Monday, August 8, 2011

Email #35: Im happy and lovin the mission!

Whats up Mama!

Another week! Wow! Monson´s home!? Thats crazy! I loved reading his letters. He worked super hard the last few months on his mission! Thats cool! The time flys! His Mom sends me letters like every 2 weeks! Its cool! I really like it! I get to hear how Ammon and David are. I would like you to do that. Specially because Mike and Brad and Jake are on missions! It might be expensive....but I really enjoy it!

The recipes arent hard at all! Just do it! Do you know what a habenero is? Food city! Haha!!!!

Thats good your doing good mama! What the freak! 34 kids!!! Public school! Crazy! You will do good! No worries! Thats great Dad is working hard and you guys are blessed! Wow school starts soon!!! Summer went by wayyy fast! I need to stop thinking about the time but its going by soooo fast! Like, crazy fast!

I hope the cat doesnt die! I miss blue! Theres lots of cats here but there all gross and old and dirty! Shell probably die soon! :(

So this week was super good!!! We had divisiones with Aeropuerto. There the new ones in my district. So Elder Celaya came to my house to work for a day. Sorry I dont have a pic. Ill take one today! :) He has 20 months! We work so well together. Were both goofs but we worked hard! Im learning how to talk like a Yuko Its yucateko. Its fun. Ill speak it at Christmas! :)

This week we had so many good experiences! First Memo. The friend of a kid in the ward is progressing so well!!! His babtizim is on Saturday the 20th. 2 more weeks!! We watched a video about Jesus and he loved it! He asked so many questions! Sweet! Were gonna have a lesson at the temple this week! :)

So this week we were knocking doors. We found a lady that's way inactive. She has 2 daughters. one is 15 and goes to church but a different ward and the other is 11. She isnt a member. So we are teaching her. She loves the church and is reading the BOM! Crazy! What a blessing to find her! Her mom is way cool to! She doesnt want to go to church because she doesnt like the politics. Dont worry Ill change that! Cause I HATE the politics too! So anyway this girl is going to be batized on the 27th of August! :)

We found some teenagers like 1 month ago. But never went back. I felt impressed that we should go back last week. So we went. Turns out there all members except one. His name is Arjenis. He is 17 but has some disabilities. He's just slow. He has a problem with talking. He can spit his words out. He was going to be baptized but the elder who interviewed him said he doesnt need to be babtized. I think it is a great oportunity for him to be babtized and to make new friends! So were working on that!

So were working super hard! Prez wrote me today and said that he is happy with me and the work we are doing. He told me that Im full of life and cant stop working! Keep it goin! I really apreciated it! It is a nice boost! :)

So my compoanion and I....were...well....fine. He is a robot and thats all there is to it. I learned from Elder Celaya "Just be who you are and have fun" So when its my turn to knock a door, I have fun with the people and try to make them laugh! When its his turn well we just talk about Jesus and stuff.

Im happy cause we have people. I have learned alot from Elder Guerrero! Alot about diligence! Which is good! But Im happy and lovin the mission!

Tell Dad to keep workin hard! I love that man so much!

Aleena! How are you!'? I sure do miss ya Binny! I love ya tons! Be happy!

Mama! I love ya soooo much! Enjoy these 2 days! Cause yea..back to reality! :) Love ya mama!

Love, Mo

Making chorizo at Hermano Omar's

Loving' the hammocks

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