Saturday, November 19, 2011

E-Mail #49: All this week we worked in the area. Its called TANLUM.

Hey Mama!

So is Thanksgiving at our house this year..Im assuming.... :) That will be fun! You´ll have to show off all my pics :) I starting to think about coming home! But I still have so much time left. Haha!

Its terrible. But being in this new area will help me. :) We are moving in today. So yesterday we washed all our clothes and packed this morning. Were going to go to walmart to buy food and then were going to the new house.

All this week we worked in the area. Its called TANLUM. Its where all the sister missionaries used to be. The house is big. 2 rooms 2 bathrooms. One for me and 1 for vinay. Im gonna love that. AND we each have a closet!!! I cant wait! But we have to go and clean it really good! Its really gross! The area seems really good! The sisters left us with a couple of people that we can teach. The ward seems super cool! They told me that there are lots of family members that go to church like almost every sunday but arent babtized! Hopefully we will be able to help these people. The area is a little different. Its kinda hard because the streets are´nt all conected together. Right now we have 2 teenagers that are interested. They both have problemas. One has been to jail twice and drinks and smokes at parties. So were trying to help him. The other lives with his sister. She is an inactive that lives with her boyfriend. Little complicated. The people here arent too old. Like Garcia Gineres. Everybody was so flippin old there. Here we are so excited! This might be my last tranfer here in the offices. So I have to make it a good one. I want to leave here on a good note. I think it will be good for Vinay and me to leave the offices and live in the new house. It will help us bond more. Its really hard with him. He is like a child. But Im learning slowly.

Time is going by sooo fast! Its like almost Christmas! Which means I almost have a year HERE IN MEXICO!!! Crazy! Well I have lots to do today! I love ya mama! Wish everyone a happy Thansgiving! Take LOTS of pics! If you can please take like a really nice one of you dad and the girls. I want to have a family pic :) I love ya lots! :))))

Love MO

Me and Munoz

First Steak in 13 months !!!

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