Friday, October 21, 2011

Letter from Elder Castaneda


A Note from Mom:

Yesterday, we received this awesome letter from Elder Castaneda. He was Chad's companion a little bit ago. He's also the one that just got sent to the Mission Office, so he is back with Chad (just not his companion). It was awesome to get this. He wrote it before he was sent to the Offices.



Hi! This is Elder Castaneda, I was Elder Mayberry's second companion! I just saw an empty envelope and I thought: "It's ok to give thanks sometimes"! Let me tell you (the whole family) that the time I spent with Elder Mayberry was just awesome, lots of fun, work and spirit, so I'm very grateful with him, and so with the amazing family he has. Thank you for being such a good example for your son, and supporting him to come here to the Mission, now he's doing great, he's just peaceful , he's now a very powerful missionary, thanks to the Lord and all of you.

I'm sure you know about the time when we had iguana, and you probably have the pictures of the ruins in Madero (the previous area where we both served), and many other fun pics, but let me tell you that those fun times we had, just couldn't have happened without Elder Mayberry being there, helping me and also teaching me some things. I'm just ..... grateful! Thank you for preparing that awesome missionary!

With love,
Elder Castaneda (The Missionary Cat !)

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