Sunday, August 28, 2011

E-Mail #37: So Im in the offices!!!!


So Im in the offices!!!! I got transfered about 5 mins from my last area to Garcia Gineres. Im the new secretarty of records. I live in the office and work here from 10 to 2 doing office stuff. Im in charge of refernces, all the visa stuff from new gingos, also the van. Membership records. and lots more! I have my own desk with a computer. I get to use google to find stuff.

So last week was good and bad! Arjenis got babtized!!!! :)))) The babtizm was ok. The ward mission leader sucks. He didnt help us at all!!! But it was good!!! Memos mom wouldnt sign for him :((((( Saddest story of my whole mission. This kid wants to change so bad and be babtized!!! His Mom is hardcore Catholic! It sucks! But what sucks more is that I got transfered! We had so many good investigators in Madero! We had babtizms lined up for 4 weeks!!!! Today Akary will be babtized! Im stoked! But I wont be there! :( I miss Madero! I think I liked it more than Puerto Morelos! Just Puerto was by the beach! Haha! But Im here now. My new companion is Elder Vinay. He is from tabasco. Its only like 8 hours away! He knows the missionaries that were in my district in the MTC! He has 6 months in the mission. Im the senior companion! :) Thats exciting! :) Were both new in this area so we dont know ANYTHING OR ANYONE! But were working hard! He speaks english kinda. He just wants to talk in english allll day. Im gonna have to tell him I need him to not!

So im doing good! Im a little stressed. I have so much work to do. We had a meeting with President and he told us that our biggest responsibility is to babtize and work in our areas hard! This is going to be an interesting 4 and half months! But im excited because im going to learn so much about the mission! And were with president alot! O! and I get to drive the van! I drove today! First time in almost 11 months!!!!! Haha! Sick! There is so much that has happened in the past week but I dont know what to say! Haha but saturday is my new PDAY! I live with the Assistants to the Prez and 3 other secretaries! Its fun!!!

Dont stress mama! It will all work out. :) I love ya lots I took out 50 bucks today. Well gotta go! I love ya! Talk to ya in a week! Hopefully its alot more peaceful then.

Love Mo


Note from Mom:

All I can say is...... "What are they thinking?????" I mean driving the van. Do they know his history?? Really though. What an awesome opportunity. I'm really proud of him. It'll be interesting to see how he likes this -- if he does or doesn't. But, he will learn SO MUCH !!


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