! Haha! Lots of work! Thats for sho!

I just love gettin these football updates! It makes my day! But....they lost! What a downer!!! I hate the patriots! Phillip had a really good game! Tobert and Matthews not so much! I would love to hear about other teams, if there is a copy and paste thing you can take off

So another good week in the offices! Lots of pizza and messin around! Haha! Lots of work! Thats for sho! But it was fun! Prez told Elder Simister that he will be leaving soon. He is going back to the field! Im kinda sad. I love that guy! He is excited to go! A new Assistent to the Prez will be coming in as well. Transfers are on the 2 of Oct! Crazy! The time is flying by!!! I have almost been here for a whole transfer!

This week was ok. We went down on our lessons again. Its sooo hard to teach lots when you only have like 5 hours a day! And still have people calling you ALL day! The mind is just not thinking completely on the work! Its super hard! We found a new girl this week. She is cool. We have plans for her to be babtized on 15 of Oct! Roberto and Marinette said they didnt want to coninue the lessons! It was the hardest lesson I have taught in my mission!!! Roberto just said that it wasnt for him and that he viewed things a little differently. He said he loved us and were always gonna be his friends. He just felt pressured to keep the commitments. It was super hard! I truly thought that they were perfect! I guess thats where I went wrong! :( But we are working hard! Trying our best! Theres some things that I think we could do better but Im learning. This whole senior companion thing is a little different than I thought. Elder Vinay is cool but he is like a little kid. He just doesnt use his head sometimes. I love em tho. He is my comp. So today were going to have two babtizms! Im so excited! I love getting all dressed up in white!!! White pic time! These girls are really excited! There finally gonna have the chance to be babtized! The babtizim is at 6 tonight and we still have lots to do!

I love ya lots mom! I hope you have fun sinning tommorrow! Haha! I wish I could go! Sounds like fun! Tell Dad I love him and would like a letter sometime soon. Well I love ya guys!!!!!!

Love, MO

Marriachi guy
Stake Mexican Night

Elder Garcia burning his pants (18 months)

He's the assistant to the President

Elder Simi

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