Saturday, September 3, 2011

Email #38: Its all good! Love it! and Its air conditioning!!!

O dear old mama!

Hey mama! Im alive and well! Im so freaken jealous that you went to the game! I got the pic. It was sweet! But you didnt tell me who won!!!! Haha I miss football!!! Thats good that Marus got his GED! Im proud of him! Its about dang time! I miss that kid alot! Someday! I hope... I love him still and miss him lots! Everytime I look at my scrapbook...there he is. The old days!

So yes Im here in the Offices. Its where it says Mision Mexico Merida out front. Its the offices. We live here in a small room! Haha! Its fun! Prez doesnt come here everyday but like 3 times a week. He has a house that is like 15 min away. Its like a mansion! I have lots of work to do here. I have a desk. i get to drive the van almost everyday! :) Im the one that gives the driving test to everyone else. Its fun! We just go around the block! My companion is in charge of all the mail and buying everything for the mission. All the Pamphlets and Book of Mormons. Thats all him. I think its good to be here. Everyone who leaves here either goes home or becomes a leader in the mission. That should be exciting. :) The good thing about this is that i get packages directly! Straight to my door! Pretty sweet! So in the next few months I hope to get lots! :))) I want you to send garments! Need some soon. mine are gross! I like the dry-lux XL bottom and top. For the tops extra long please. Thanks :) If there is a cheap place to buy ties. Buy lots! Like lots! Because my packages arent just for me but for 5 others. I live with the assistants and 3 other secretaries. I really do love it. Its just a little stressful. We have deadlines of stuff to get done. When i finish this letter Im going to work on my P Day! :( Its all good! Love it! and Its air conditioning!!! Today its fast Saturday! haha cause people start there fast on saturday! Ugh! Crazies! Ill be hungry tonight! So we do have an area to teach people. Its a normal area. we just dont leave the house until 2. At 2 we go eat and then work. Were normal missionaries. Except our cell phones ring all day!!!! Elder Vinay is good! He has 6 months but acts like he has 3. He is super slow at everything but he teaches good. Were doing good. We dont really have anyone to teach! :( Were just gonna work hard and go with it. Havin a lil bit of faith!

How is lenna? I miss her? Hope she is good! Probably just lovin life. Haha! Kenna seems good. little stressed but she'll get through it! Dad is probably stressed but you guys will keep getting the blessings -- dont worry. I gotta go mama, but I love you so much!!! Be happy! Dont worry about your kids. Everything will work out. just trust in the big man upstairs. :)

Love, Mo

This is my desk...

looking all official

My van !!

Elder Vanay and me

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