Monday, February 28, 2011

E-mail #12: Baptisms are so great. It really pumps us up to work harder.

Baptism of Daniel

February 24, 2011


Hey Mamma!!!

Yes I got your package. it was so nice! So much good goodies. Ortix and I are trying to lose wieght, but not this week! Haha! Thanks for ALL of it :) The socks are too thin so if you send more socks, send just a little thicker. We had the babtism on Thursday. It was great! Ortiz baptised Daniel. and I had my firt confirmation!!! Yea in Spanish and in front of the whole branch!!! I messed up just one word, but it went good. People told me I did great! Ehh they probably just feel bad for me. Haha! Baptisms are so great. It really pumps us up to work harder.

I didnt think my head was cut off in any of the pics. Woops. I'll make sure to do better and to write names. People here dont know how to use cameras hahah! I wish I could send vedeos cause I have some good ones of chasing Iguanas and my BDAY and stupid hammock times. O by the way my hammock. Im supposed to go get it today and I called to make sure its there and its not. they sold it on accident. Im sooooo pissed! The lady said that it might be done by Wednessday but we cant go to Playa until next Monday. Next Monday is transfers abd its possible that I am going to a new area. Not 100% sure but I think im staying here. So idk. Hopefully I stay here and then just go get it next week. Huh!!! People drive me crazy!!! So Ortiz is probably leaving on Monday :( He has 4 and half months here in Puerto and I only have 2 so he is probably gonna leave and then Ill get a new companion that is a hard core mormon and doesnt speak english. Im kinda excited :) Kinda nervous. :/

Wow. Trek for Kenna! Wow she is gonna love it. Honestly its a life changing experience that you cant prepare for. She'll do great!

So Ignacio y Olimpia are ok. They didnt come to church but last night we watched (Fireproof) I think you have seen it. I saw it with Shelbey when we dated. Its about this fireman and he has problems with his wife and he does this 40 day thing where he does stuff for her and at the end they are good and in love. It went well and we saw a real movie!!! :) They enjoyed it and learned alot. Idk we have helped them as much as we can now. They just have to put in their effort. This is why Im here though. Not much for church crap but to change peoples lives and to help them be happy :) Its cool :)

Ha Dad has to got to Grandmas now. I feel bad for him but she enjoys his company and its good for him to help here. In all her letters she keeps saying -- back in the old days the grandma moved in to her kids house. She really wants to move in. she is so lonely and last time when I wrote her and told her she should go to church and make friends. I dont think she liked that. Idk she needs to go to church. I think it will help alot. She could work in the temple. Ugh! Idk

My spanish is getting better. It just takes time. I need to work harder. Ortiz had a companion that at the end of his mission he still couldnt speak spanish well. That scares me, so I need to work harder. The Zone confernce was fun! Its fun to go and meet other missionaries and you make friends there.

40 days to read the BOM!!! Yea right I started it over the first day of the MTC and Now im in Heleman 5. I like to read it. You know it well though. Ortiz read it 3 times on his mission and now he has just a paper back blue one. He has been reading it for over a year and he is in like the end of alma. Cause he studies it in depth and looks up references and stuff. Its all colorful and stuff. When I finish it in english im gonna try it in spanish. Who knows. Haha

Its hard times here I know. But my hard times are nothing compared to whats coming. Our ward mission leader went on a mission and came home after 8 months because it was too hard. He didnt like all the crap about the church the zone leaders how they dont do that and this. Him and I are alot alike but me -- i dont care. Im here to serve the lord and for ME. I dont care what anyones says. He also was only babtised for a year and then left for his mission. So super hard. He is a good guy I love him!

Our branch went to the temple this week. Im so jealous! They literally save their money all month to go cause it costs like 800 pesos. Like 80 bucks. Pretty crazy. Truly amazing the people here. I meant what I said last week. GO TO THE TEMPLE :)

So we take buses when we go to cancun or playa or merida. Every Monday we take one to playa. Their like greyhounds but its called ADO. There sweet! Cause we get to sleep or watch movies!!! and sometimes their in english!!!!

The Xooc family got the box! Dont know how??? But they did! They loved the pic and the card! and Ceasar loved the clothes. It made me miss home cause they were mine! So how did you write the card. Did kenna write it? It was really good and only 2 words were wrong. I could almost understand it all :)

I need you to do me a favor. I need you to buy the scripture stickers. Ya know the ones you put on each verse that has a pic for whats going on in it. Well yea can you buy them and send them to the xooc's. Its not for them but for a family here in the ward. The said they would give us money. So yea :) THanks :)

So Mama! Im doing good except about my hammock!!! GRRRRR! Other that that, just another week in paradise. Haha! I got a card from auntie sherle. Call her and tell her thanks and that she can email me too. :) Not much more. maybe next week i will be in a new area! Hopefully not :/

Dad: I love ya man! I miss ya. Thanks for praying at night! Dont get too churchy now.

Alenna: Hey Binny! I hope your beeing a good girl and I miss ya and love ya!!!

Moma! I love ya!!! I miss ya so much! Keep reading the BOM and praying! Personally I think the time of reading is crap. its about if you understand it or not. I know you do though! :)))))

Well gotta go be a missionary!!! Haha I LOVE YOU ALL!!!


PS Tell people to write me. Letters cause I cant email.

Homemade quesadillas -- YUM!

HUGE iguana

Chad's words: "I almost died....."

Just another day messing around in paradise !!!


From Elder Ortiz:

Hi I`m elder ortiz, i`m really greatefully to the lord to know you, aund your family, your son is a great elder, you really taught him good.
thanks for all.

i`m gonna writte more the next week, ´cause we dont have more time, my email is



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  1. I can't imagine what you feel when your read all of his letters. I get all fuzzy and cry : ) I love his attitude and what he is getting and what he is doing. You have an amazing family!