Sunday, November 6, 2011

E-mail #47: I just dont know how to say who I am in Spanish. Im trying though.

Hey Mama!

So this week was fast, weird, and boring. We didnt have too much work. I was stressed out about trying to find a house. So we didnt work too hard. Were dying. Vinay and I are tired. We just arent excited anymore. But last night we had a Zone Conference. It was really good! We learned that we need to be more relaxed. More friendly and down to earth. Its hard. Im different in spanish. More strict I guess. I just dont know how to say who I am in Spanish. Im trying though. But Im really excited to work this week. Its really hard with Vinay. He is not animated AT ALLL!!!! So it sucks. I feel like he brings me down. He gets made fun of alot. But I always tell him to defend himself but he just cant. Its hard with him. We dont really teach well. He just looks at me to do everything. But well see...

The assistants left. They found a house. It will be better with them gone. Ill miss them but we wont buy too much pizza and the house will stay a little bit cleaner.

Today I bought a suit for 65 bucks. Im only gonna wear it for speacial ocassions. Its nice. But I need to lose like 20 pounds to look good in it. Well I look good but Ill look better. Its gonna make me not eat :) Haha!

IPOD!!! :D Yea I can have an ipod! :) There just as much as the states. Like 250 I think. Ill look in walmart this week. I would love one though! :) Also some good music. Like cds. Like on the firge of being christan music. Stuff that is about jesus and acoustic.

How is it going with the shirts? Any luck? I hope so. The 17 are to small. But if they have the adjustable collar its perfect with 17. Transfers are in one week!!!!!! Wow the time flys!!! Those are always fun!!!

I love ya lots!!!!
Love, MO

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  1. I was honored to serve in the Mexico Merida Mission from Feb 2007 to Feb 2009. I have gone back every year since I returned home. In fact, I am going back next week to visit all my loved ones down there. I'm also from AZ. I live in Gilbert.
    I like reading your son's letters as it brings back memories of different areas. Please let your son know how important it is to stay focused on the positive and things of the mission and to love everyone, especially his companion. He can ask his leaders, even the President being in the offices, to pretend to be investigators and help their teaching improve.
    There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of the Yucatan and the wonderful people there. Please do not get frustrated. It is hard but VERY worth doing all you can to find and teach people the true gospel of Jesus Christ.