Monday, January 31, 2011

E-Mail #8:Ugh! Its been a hard week! We have no investigators!

Ugh! Its been a hard week! We have no investigators! The girl with the Salon doesnt really want us. Nobody wants to listen to us! :( Kennas letter was really nice! Freaken making me get all teary eyed! So this week we went back to Playa for a meeting. Its like a seminar with our Zone. We were in meetings for 2 days all day. But we learned alot!!! It was good! And fun to be with all the missionaries.

So we were tracking one day last week and we met a lady with a little handicap boy. His name was Benjamin and he was 8. Ugh I almost started crying right there. It made me miss aleena so much! He was a cool kid. But they didnt want to hear about this freaken wonderful gospel! Ugh! Its hard!

Two weeks! I have two weeks to be a stupid teenager! Wow im really getting old! My Bday is on a sunday! What a downer! Here in Mexico nobody watches TV or anything! I think the Xoocs are gonna make us food :)

My spanish! Ugh my spanish sucks! Everytime Elder Ortiz and I say okay only Espanol! we get into arguments or we just dont talk! Its so hard. its like were best friends when we speak english but when its spanish we dont! Sooo freaken hard! I dont know...

The Xooc's are good. There son in law just had there baby! Saúl Alexander ( I dont know there last name) He is a cutie! But Fabien the son in he doesnt want to hear our message. Were really good friends but its just not his time.

One of our biggest problems right now is our ward! and the missionary work. Last week we spoke in church about it. I got up and took off my tag and said "Everyone here has one of these. Its in your hearts! Yea missionary work is hard. I know! But dont think about it as religion or missionary work. Just think about it as sharing the good word. Your happy and people want to be happy so go and give it to them." It went well. I think it will get better. So Mom yes share the gospel with EVERYONE! Just be calm and cool about it. If they dont want to learn well they dont. That's okay. Its not there time. Your friends know that your happy and they want what you have. Just invite. Your lucky Mom cause you can share it to people calm and cool. The work Im doing is like im selling soemthing. Its so professional. It pisses me off. Some missionaries even Ortiz are too pushy I think. I dont know. its hard but I teach how I teach and I dont care if its not there way. I know what I know and I know it makes me happy. So I hope you feel better about it. Get involved with the missionaries. Feed them and help them cause they need you guys and you guys need them.

I know Dad loves me. I know its hard for him too. When you write me about him I always get teary eyed. When he is ready he can write me. Its better I dont get one everyweek or I would be a wreck! I miss him alot. I miss our man to man talks or our talks about how too churchy people are. I love him so much!

Jimmy or President! Huh! I miss that man! Tell him to email me cause I need some religion puffed into me or some story or idk haha He is a good man!

Im so glad that the bank didnt charge me out the butt for that! Im gonna buy my hammock next month. I cant wait! Probably in like 2 weeks!

O ya the crazy lady that hates Arizona! She doesnt like the laws that they passed. Idk i dont care! She is crazy! That was the craziest experience yet..more to come! Haha

So Im actually starting to like reading my BOM (Book of Mormon) Im in Alma 16 I think. I read it everyday like 2-3 chapters. I really enjoy it. Who would have thought!

SO we met some asians from california that were trying to save the world or some crap. They gave us books and told us to not eat meat and the earth will not melt. Locos! They were nice though. we gave them a pamplet of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is actually a few americans here but they are all way rude. There from cold parts of us and live here in the winter.

Well Idk what else to say o wait! Last week I got a christmas card from Byrce and Laura! and a card from Auntie Sherle! :))) but I didnt get yours! Haha So who knows. Tell them I said thanks for the letter! :D

Well I love you so much Mama! I love your emais and dont be afraid to share the gospel. Its simple. not a hard thing. Your happy and they WANT to BE happy, so help them.

Dad...I love you soooo much. Miss you. I miss getting off the phone and you saying (Alright Love you man) Ugh! Its hard here! I love you so much!

Kenna...Thanks for the letter. im going to print it so i have it all the time. I love you! Keep the car clean! Dont do anything stupid!

Aleena..,Hey Binny! How are you? I hope your doing good! Dont be flirting with any boys and be nice to everyone! I love you!!!!

Love you all!

Love MO!

Elder Perez - my new zone leader

My crazy zone

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