Monday, February 14, 2011

E-Mail #10: This week was good! We have 2 new familias and 2 other investigators!


The pics were great! Elder Ortiz didnt like it to much cause he is hard core mormon but Ugh! I want one so bad! Mexican food ha it doesnt sound too good. Haha! I want alfredo but nobody here knows what that is! YOUR having football withdrawals! IM having withdrawals! UGH! But its over now.

I forgot to tell you last week but i got your card 2 weeks ago. I have two packages waiting for me and I will get them today :) I dont know who they are from but I have 2! Ortiz got a package saturday night cause his dad works for the church and so does our president of the branch. So they sent it Thursday and he got it Saturday! Ugh freaken sucks! 2 or 3 months for us green gos!

So my BDay was good! Just some background info. Ortiz plays this game when we walk the streets where you kick a rock in between the other guys legs. If you make it its a goal. I hate it and dont play cause its stupid. So anyway. One day i tried to kick a rock at him and almost tripped. He laughed so hard! But for my present he gave me that little rock. Very sentimental but stupid. haha Its was nice. We went to church. Everybody gave me hugs and asked if they could feed us. It was nice to be loved:) We had lunch with some people in the ward and had tacos but in america their taquitos. Really yummy! In the night we did a family home evening and the family had a cake and candles. They shoved my face in it. its like tradition here in Mexico. The cake was really good! Its was fun! But I was still a missionary and went to work!

My spanish is getting better. I just get frustrated and then pissed. But I know its getting better! Ortiz and I spoke more spanish this week which was good!

Our house is super nice cause there is an abandoned house next door and the people stopped by and said we could have whatever we want. We have a nice miror and a cabinet in the bathroom and i have a shelf thing for my desk! Its sweet!!!

Yea! Im getting skinny!!! Im three notches down on my belt! I only have one more notch. ill probably have to buy a new one in 2 months. Im getting way!!!!! Tan! I have the missionary tan lines and it drives me crazy! O well haha!

Im buying my hammock today :) Probably take out 200 bucks. Its gonna be sweet!

So saturday it rained allllll day! We were so dirty and wet. My shoes are not water proof! Haha but its all good. We were so dirty cause we had to go to villas 2 which is an area that is 3 miles from our house. Dirt road is so very muddy! But we had fun playing in the rain! :)

We had food at the americans! The guy that worked in carlsbad! They live literally on the beach! It was so gorgeous! The food was good. We had salad. which I havent had in a while! Haha. Their good people. Their going back to san diego in march for like 3 or 4 months.


So its been 4 months! Wow! Sometimes it is fast and other it is slow! This week was good! We have 2 new familias and 2 other investigators! They all came to church. Were having a batism next week! Gonna be sweet!!! Well I dont have anything to complain about this week! Haha cause it was a good week. But im excited for my package :) I love you so much! Miss ya like crazy!

Love Mo

ps in the package you can send 2 gels and some of my quiksilver clothes. Boardshorts and t shirts and letters and pics and goodies :) and ties :)

Love ya momma! :D

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