Sunday, December 4, 2011

E-mail #51: Last night it was 74! Im turning into a mayero!!! :)

Whats up Mamma!

It looks so gorgeous! I cant wait to go to the temple!!!! I miss it so much!!! Special over there. It looks cold. Its getting cold here. I remember last december I was so hot. Now Im so cold. Specially in the night time! Everybody here has there jackets and sweaters on. Last night it was 74! Im turning into a mayero!!! :)

So I love my ipod!!!!! Its so cool!!! We really enjoy our music in the house. Then in the office I have the same music on my computer. Its cool. I went to the temple store this morning and baught some musci. There like 2 dollars a disc! :)

I got your other package. Vinay was excited for his gifts. There are some that look like doubles. But dont say Elder Companion. Are those for him to??? Were excited for christmas. I think we will all be here in the offices. We all chipped in to buy a tree. So Ill send you a pic :) Were gonna put all our presents under it and have a real christmas.

So this was different. We had a activity on tuesday and wednesday. It was that we went to visit all the recent converts and less actives. It was hard because we dont know were everyone lives and we dont know the area perfect yet. We had a good day on thursday but yesterday kinda sucked. Nobody wanted to listen. We couldnt find Asael this week. I think he moved :( It sucks! But were trying to work hard. We had Zone Conference on Tuesday. Its fun being a secretary and zone conference. It was really good. We learned that we have to work HARD to get GOOD results. I really liked it! Everybody liked there gifts that we made. The time just keeps going by! I will be calling you. I'll tell ya next week when I get to. Im excited! It seems like just yesterday that I called you. Tell Bryan to come over and Haji!!!! I want to talk to them too :)))

Well mama! I hope you have a good weekend! Tell everyone I love them all so much! Have a good week! Love, MO

This is Carlos.

His Mom is a recent convert - he wants to join.

UGH !! My new hair doo.

I have a combover.

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