Saturday, October 1, 2011

E-Mail #42: So our babtizm went well except that we showed up to the church and there was NO water!

Baptism of Jovana & Diana
September 30, 2011

Whats up Mama!

So already a whole tranfer has gone by! The office is so fun!!!! I love it!

So our babtizm went well except that we showed up to the church and there was NO water! The Bishop was supposed to fill it the night before. We showed up and there was about a foot and a half of water and he thought we could still do it. Our Mission leader didnt show up. So we ended up going to the stake center to do the babtizm. But the bishop rushed us because there was a general relief society thing. So the Young women didnt get to sing there special song. :( This Bishop is a DWEEB! He made me confirm Diana 2 becuase I said In the name of Jesus Christ first. .....which is the correct way! Ugh! But the babtizm was good and beautiful. We really are blessed to have had that opportunity to teach them :)

So Monday President invited us to play basketball. I chipped another tooth. Good times! It was just a small one. Then we had a meeting and then we ate food. We ate carne asada and chilies! With bacon and cheese!!!!! SOOOOO good! It was really fun! AND prez has a ping pong table. YES! I got to play! It was so much fun!

So this week was good! We found some new people and taught a little more. We watched conference today in my office and it was good! We watched it in English and with air conditioning!!! I really like the talk from D. Todd Christofferson. About repentnce. P day was super fast but good. :) I think its the first time that I actually wanted to watch it. Tonight were going to priesthood. Tell Dad TO GO!!!!!! Haha

So thats good about the chargers! Just that Raiders are up! GRRRR!!!!!! I hope we beat the fins tommorrow!

Sorry its short Mama! But I got work to do. and we have presthood in like an hour. I love ya mama!

Basketball con Prezy

Presidente trying to stay out of the sun

Elders Simister, Gywen, Munoz, Mackey, Garcia

Vinay, Germaine

bottom row: Quintana and Hawkins

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