Monday, March 7, 2011

E-mail #13: So Im still in Puerto Morelos. and so is Ortiz!

¿Que Pacho? (Whats up) Haha

Hey Mamma! So Im still in Puerto Morelos. and so is Ortiz! Were with each other for another six weeks! Haha! I love him but I kinda wanted him to go and I could get a real mexican companion, so I could learn spanish better. We have our days where we fight and then we have our good days. Idk its just Im with him alllll day looonggggg! In the MTC youre not with your comp all day! You can leave. Ugh its hard. But I need to be humble and keep on keepin on.

I miss Zev! I really would like to get a descent hair cut! But Ortiz does a good job. I miss Zevy! YES I need more gel. I dont know where it all went but yea Im out! :( Good gel here is expensive...well for a missionary. $100 pesos.) Haha. So tell Zev to order 2 or 3. Because its good stuff and I need it. Im glad Dad took some pics to him. He got to talk about me. Cause I AM LIKE THE COOLEST GUY EVER!

I was thinking about Marcus the other day... Cause I have some pics of him in the scrapbook kenna gave me. Wow! I really miss him! We had soooo many good times :( But idk... im not a kid anymore. Life changes and friends come and go. I tried my best with him. We did alot of stupid stuff together but you guys and me tried to give him the family he never had. I hope soemday he relizes something. Who knows...

Wow! Eleven chapters. Before the mish that would have sounded like eternity but now I study for 3 hours a day..not bad Haha! I read like 3 to 4 everyday. I just started 3 Nephi. Im excited to finish it. I just read about Jesus being born. Im turning into a nerd!!! Ugh! No!!!!!!!!! Haha! I really do like to read it though. I actually understand it :)

So yesterday it rained and we thought one of us was gonna get transfered so we went to members houses and hung out all day. It was nice to chill. Then in the night we went to our ward mission leaders house and watched a church movie. We watched Mobsters and Mormons. Back home I would have never watched this kind of dorky movie! But now its my life! Haha. I really love our mission leader. he is a really good guy but he is kinda lazy! :(

Today were going to go to the Puerto...which is the beach kinda. Were gonna go by soviners. Its gonna be fun. Then were going to Playa and Im finally gonna get me hammock!!! Ugh!!!!!!! I cannot wait! Its going to be so sweeeet! Were getting a new Zone Leader today. The old one (Elder Romney)is going home today. Well his parents are coming here. Their going to go back to all his old aress to visit old investigators and members. And go to the beach and relax! I would love to do that! You and Dad and me. Mucho $$$$ though! But yea thats so exciting to see someone go home. Ugh!!!! 1 1/2 years!! Haha

So this week was super hard for Ignacio y Olimpia. Olimpia thinks Ignacio raped there little daughter. But we dont think its true. She is crazy! She always acuses Ignacio of everything and she used to or still does beat the little girl. Ugh! I didnt think life would be like this here. Its diffuclut. I want to say "Hey if youre not happy than go. Do something and go." But as missionaries we cant. We have to have Jesus help them. So its really really hard! I know the gospel can help them but goodness. Sometimes I cant teach the way (I) want to. But Im learning.

I wrote a letter to Grandma Virginia and Hammond. Also Jr and Lois today.Im sending them today. You need to tell Auntie Sherle to email me cause I have gotten like 3 cards from her and need to say thanks :) Dad needs to try to get Grandma to go to church! I KNOW it will help her in her life.

I dont know what else to say but... I love ya Mama! Tell the old man I said hi :) I love him to death and miss him lots! He is a good example to me. Tell Binny I said hey! To be happy! and to love everyone! Because Jesus loves everyone! I love ya mama! and Miss you so much. Im proud of ya!

Love Mo :D

The Mogel's

Eliazar, their Ward Mission Leader


  1. I always laugh out loud and cry whenever I read these posts. all I thought about tonight was how he is going to be an awesome husband and dad :)

  2. Didn't know you guys had this blog. I love it! I love seeing the changes that come over these awesome young men!