Saturday, October 15, 2011

E-Mail #44: Wow I have really been gone for a year! Sometimes the time flys -- sometimes no.

My shirt burning
It's been a year !!

Hey Momma!

Wow I have really been gone for a year! Sometimes the time flys -- sometimes no. We had a nice night on thursday. I bought pizza and we had a party. Then we burned my shirt. It was way fun! This year is gonna be fun! And FAST! :)

The yard looks so sweet! I cant wait to be home to check it out! It was so good to see a cactus and brown! Haha I miss it! Dad is probably just wingin it.

Im pretty stoked that the Chargers are doing good. I would have told that cop some bad stuff. But good for you momma! Stupid sheriffs. He isnt even a cop! Haha! Im a little home sick right now. Just cause its that time. But Im doing really good!

This week sucked! I had lots of work in the offices and still have lots to do! I had to do a report for all babtizms in Aug and Sept. We didnt even get to go outside to work AT ALL! :( We found out that all of our investigators just dont really want to learn or dont have the desire to get babtized. We had interviews on Thursday as well. My interview with Prez was good. He said well now that you can speak spanish, you can express yourself. So you can talk to them and say what you want. It was cool. We still speak english!!! Grrrrr! Im trying really hard! I was sick this week. Well we are all sick. All 6 of us! I feel like crap and Im sooo tired!! Right now, after I write, were going to Madero. Just Elder Castañeda and me. Were going to go eat with Hno. Omar! Im so excited! Hopefully after Ill take a nap! Elder Vinay and I are ok. He is still sooo slow and we dont bond very well. The white guy is calming down a little bit. Prez sat us all down and said that we need to be more united! So were trying to do that! Haha

This week was crazy! Here in the offices you get to find out about all the gossip! Four missionaries went home! One because he was gay. He was doin the dirty with guys in bathrooms. Haha Poor guy cant talk to his family about it obviously. So Elder Muñoz and I took him to the airport. Then two zone leaders got sent home. The same area. We dont know what happened! Its sooo sad! Then a new kid went home cause his health isnt good! It was a crazy week! Lots of office crap!

So well..other than that Im good! Im happy and lovin life! I love ya guys so much. Miss ya a little bit! Have a wonderful week!!!

Love Mo

PS: So I want Dad to find me and him a tie. He can go buy 2 of the same one. Every fast sunday, Ill wear it and so can he! I want like a baby paisly tie! :) I think its a good idea! I dont know what you guys could do but maybe buy something for you girls for every fast sunday :)

So My shirt is called The Stafford super shirt. They do make them in short sleeve! Haha It has the ajustable neck. That what I like. There the best! :) Did you talk to grandma about some money for some new shoes? I want some fancy ones for sundays and conferences :) Tell kenna to put some sun glasses in my next box. I want some here to be a goof ball :) I gotta go Love ya mom!!!

Lunch with Hermano Mars & Rita

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