Sunday, October 9, 2011

E-mail #43: Yesturday was crazy! I had to drive to Tixkokob.

Hey Mama !!

Sorry Im writing a little late. Yesturday was crazy! I had to drive to Tixkokob. Its a small pueblo outside of Mérida to open up a house for two new missionaries. I kinda got a little yelled at because I did´nt have the house all ready because the Elders were living in the Branch building. It was really fun! I went with Elder Vinay and Elder Castañeda. Yea! Castañeda my old companion is a new secretary! Elder Simi left! :( But Im happy for him! He is going to be a zone leader! Im so happy for him! Im so excited because Castañeda is here. He is gonna help me with a lot of stuff. He is sooo smart! Im excited! So transfers were on Sunday night! Wow!!! It truly was the longest week ever! Everyday was CRAZY!!!! We had to do sooo much stuff. And make sure everyone had a place to stay. I love my job in the offices on those days. Specially because I get to take all the visas from the new gringos. I get to take them to my offices and they sign paperwork. I always ask how there doing and if there alright. Because I remember my first night in México! Crazy! One of the new kids was a little nervous. He kinda cried a little bit, but I just told him not to worry and get lost in the work. He told me he cant stop thinking about home. I told him its normal but you will get to the point where you dont think about them. The only people you think about is your investigators and the members. He´ll be alright. I got to see him yesturday cause he had to sign another paper. He is doing better.

So we got a new assistent here in the offices because Elder Hawkins finished up the mish! Know we have Élder Jergensen. He is one of those typical Utah Mormons. Tall, Blond, Skinny, and just a hot shot. He thinks he can come here and change everything. He kinda got into it with Élder García yesterday. He told him that he needs to change. That kinda made us made. García is like my best friend here. We slept outside on the roof last night in our hammocks! It was sweet! Were gonna do it again tonight and Ill take some pics :)

So this week was kinda crappy for actual missionary work. We only had like 3 to 4 hours a day to work in the streets. So that kinda sucked. Élder Vinay is ok. We kinda fight sometimes. Because he is SOOOOO slow at everything! He is just one of those guys. I dont know. Im stuck with him for the next 3 months! Better make it work. Haha!

Ugh! Spanish..... so hard! To speak it here. Its a goal for this week!

Thats good that the Bolts won! Specially against the Fins! Sorry Bryan! Haha! Well I gotta write Kenna and then get to church!

Love ya ya Moma! Next week you will have a pic of a burnt shirt! :D

Love, Mo


the little girl that Chad found but didn't get to baptize

Roadtrip !!

With Elder Castenda & Vinay

Eliazar, the mission leader from Puerto

came to visit

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