Tuesday, December 27, 2011

E-Mail #54: I'm a Dad !!!

Hey Mama!

So Elder Palacios left. He went to a place called Valladolid. Its like 2 hours from here. He left as a senior companion.Im so excited for him!!! I miss him so much! I really loved that guy! I got the call that Im training. After I talked with you guys, we went to some investigators house and broka a piñata. It was fun! Then we went home and made hot dogs and french fries. For desert ... pancakes. Here its a dessert. Haha! Then Palacios packed while I cleaned the house. Chucho and Enrique came with us to wait for the bus. At 4 in the MORNING!!! I dropped him off at Valladolid and then I went to Merida. To go pick up my kid. His name is Elder Xaltepek. He is from Puebla Mexico. He has 10 brothers and sisters!!! Crazy!!! We had a capacitation with Prez and then we came back to the little town. We got home at 11:30 last night. I taught my companion to sleep in his hammock. That was fun. He says he didnt sleep too good! Haha! I have lots of pics. But the internet here sucks!!! I am just gonna send this one pic. Ill send more on Monday. Im a little nervous! There is alot of pressure to make sure that he is trained well. Im excited tho! He seems a little timid but it will be good! Im more stressed that I dont know this town! Ugh!!!! It will be alright tho! I dont have much time cause I gotta go to work but I love ya lots mom! It was nice to talk to you guys! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!



A note from Mom:

Our Christmas call was WONDERFUL !!! We got to speak to him for quite a long time, and it felt so good to hear his voice. He spoke alot of Spanish, and it really sounded good. Even his English - had a little Mexican flavor to it. : o )

He spoke only in Spanish to McKenna (who barely understood a word he said, and kept voicing her concern.) He only broke into his English when he yelled at her for getting a laptop for Christmas. The brother thing really doesn't go away does it??

At one point I lost the connection and we had to start all over again. After we were finished Chad's dad said..... "When you lost the connection - all I could think about was -- It's so good to hear his voice in this house again, and I'm not ready for it to leave."

Chad really sounded good. But I also sensed a real committment for him to work hard as he's realizing that his time is going by quickly. We're so proud of him. He talked about his new companion and the fact that he was his "step-dad" (second companion), and that he couldn't wait to train. So - here he goes. He will be wonderful I know.

This time was easier for me, I think. No tears were shed -- can you believe it??? It is VERY hard though for me to talk to him. I truly just want to HUG him. But, that will come. Brian, his friend, was here and he gave me a big bear hug ..... okay twice. It felt a little like Chad.

Monday, December 19, 2011

E-Mail #53: I'M IN CANCUN !!! My new area is just like Puerto Morelos WITHOUT the beach! Haha!!!

My new place--

One of four apartments here

So I woke up Thursday morning. It was a different day because I had to go to the offices early to finish some work. 8 elders went up so they could be home for christmas. I got a call around 9:30. "Mayberry -- Youre getting transfered, maybe today, maybe next week. I dont know were youre going. Ill call you back." Haha! UMMMM ok! So 2 mins later. "Mayberry your leaving ASAP!!!! Your going to Leona Vicario, Quintana Roo!" Its a SMALLL town outside of Cancùn! So I literally packed everything that I had in the offices and then went to my house to pack everything else. Then I went and caught a bus. Everything happened sooooo fast!!! I had to take the crappy bus because the nice buses dont pass through my little town! It took 6 hours!!!! So long! And I was allll by myself. That was kinda nice :) My new area is just like Puerto Morelos WITHOUT the beach! Haha!!! Its a little bit smaller. There is like 25 people that go to church. Its a Prayer House! Its pretty crappy that church building! But the people here are awesome! I miss the small towns. The kids are so cool. They play with a stick and a coke bottle and their happy! Very humble people. Everybody here lives in huts. I LOVE IT!!!! There is lots of people to teach too. My new companion is Elder Palacios. He has 4 months in the mission. Im his "Step dad" in missionary language. Pretty cool. I saw him when he first came to Merida right off the plane! Im excited! Changes are in a week so who knows what will happen, he might leave. Every monday we have to travel to Cancùn. Its 45 mins away. We go to Cancun to buy food and write home. Because in My "Chan Pueblo" there isnt an internet place. Haha!

Johnathan got babtized! I was so pissed that I couldnt get to be there. But he got babtized. Thats what matters :) I have a couple of pics. I dont have much to say. But thanks for the pics and the card! It was really cool!!! :D I love it! I love ya lots! O YEA Chargers -- were coming back!!! I wore my tie, thats why they won on monday night! :) Ill wear my socks and tie on sunday :) Love ya lots! :)

Love Mo

Have a Merry Christmas Moma!

This is when I got to my new town.

This is how people get around. Their called taxi trisi.

Elder Palacios

Here we burn our garbage in the jungle!

Noche Blanca Navidad.

Zone baptisms. There was 10 people that got babtized

Saturday, December 10, 2011

E-mail #52: We have this guy Johnathan that is going to get babtized next saturday!

Hey Hey!

I love the pics! Its so weird to see snow! Haha! Grandma looks good!!! I miss auntie sherle!!! Tell her lazy butt to write me! Haha! Im glad you had a fun trip. I cant wait to go. Everything sounds so fun! Like going to breakfast and playing cards! Haha Just everything that I cant do. Haha! and Disneyland!!! I never was a fan. But a road trip sounds great! The three girlfriends are going. Sounds fun!

So this week was really good! The secretarys got invited to go to capacitation. Or a conference. It was a Funadamental Principals conference. It was all for Zone Leaders, District Leaders, and Trainers. For all of Merida y Campeche. It was for two days allll day. It was really fun! I learned alot!!! This week were going to give the exact same conference. To everybody else in the mish. I have to talk about the Doctrine of Christ. Im excited. President pretty much said that Im leaving the offices. Im kinda sad. I dont really want to leave here. I love it here especially with Muñoz! I love that guy! He is my best friend here. he is going to buy me a Donald Trump tie today. :) Who knows. Well see -- maybe jesus will want me to stay here for another change :) Were doing pretty good in our area. We can always do better. We have this guy Johnathan that is going to get babtized next saturday! Were so excited! :) We have some other people but time is running out. Im kinda excited for changes to get a new companion. Vinay is driving me crazy! he just isnt happy and so boring. He brings me down! I need someone with drive so that I can use my drive!

Christmas is coming! Were excited to start opening our gifts :) You guys are going to call me on Christmas day at like 2 in the afternoon. I will talk to the member tomorrow at church to find out what time exactly. Im excited! Im gona speak all spanish to kenna. :)

Muñoz is going to buy a suit today. I think im gonna go. We might go to chilies. :)

Im doing good :) I love ya mom! Tell dad I cant wait to talk to him!!!! Tell biny I love her so much! and miss her lots!

Love, MO

Sunday, December 4, 2011

E-mail #51: Last night it was 74! Im turning into a mayero!!! :)

Whats up Mamma!

It looks so gorgeous! I cant wait to go to the temple!!!! I miss it so much!!! Special over there. It looks cold. Its getting cold here. I remember last december I was so hot. Now Im so cold. Specially in the night time! Everybody here has there jackets and sweaters on. Last night it was 74! Im turning into a mayero!!! :)

So I love my ipod!!!!! Its so cool!!! We really enjoy our music in the house. Then in the office I have the same music on my computer. Its cool. I went to the temple store this morning and baught some musci. There like 2 dollars a disc! :)

I got your other package. Vinay was excited for his gifts. There are some that look like doubles. But dont say Elder Companion. Are those for him to??? Were excited for christmas. I think we will all be here in the offices. We all chipped in to buy a tree. So Ill send you a pic :) Were gonna put all our presents under it and have a real christmas.

So this was different. We had a activity on tuesday and wednesday. It was that we went to visit all the recent converts and less actives. It was hard because we dont know were everyone lives and we dont know the area perfect yet. We had a good day on thursday but yesterday kinda sucked. Nobody wanted to listen. We couldnt find Asael this week. I think he moved :( It sucks! But were trying to work hard. We had Zone Conference on Tuesday. Its fun being a secretary and zone conference. It was really good. We learned that we have to work HARD to get GOOD results. I really liked it! Everybody liked there gifts that we made. The time just keeps going by! I will be calling you. I'll tell ya next week when I get to. Im excited! It seems like just yesterday that I called you. Tell Bryan to come over and Haji!!!! I want to talk to them too :)))

Well mama! I hope you have a good weekend! Tell everyone I love them all so much! Have a good week! Love, MO

This is Carlos.

His Mom is a recent convert - he wants to join.

UGH !! My new hair doo.

I have a combover.