Monday, February 21, 2011

E-Mail #11: We went Dr.Phil and sat down with them.

Hey mama!

You're welcome for the roses. I do it every year! Tell kenna I said thanks! So this week was good. We have a baptism on Thursday. it is the boyfriend of our bishops daughter. Pretty cool! They will probably get married in a year!

Ignacio and Olimia (The guy with the dreads!) O gosh! She hates her husband and wants to leave him. He seems like he just doesnt care too much. So last night we went Dr.Phil and sat down with them. They each said 3 good and bad things. But Olimpía had nothing good to say. Its really hard but i told them that when i wanted to go and serve a misión, this is what I wanted. Was to help people and give them happiness. They had a family pic on the wall and I took it down and showed them it. Their kids were playing. I showed them and said, "Look you have 2 healthy active babies. You guys are blessed." Taught them about love. Idk hopefully things will get better.

Haha mall security! I cant wait to get home and ride through! Ugh I miss my skateboard!!!!!!!!!!!

I only got grandmas package last week. But today I will get yours. Im excited! Tell grandma thanks for the cashews!!! Ortiz and I loved them!!! She also sent me little towels for when I sweat all day! Sweet! And she sent me Alfredo that i can make! But im excited for yours!!! Idk if the xooc got their package. dont think so. I think the address is wrong Ill send you the right one next week.

Okay thanks for telling Jake. Hope he writes me. I talk to bryan, jack, lacey, tony winston, but im not allowed to email anymore. So tell kenna to put on my facebook to only write me with the missión home address. I got a letter from Brittany thats was nice. I only have an hour once a week to write so I need that for you and kenna. Wow McCoy comes home in a month!!!!!! Wow!!!!! Time flies!!!

Figures you and dad never get any time! Haha! Get the i pone!!!!! The droids are pretty cool but i like iphone!!! Do it!!!!!!!! Then kenna can have the ipod. Tell the giesers i said hi.

I toatally forgot but like 2 weeks ago we went to Merida for my visa. I had to sign a paper. I havent heard anything about visa. All I know is im here. But i have to go back every 6 months to re sign it.

My hammock. Its not done yet. I specially ordered it. Its rasta colors. Its gonna be sweet!!! It might be ready today. And my scripture cases will be like 2 more weeks! I cant wait!

So this week we had Zone Confrence in Cancun! My 2nd one! It was fun! President shared the David and Goliath story. He had Ortiz dress up like Goliath and him and this tiny mexican kid did a skit. They were gonna have me be Goliath but I dont speak spanish!!! Hahaha It was fun. He said that we have goliaths in our lives everyday. So he made a chart thing that we choose three goliaths like our thoughts, spanish things we struggle with. For 30 days if we work hard with them, then we can go to the temple. So im working really!!!! hard to go! You and Dad need to go to the Temple more. Now that I cant go, it sucks. I want to go so bad. But you guys should go 1 a month at least. Lots of blessing!

So Im doing good. Me and Ortiz made an oath to never speak english again and were doing pretty good. The spanish is getting better. Still super hard. I just have to be patient and believe I can learn it. Our investigators are pretty good. Im reading alot in the BOM! Its good. Anyways tell the old man I say I LOVE HIM! Everyone says he is soo skinny -- almost sick! Haha. its funny. Tell binny i love her and miss her tons. I DIDNT GET TO WRITE KENNA BUT TELL HER NOT TO DATE! Haha AND I LOVE HER!

I love ya mama! Miss ya tons!!! Talk to ya next week!
Love Mo

Ortiz playing Goliath

Chad (finally) looking small

Trip to the jungle on his Birthday

Birthday party

Chad, Ortiz, and the family
that did his party

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