Tuesday, December 27, 2011

E-Mail #54: I'm a Dad !!!

Hey Mama!

So Elder Palacios left. He went to a place called Valladolid. Its like 2 hours from here. He left as a senior companion.Im so excited for him!!! I miss him so much! I really loved that guy! I got the call that Im training. After I talked with you guys, we went to some investigators house and broka a piƱata. It was fun! Then we went home and made hot dogs and french fries. For desert ... pancakes. Here its a dessert. Haha! Then Palacios packed while I cleaned the house. Chucho and Enrique came with us to wait for the bus. At 4 in the MORNING!!! I dropped him off at Valladolid and then I went to Merida. To go pick up my kid. His name is Elder Xaltepek. He is from Puebla Mexico. He has 10 brothers and sisters!!! Crazy!!! We had a capacitation with Prez and then we came back to the little town. We got home at 11:30 last night. I taught my companion to sleep in his hammock. That was fun. He says he didnt sleep too good! Haha! I have lots of pics. But the internet here sucks!!! I am just gonna send this one pic. Ill send more on Monday. Im a little nervous! There is alot of pressure to make sure that he is trained well. Im excited tho! He seems a little timid but it will be good! Im more stressed that I dont know this town! Ugh!!!! It will be alright tho! I dont have much time cause I gotta go to work but I love ya lots mom! It was nice to talk to you guys! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!



A note from Mom:

Our Christmas call was WONDERFUL !!! We got to speak to him for quite a long time, and it felt so good to hear his voice. He spoke alot of Spanish, and it really sounded good. Even his English - had a little Mexican flavor to it. : o )

He spoke only in Spanish to McKenna (who barely understood a word he said, and kept voicing her concern.) He only broke into his English when he yelled at her for getting a laptop for Christmas. The brother thing really doesn't go away does it??

At one point I lost the connection and we had to start all over again. After we were finished Chad's dad said..... "When you lost the connection - all I could think about was -- It's so good to hear his voice in this house again, and I'm not ready for it to leave."

Chad really sounded good. But I also sensed a real committment for him to work hard as he's realizing that his time is going by quickly. We're so proud of him. He talked about his new companion and the fact that he was his "step-dad" (second companion), and that he couldn't wait to train. So - here he goes. He will be wonderful I know.

This time was easier for me, I think. No tears were shed -- can you believe it??? It is VERY hard though for me to talk to him. I truly just want to HUG him. But, that will come. Brian, his friend, was here and he gave me a big bear hug ..... okay twice. It felt a little like Chad.

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