Monday, January 24, 2011

E-Mail #7: "O and what does Jesus think about Arizona?"

Wow! 100 days! Only 620 more! Haha! Playa was good I learned alot from the greengos and we had lots of fun! E.Hearne is from Alabama. He taught me what I need to buy and everything. E. Wynn is from Idaho. I dont have any pics but Ill see them today. He was E.Haws companion in the MTC. Small world!

The fish! I loved it! Yes I (ate) it. Haha!

So yea the weather is hot, unless it is cloudy! But I guess the hottest months are April, May, and June! Ughh! We'll see haha! So the gum that you sent me is in my box and its so humid here that its like melted and you can squeeze juice out of it. Im losing weight. all the members say I am getting skinnier. :) and Its not even hot yet! Yea im gettin tan...well I mean im getting really bad tan lines haha! I guees in the summer time you get tan lines from your garments through your white shirts! Crazy!!!

I miss Tom and Kathy! I didnt get a email this week from Bryan or Haji this week but Im sure they were just busy. I have to realize people have real lives not like mine.

So Ortiz... He has a 21 sister and 17 brother. His Dad was a mission president for some place in mexico. They're VERY mormon! Like no TV on sundays and dont chew gum when you fast! Haha So not like me!!! But he is cool. He learned his English from American music. He loves music! He has 7 more months! He is excited! He turns 20 July. In Mexico they can be missionaries when they're 18 so he left like 2 weeks after his B Day! Crazy!

When Ortiz went to Cancun he gave the guy my money and I will hopefully get my scripture cases in 1-2 weeks! There gonna be sweet! So we went to the mall last Monday and I bought hair clippers from a store with my card. Can you check to make sure it didnt cost more than $75. It was like $70 but I just want to make sure there wasnt a fee. I didnt have cash and I really needed them. But then we got back to the house that night and the little trimmer that i would use to trim my arms with didnt work. So next week im taking it back for a new one! Ughhh! I was so pissed! Im gonna buy my hammock probably next month. So this mall was cool. it had a couple of stores and a food court with subway!!! Sweeeeett! And I bought a tie for 9 pesos which is like 90 cents :))))

Poor Grandma! I miss her! You need to go see her like 1 a month.

The freaken state of arizona! You need to tell Dad to be a pain in the a%$ to them and get angry! You should look for a new program for her cause those people are... well im on a mission and should keep my words clean. haha Its so frustrating! I miss Aleena alot! Kenna is growing up so fast! It seems like it was just yesturday that I was driving to school and thought I was so cool.

So this week we met a lady on the street and she lives outside of Puerto Morelos like a 10 min walk from our house. But its in the Jungle like forealz! So we went to go and it was like 6 -- so almost dark. We tried to find her house but we found someone else to teach. There was a lady that was from Canada. She spoke English and Spanish really good. She lived in a good size shack! Haha So we walk inside her house and sit down and start talking. I told her I was from Az and she was like "O and what does Jesus think about Arizona?" So right off the bat she hated me. So we ask if we could say a prayer she said yes. She told me I could so i folded my arms and bowed my head and she was like no! She told us that you have to put your hands together. She said it was disrespectful or some crap. So I prayed like she said. She was crazy! She said she had a dream that Jesus came and told her to move to Mexico. She was Metaphysic which is like universal crap. We tried to teach her but she just wanted to argue and she told us that she had never sinned before and I think she belived in Reincarnation. At the end it was cool cause the whole time she wouldnt stop talking and I bore my testimony about Christ and the room was silent. I know she felt the spirit! It was cool! But she is crazy!!!!

This week was hard! My spanish is horrible }. This week I talked to a guy in spanish and he replied, "Ugh no ingles." I was like, "I said everything in spanish." Sometimes people just zone me out cause im white. He pisses me off! This week really was hard. So I fasted saturday to sunday and hopefully Jesus can help me with this freaken language! I wish Ortiz didnt know english. I dont know I just need to work harder. I really miss home. Like alot! Im already on my 2 transfer now :) Pretty cool!

So did you guys ever get my 2 boxes from the MTC??? I sent all the crap that I couldn't take. When you send another box can you put gel in it. I get it from Zev so Dad will have to go when he gets his haircut. Bring pic for zevvy! How is Jake??? I need his emails. When does he leave? Tell him to write me!

Freaken Steelers and the Packers! Yuck! I wanted to the Jets and Bears! Jets to win! Tell Jeneen that I want the Packers to win only cause I hate the Steelers! We might go to the mission leaders house to watch a little bit but I dont know if Ortiz wants to haha! Our mission leader is like 23 he is really cool!

Well I dont know just another week. Please check the bank and see if i got a big extra charge. E.Hearne told me he is using his card here. So I love you guys!!!!!!

I Love you! Aleena be nice to people and be happy!
I love you kenna! Dont do anything stupid!
I love you Mama! Miss you mucho!
I love you Dad! and miss you everyday!

Love MO! :)

Chad loves his ties.

Look Mom -- only 9 pesos !!!

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