Saturday, December 10, 2011

E-mail #52: We have this guy Johnathan that is going to get babtized next saturday!

Hey Hey!

I love the pics! Its so weird to see snow! Haha! Grandma looks good!!! I miss auntie sherle!!! Tell her lazy butt to write me! Haha! Im glad you had a fun trip. I cant wait to go. Everything sounds so fun! Like going to breakfast and playing cards! Haha Just everything that I cant do. Haha! and Disneyland!!! I never was a fan. But a road trip sounds great! The three girlfriends are going. Sounds fun!

So this week was really good! The secretarys got invited to go to capacitation. Or a conference. It was a Funadamental Principals conference. It was all for Zone Leaders, District Leaders, and Trainers. For all of Merida y Campeche. It was for two days allll day. It was really fun! I learned alot!!! This week were going to give the exact same conference. To everybody else in the mish. I have to talk about the Doctrine of Christ. Im excited. President pretty much said that Im leaving the offices. Im kinda sad. I dont really want to leave here. I love it here especially with Muñoz! I love that guy! He is my best friend here. he is going to buy me a Donald Trump tie today. :) Who knows. Well see -- maybe jesus will want me to stay here for another change :) Were doing pretty good in our area. We can always do better. We have this guy Johnathan that is going to get babtized next saturday! Were so excited! :) We have some other people but time is running out. Im kinda excited for changes to get a new companion. Vinay is driving me crazy! he just isnt happy and so boring. He brings me down! I need someone with drive so that I can use my drive!

Christmas is coming! Were excited to start opening our gifts :) You guys are going to call me on Christmas day at like 2 in the afternoon. I will talk to the member tomorrow at church to find out what time exactly. Im excited! Im gona speak all spanish to kenna. :)

Muñoz is going to buy a suit today. I think im gonna go. We might go to chilies. :)

Im doing good :) I love ya mom! Tell dad I cant wait to talk to him!!!! Tell biny I love her so much! and miss her lots!

Love, MO

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