Saturday, October 22, 2011

E-Mail #45: So my crazy office story of the week....

Hey Mama!

This week was seriously the fastest week in the mish! It went by soooo fast! So my crazy office story of the week....

There is a companionship here in Mérida. They have always lived in the same house for 8 years. The owner lady finally went back after 5 years to look at the house. The house was a little messed up. Had a couple of problems. (Still in pretty good shape though!) So she came to the offices like a month ago. Really pissed! She wanted to renew the contract and wanted us to fix it all. I told Prez that I wanted us to leave this house because she is crazy!!!! So he said thats fine. He told her that we would be out by the 20 of Oct and everything in the house would be fine. Well here it was 17 of Oct and we hadnt done anything. I got pretty yelled at in our meeting. He had no faith in me that we could get this done. So we went to the house. Found a member that could help us out for real cheap. I couldnt get a hold of her allll week. So I was like ok, were good. I told the missionaries to leave that house. Then the day before she calls me. Saying that she went to the house and that nothing had been done. She was pissed. Then I got pissed! Then I was like wait Im a missionary. I cant be pissed! UGH!!!!!! Long story short we showed up to give her the keys. But we had to do work like pull weeds and clean the house. I HATE dealing with the owners! Hate it! But its all good! She is gone now! :)

So I will be here up till Dec 26. The 26 is my day to leave. But I might be here for another transfer. Who knows! But yea Ill be here for christmas day and then Im leaving. So hopefully you will send some good stuff. :)

I got your package on Tuesday :) Seemed really fast! Everyone got a tie! Elder Muñoz loved his little book of mormon. He says thanks :) I love the blue tie. Its cool. The short sleeve shirt is ok. Just I need shirts that have the ajustable collar. If you could find ones that have a ajustable collar that would be perfect! But wow! There soo white! Compared to my other shirts! Haha! If fits really good everywere but the neck. It works though. Please try to find a brand that has the ajustable collers :)))) Your card was funny too. The G`s are good too :)

This week was good! We have a person to teach! She is a single Mom and has three kids. She wants to be babtized!!! Yea! So were teaching her right now. Garcia and Muñoz are having a babtizm tonight, so were going to take her. Last week was cool. Prez sends a letter to ALL missionaries almost every week. In it he says to LOOK for families. The goal this month and november is to babtize a family. Well last night we found out that she has a 8 year old boy. So hopefully he will go to the babtizm tonight. :) The area that Im in now hasnt always been the best. All the secreatarys tell me that it sucks and nobody really ever has success here. So in our meeting on Monday Prez asked if we wanted to shut this one down and go to a new one. I didnt want to say well yea prez. This area sucks and Im not a good enough missionary to get it done here. So I told him that were gonna work hard for this area to stay open. But I think he is going to shut it down at the end of this change. Were just gonna work hard in the mean time :)

Garcia has a investigator that is from texas. He has lived her for 3 years and SUCKS at spanish. He is so much fun though! He wants to be babtized to get rid of his past but he has to stop smoking, drinking and get married! He is going to move to my area in like 3 weeks. Hopefully we get to teach him and babtized them ! :)

Im definately gonna need some more money for some shoes. Like 50 bucks more. I think Im gonna go next week to buy shoes and pants :) If anyone from the family wants to buy me a new suit that would be GREAT!!! Only like 100 bucks here :))) Spread the word :) Haha! But probably next week Ill go shopping :)

Another week down! Time is just going by!!!! Welll I love ya Mama! Tell Dad I said I love him and also binny! :)

Love, MO

Elder Garcia's birthday

I helped him out with the tradition -- shoving their face in the cake.

Some weird Halloween stuff

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