Monday, February 7, 2011

E-Mail #9:Ugh! This is like foreal the hardest thing I have ever done.

Hey Mamma

Ugh! This is like foreal the hardest thing I have ever done. I had another hard week. Idk whats wrong with me, maybe its just all apart of it. But we went to a different area of Puerto this week and we found a new family and a new lady. They both didnt come to church but I think they really want to learn. The family is this one guy, he has long dreads! Pretty cool and his wife really wants to learn. they have 2 kids. but there not married! :( Im excited to see where it goes. Ortiz and I spoke more Spanish this week. That was good but he has his moments where he goes bipolar. Last night he pissed me off! Idk maybe it just he is the senior companion and im the junior. Idk i know I will have much worse companions in the future.

So Superbowl Sunday! Wow worst day of my life! The members here are so hard core...they dont watch T.V on Sundays. So its not like I could get a little peak! Ortiz didnt want to stop by the mission leaders house to watch for like 5 min. But im a missionary now! Thats good I wanteded GreenBay to win!

So I NEED YOU TO tell Jake Armstrong to email me. Also when you mail the next package can you send me my black quiksilver shirt. it has red yellow and green on it. Its rasta colors and says quiksilver on the front. and gel from Zevs! :) Muy importante!!!

Yea I miss the old man! and freaken kenna! Sounds like she is just livin up the teenage years! Sucks im not there to se it. No i havent gotten sick. Well I was sick the 3 week just for a day. But no-- im good.

So yea this week was blah!!! But we were knocking doors on friday or thursday night and met a lady and her son (43) was really sick. His bladder is messed up. We told her that we have the priesthood and we could give him a blessing . She said it would be great. So we gave him a blessing. Hopefully he gets better and wants to come to church. I have given like 8 blessings since ive been here and all in spanish! Crazy! Its pretty cool.

I went to Playa again! Just for a day and a half. I went to Elder Hearnes area. Two green gos! Hearne only has like 6 months. It was fun! and Elder Wynn left. He is in Merida!

Mom I miss you alot! I miss home alot idk maybe I just need to stop thinking negative. I try to do it but then soemthing bad happens. Well i gotta go. Ill send some pics. I love ya. tell Dad I miss him and love him. and tell alenna i miss her tons. I love ya mama! Miss you all!

Love Mo

O PS The lady that has the handicap kid has another handicap boy. he is 13 and cant walk and do anything by himself. We taught a lesson to her just about God and how he is always here for us and he loves us. She was crying and teeling us how hard it is. So I showed her our family pic and told her about aleena and i bawled my freaken eyes out! I told her my sis has no problems compared to her kids. It was hard! But i told her that evrything will be okay and hopefully we can teach her more!


Brother Paco and his snake

Bus ride from a new area

A nice and cloudy day......

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