Monday, August 15, 2011

E-mail #36: This week was AWESOME! We had 5 people come to Stake Conference!!! YEA! :)

Whats up Mama!

Okay so you cant just say "FOOTBALL IS BACK" I want some details Mom! Haha! Thats good! Wow time is flying! It seems like just yesturday you were telling me about football in the MTC! But yea I expect a weekly report! :)

This week was AWESOME! We had 5 people come to Stake Conference!!! YEA! :) Stake conference was sweet! Prez spoke. He did really well! He talked about Love for the Savior! He speaks so strong! It was great! Memo is going to be babtized on saturday along with Arjenis. Arjenis is the kid that isnt all there. He is just really slow. He cant say what he wants to really fast! Memo is great! He is 17 and wants to follow Christ! Yea, he is going to have a kid! Crazy! Thanks to Jesus its okay !:) Akary is progressing super good! She also came to Stake Conference. Her babtizm is next Saturday! We are teaching a teenager named Katia. She is 16. Her uncle is a member in a different ward. She wants to be babtized! She is so cool! She has the standards of the church and loves "For the Streghth of youth" Sweet!!! On Tuesday she was like not sure about babtizm. We told her to trust in the lord and to pray. The next day we had a activity. She called us and said "well Im coming to the activity with a friend. I prayed and I want to be babtized!!!" YES! The power of prayer is sweeet!!! We are so excited! Were also teaching a young woman named Patsy. her brother is a member but she never had any interest. She came to church and is reading the BOM!!! So yea this week was so good!!! We have people!

My companion is driving me crazy!!! My converts Jorge and Yury are like kinda inactive. Jorge hasn't come to church in a month and a half and Yury like 3 weeks!:( So last night I told him that we have to go visit them! I dont care if we have to go every other day. Were going! He told me "No just once a week" I told him No, no no. These are my coverts and Im going to do everything I can to help them. He told me its not very efficient! He drives me crazy! I told him, Look man! Im not here to babtize the world! Im here to change peoples lives. Here to help them. He is such a dweeb! Hopefully he leaves in a week! Probably not! UgH! !!!! Its so hard! Everynight we plan for the next day and close with a prayer. Then we shake hands and hug. But he always says Le amo ( I love ya) He fakes and that drives me crazy!!!

Enough about that! Im good though! Love the mission! :)

Mama, be happy! You have lots of blessings! Its a blessing that you have work! Yea, its tough sometimes. Just trust in the savior and LOVE! Love each of the 100 million kids that you have! There is a scripture in proverbs that says to trust in the lord! Read it Its good! Yesturday I read in Jacob 3:1 Pray hard! Mama! He is always here for us!

I talked to Mike Kornegay! He told me he really looks up to me. That was really good! :) He goes in like 2 weeks to the field! Crazy!!!

Well Mama! I got to go! I love ya sooo much! Keep your chin up :) Have a good attitude and LOVE! Jesus is always there!

Love, MO

Ps Tell Dad I said HI :) and to go help grandma! She is so upset that nobody helps her! She is going to have a yard man! Haha

PS There is a SEARS!!! Im gonna go maybe in 2 weeks! I might need money.

PS This week is transfers. Hopefully Guerrero leaves. I dont want to go. I have to much work to still do here! LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!

Avocado -- I eat them now
Sorry Dad. I'm a Mexican now !!


We had a Pictionary Night.

Our investigator is in the brown

Movie Night

Luis Garcia

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