Saturday, October 29, 2011

E-mail #46: Just being me.....

Hey mama!

Thank you so much for the money. Elder Castañeda and I went shopping today. We both bought new shoes and went to lunch. It was really fun! I bought some shoes that were like $630. Really good! We went to a place thats called "Los Trompos" We ate Pizza al Pastor! So yummy!!! Its a type of meat they put on pizza with pinneaple. Yum!

So this week was crazy! You know about the hurricane. Well it was supposed to hit REALLY hard in Cancùn. They said it was a Degree 3. So Prez pulled ALL misionaries out of Cancùn, Playa del Carmen, and Chetumal! It was crazy because we had to rent two big buses. It was like almost a hundred missionaries. So we put them all in areas in Mèrida. So at one time we had almost the WHOLE mission here. Like 150 missionaries in the Stake Center! So we took advantage and fixed all of our problems with Immigration. But turns out the hurricane wasnt that bad. Everybody went home this morning. We had an extra 8 misionaries here! It sucked. They were all nerds! Except for Elder Babbit, he is from Arizona! We had fun! But we ended up spending like $5,000 dollars! Crazy how the church will spend money. But Prez said it didnt matter how much it cost he wanted his missionaries to be safe.

Last night we had a "Movie Night" it was fun. We had 4 investigators come. I have to speak tomorrow in church. That should be fun. Im going to speak about The Book of Mormon. This months Liahona is really good!

Im thinking about buying a suit next Saturday. We didnt have time today. Well see. Their like 100 bucks :)

I really really like the chargers tie! Im gonna wear it on Superbowl Sunday! Haha! That really sucks that the Chargers lost. We`ll beat them on Manday :)

O! Were moving out of the offices! Well the Assistants are going to be companions in an area. There going to buy a house. Elder Vinay and I bought a house. Its big! We wanted a bigger one that had a tub but we were to late. It kinda sucks that we have to move out, it will be better for Vinay and me. We will be forced to bond better. We will have a nice huge house all to ourselves. So we will study and eat there and at ten in the morning we will walk to the offices then go to work at 2. Im excited! :) But im gonna miss messing around. Haha!

Well another crazy week down! How are my shirts? Did you find any with the adjustable neck? If not, I think I need a 17 1/2. There a little tight. Might be cause Im fat again! Haha Try and find them please :)))) I dont know if your trying to suprise me with an Ipod but I would like it so that i can put music on it. Cause the office computer has LOTS of good music. Well I guess well see! I love ya tons! Love MO


20 pesos

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